Crowdfunding Social Media Strategy in 7 Steps

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7 Steps for Your Crowdfunding Social Media Strategy


7 Steps for Your Crowdfunding Social Media Strategy

Social Media Marketing is the way to the future of the busy digital landscape.

To level up your crowdfunding social media game — your Indiegogo or Kickstarter social media strategy must deliver your information in a way that is immediately actionable.

More advanced users and pros may find this article chock-a-block with tips and strategies… and it’s perfect for beginners and all those who need a red-hot SMM know-how guide for their crowdfunding campaign and not only.

Without further ado…

Strap yourself in for some super-valuable marketing hacks and tactics to grow your social following — something the marketing gurus would do if they were in your shoes.

1. Set SMART Social Media Marketing Goals

A basic social media strategy needs to start with goals.

You can start by setting the SMART goals, which align with your business’s current social performance and objectives.

This is a crucial stage where you need to make sure your goals actually lead to real business results.


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Here’s what makes social media goals SMART:

Specific – make it clear what you want to achieve.
For example, say you want to increase your Instagram followers.

Measurable – now you want to measure your success, so your goal has to be expressed in numbers.
Now you say that you want to increase the number of your Instagram followers by 2K.

Achievable – well, set goals that require you to stretch yet are still within your reach to accomplish. If you know you’re going to scale your followers by 500 in the best-case scenario, set 2K as a goal to at least reach the golden 70% of it

Relevant – make sure to set goals that are relevant AND beneficial to your business objectives

Timely – deadlines keep everyone accountable and within the framework.
Our goal looks like this: I want to increase my followers by 2K within 3 months.

If you develop your campaign’s ambitious goals to meet these requirements, your crowdfunding social media plan will have a good chance of success.

Tip: have a thorough social media audit as a baseline before you proceed with the goals.

Some other examples of social media goals are:

  • Communicate with customers
  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Enlarge relevant audience
  • Generate more sales and leads
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Boost brand engagement and authority
  • Track the conversations about your brand

We have implemented all these above-mentioned goals in promoting one of our projects, Fuell, and here are the results.

Crowdfunding Campaign Social Media Results

From June 25 to September 4th, Fuell gained 2.3K new followers and experienced scaling brand awareness.


Bonus: 11 actionable tips to increase your follower base

  • Add a Facebook Likes Pop-Up on your landing page
  • Invite all your friends and everyone who liked your posts to like your page. This is easy with a special tool like Invite post likers
  • Tag other pages in your posts
  • Make engagement a priority
  • Add your Facebook page “like” button to your email signature
  • Engage with other pages in your niche
  • Make sure your cover photo includes a call to action to like your page
  • Offer an exclusive discount just for your Facebook fans
  • Promote lead magnets on your website
  • Ask your followers to tag their friends
  • Organize giveaways


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2. Set Social Media Metrics

To understand whether your strategy is hitting the target or not, your crowdfunding social media marketing goals need the most relevant metrics to your objectives.

This is why this point comes right after social media goals.

Here are some key metrics you should measure during your Crowdfunding Social Media campaign:

  • Number of visitors to your landing page
  • Brand awareness and reputation
  • Engagement rate of the channels (ER)
  • CTR number of clicks to every channel
  • Number of followers

3. Define your Target Audience

For all the obvious reasons – defining and building your target audience to widen your reach through your seed audience is the next step.

The huge traffic from a crowdfunding platform like Kickstarter is not enough to build that baseline.

Without the right audience, you’ll have an inactive page — the nail in the coffin for your crowdfunding social media marketing campaign!

Thus, the ultimate task is to build a huge audience and continually engage with them throughout the pre-launch, launch, and post-launch social media activities.

But for that, you need your perfect buyer.

And here’s how!

You can create your buyer persona by answering the following questions:

  1. Who are they? ( age, gender, location, job title, salary, etc.)
  2. What information do they need? ( educational content, case studies, entertainment, new products, etc.)
  3. The social media platform they most commonly use
  4. Why do they need to buy the product you sell (their problems and solutions to them)

Or you can use this tool by Hubspot if you need an organized platform for this.

If you already run a Facebook page, you can use your Facebook Insights to explore the popular sex and age groups of your fans.

Here’s a screenshot from our Fuell campaign.

Facebook insights audience

Briefly put: now that you know your target group of backers, it’s time to determine where they “waste time scrolling” when online — and that’s where you need to be, too.


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4. Choose the Right Social Media Channels

With the limited crowdfunding campaign duration – it’s advisable not to waste time trying to understand where your audience out.

You should choose the platforms beforehand.

Here are the main steps to follow when choosing the right channel:

  • Follow your competitors on every social network to determine the best channel
  • Research how big and active they are on their Social Media
  • Use platform analytics to analyze the demographics of their audience and research where they hang out, usually the most
  • Use performance analytics with the help of Google Analytics.

Now about the most popular social channels. Basically, here is all the info you need to know before making your choice:

  • Facebook – with its 1.32 billion daily active users, Facebook is the clear winner when it comes to crowdfunding. Test and target the interests of your target audience, engage them with Content Mix – pictures, videos, memes. Build a following by posting several times per week, even before the launch of your campaign.
  • Twitter – with a reach of 500 million users, a wide audience for your campaign is guaranteed. You can easily find celebs and influential people in your niche to build enough credibility for your backers. Through engagement on Twitter is notorious, the right hashtags and joining the right groups can break the ice.
  • Linkedin – is a great way to reach your audience or potential investors only if you keep an all-business-related and solid presence.
  • Instagram – could also be handy for your crowdfunding campaign if your campaign is related to lifestyle-ish products. It is a great tool for anyone looking to launch their campaign, whether related or unrelated. Instagram is used by millions of people every day and has many powerful tools that can be useful when launching your product!
  • Youtube – additional videos take too much time – but consider this channel as a good opportunity cause visual content is definitely a win.
  • Reddit – is an online powerhouse with its 82 billion page views per year! You can use this platform to engage with your audience but remember not to self-promote here.
  • Pinterest – never underestimate the power of vertical pictures of your invention. Make sure to connect the posts to your campaign page to grow the reach of your campaign. Developing a Pinterest following can become a huge asset during your crowdfunding campaigns.

Tip: In case your crowdfunding social media strategy includes many platforms – definitely use Buffer, Hootsuite, or Hootsuite alternatives to synchronize your accounts and manage all the posts from one place.

5. Research the competition

Why do you need a thorough social media competitive analysis?

So you see eye to eye with your competition!

Competitive analysis will help you:

  • Identify who your competitors are on social media
  • Know which platforms they’re using
  • Learn what they’re doing on those platforms now
  • Determine the potential threats to your business
  • Identify gaps in their strategy — later implement in yours
  • Analyze how well their social strategy is working for them

But what are the ways to research the competition so you won’t miss anyone?

  • Divide competitors into two big groups, direct and indirect
  • Define What keywords they are using
  • Don’t underestimate Google search
  • Use competitive analysis tools like Brandwatch, SocialBlade, or Buzzsumo
  • Research all their social platforms (this will help you when deciding which platform to choose for you)

6. Social Media Branding

Creating a brand ID is what differentiates you from millions of other brands that are competing for customers’ attention.

This is pretty much what customers think about your company when they hear your name.

  1. Create a brand style guide and stick to it. The brand style guide is a document with the records of your brand identity. It keeps everyone and everything… consistent! The big brands define defined their presence by the consistency of the logo, fonts, colors, and images.
  2. Use a URL shortener like Rebrandly to brand the links you share on social media. This will increase brand awareness and can increase click trust by up to 39%.
  3. Use the power of Influencers to build a reputation and following in your niche.


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7. Build Engaging Social Media Content

Your crowdfunding social media strategy ought to be well-designed and intelligently monitored but never created blindly.

Yes, it has to be precise and to the point to help you achieve your business goals.

Goals of a good content strategy:

  • Increase overall engagement
  • Drive more traffic to the site
  • Convert engagement to sales

Tip: Remember the 80/20 rule

  • 80% of your crowdfunding campaign social posts should teach your audience. Share inspiring stories to constantly remind your audience of the reason why they engage with your brand.
  • While 20% should be sale-type of posts to drive your backer to contribute or share your crowdfunding campaign social page.

Some important key points to follow when creating the content plan:

  1. Write for people. Even if you want to talk about your product, write about what the reader will benefit from your product
  2. If there is nothing to talk about, then don’t write at all
  3. Think out of the box to write a helpful content
  4. 1 post=1 idea: one post should only target one idea
  5. Keep the 200-300 symbols or 5-6 sentences limit
  6. Break into paragraphs
  7. Only 10-15% of ads
  8. Call to action

How to create a content plan (Sample content plan included)

  • Create a minimum of a 2-week plan, but it’s recommended to create a plan for at least 1 month
  • 5-7 metrics: types of content depending on post format, days of the week, date, time, inserted links, comments, etc.
  • Create a social media marketing strategy to invoke curiosity and then quench it well

Tips for posts theme

  • There are 5 things that trigger every reader: laughter, fear, scandal, celebrities, and sex.
  • Use calendars of important dates and events.
  • Brainstorming helps; write down every single thought

Types of posts

  • Self-presentation
  • Discount or promotion
  • Announcement
  • Contest
  • Product advantage
  • Rubric (guess the breed)
  • Review
  • Instruction
  • Poll
  • Tests
  • Memes
  • Journalist articles
  • Listicles

Here’s a vivid example from Fuell Fluid’s content strategy created with Coggle mind map creator։

crowdfunding social media plan


  • Choose 2-3 main colors for your posts
  • When using text on pics, make sure the main idea is bold and highlighted
  • 1-2 min videos
  • Live, boomerangs, stories, backstage

After you’ve created the content you need to promote it, what is the best way to promote it without spending money on it?



There are 30 hashtags per post limit on Instagram, and as Josh Fechter says: Use all of them!

If you use popular hashtags in your niche with engaging content… you can level up.

To find the best hashtags, use these tools:

Pro tip: Craft a unique hashtag for your crowdfunding social media campaign and share it on all platforms.

This is it…

Hope you’ve found the article useful enough to bookmark 🙂

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