10 Practical Growth Hacking Strategies and Techniques

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10 Quick Growth Hacking Techniques to Get Huge Results Fast


10 Quick Growth Hacking Techniques to Get Huge Results Fast

What is growth hacking?

You see, we love shortcuts at TCF.

In crowdfunding, you don’t have much time to relax and wait patiently for growth.

Time is ticking, and in growth hacker marketing, you need to develop as many experiments as possible in a short period. Getting acquainted with the rules of the game and trying to find the shortest path to the biggest results is what we do daily.

And it all comes down to using the best growth hacking strategies and techniques.

So, here are 10 cool hacks that will save you time and get you significantly more results.

1. Email Subscribers are Not Only for Email Marketing

Everybody knows that email marketing is one of the most powerful marketing channels.

I listened to an episode of the Inbound Success Podcast recently, where I heard a quote that stuck with me:

“When you have a big list, you can send a dedicated email out for something, and it moves mountains for us.”

The guest on the show who said that was Gaetano DiNardi, the Director of Growth Hacking at Nextiva. He was talking about the time he
ran marketing at SalesHacker, a business acquired by Outreach.io not too long ago.

However, everybody also knows that the open rates typically suck.

You can get a 30-40% open rate at best, meaning most of your subscribers won’t learn about you.

Let’s look at our first growth hacking strategies to mitigate that risk.

We use 5 additional channels to deliver info to the same subscribers.

We send them a link in the first email asking them to join our chatbot.

In the second email, we direct them toward our VIP Facebook group, and in the third, to our Facebook page.

In addition, our ads team came up with the creative marketing idea of using their emails to create a custom audience on Facebook with ads targeted specifically to them.

And the Bonus Growth Hack: We send them calendar invites one hour before the launch, embedding the link of our campaign within the invite.


With these five channels, we can deliver information to about 90% of our subscribers and get twice as many results. You could even go beyond that and expand your funnel by turning your event into a reusable asset and creating an evergreen webinar. Here is a great videoconferencing tool for video events and webinars. If your topic is high intent, it will add repeatable business on autopilot, a favorite e-growth hack.

2. How to Advertise on Snapchat, Pinterest, and Twitter

Facebook and Google have the greatest targeting options.

Thanks to their wide reach and ubiquitous integration on other sites, they have the ability to track and narrow down your audience’s demographics and interests across a wide range of categories.

Cold targeting on other social media — like Snapchat, Pinterest, and Twitter — sucks.

They just don’t collect that much information from their audiences. And while this might be a good thing for users, it’s not so good for us advertisers.

But this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t advertise on other social media channels.

You can. With this retargeting growth hack.

Embed the pixels of other social media sites on your landing page.

Drive cold and relevant traffic from Facebook and retarget them on Snapchat, Pinterest, Twitter, and even Reddit. Create custom ads tailored to the platform’s preferences and target it to your very relevant custom audience.


3. Facebook Page Directory You Probably Didn’t Know About

Facebook influencers are one of the biggest channels for traffic and results.

We spend a lot of time researching and finding them, as Facebook searches will never show you them all.

Although there are some advanced tricks on searching Facebook, it still takes a lot of time to find the right categories and relevant pages you need for your product.

Well, until we found THIS growth hacking technique!


Yes, it’s the directory of all Facebook pages sorted by names. And it’s not visible anywhere in Facebook’s menu.

We just saved you weeks of research with this growth hack if you plan an outreach campaign to big Facebook pages to post about your product. If not — you should.
And guess what? That’s not all! You can also easily find an IG influencer by leveraging an influencer discovery tool. That way, you’ll be able to find relevant influencers who can drive your brand’s growth story.

4. Facebook’s 20% Text Rule Hack

All Facebook advertisers know you shouldn’t have more than 20% text on your banner.

Previously, Facebook banned it. It decreases the reach if you have more than 20% text.

So what happens when you want to use more text but can’t?

Or can you?

Here’s a growth-hacking tip on using as much text as possible.

In reality, the Facebook algorithm reads the text based on the background tone and the contrast between it and the text’s color. If you have a white background and your text is black, Facebook will catch you. But if your text is grey — it won’t be recognized as text, like the one in this banner:


Ad banner from our recruitment campaign

Here, Facebook reads only the “COOL” as a text.

So you just need to adjust the color of the text and bring it close to the background color.

5. Targeting Your Competitor’s Engaged Shoppers

If you know about lookalike audiences, you know how cool they are.

With it, you can create a bigger audience of people similar to your customers, visitors, and even those who spend the most on your website.

Facebook has a lot of data and knows how to combine similar people.

Usually, people create audiences from their customers or backers. And this signals Facebook to find other people who bought similar products.

But what if you want to take it one step further and find those people who are actively searching — not for you — but checking out your competitors?

You can do that with this creative marketing strategy. By creating an audience with people who reached your website’s “Add to Cart” section and building a lookalike from it.


Facebook will then use its algorithm to show your ads to lookalike audiences who have added similar products to their carts.


As a result, people who were just about to buy a competitor’s product will see your ad popping up in their Facebook walls.

6. Creating Urgency

I have discussed this growth hack before, but it’s worth mentioning again.

Instead of decreasing the price to attract visitors with discounts, we did the opposite.

In one of our campaigns, we announced that prices would go up every day at 11:59. Then, we increased the prices in small increments.

This makes every day the best day to preorder it. Especially as your visitors can see the price going up is really happening.

People typically wait for a couple of days to see whether this is a marketing trick.

They speed up their buying decisions when they see that it’s not.


7. Use Your Links in Influencer Marketing

There are many growth hacking tips on how to get the best results from influencer marketing.

It’s one of our favorite channels, but it comes with challenges.

You will receive massive traffic when big influencers post about you or your product. Additionally, you can leverage a tool to get real Instagram insights to know your campaign’s effectiveness.

But if you have a campaign on Kickstarter, they may just visit the page and leave. And you’ll never be able to retain them with Facebook’s pixel.

This is why we give influencers redirect links in their posts, where we embed not only Facebook’s but other social media’s pixels (see hack 2).

When a person clicks on the link, he will be directed to an intermediate page, where the pixels will be fired and then redirected to the destination page.


This way, we can retain all the traffic from influencers.

We use our own branded links, but many shortening services allow you to embed your pixels.

And if you want to get better at influencer marketing, subscribe to our new experts’ blog, Viral Mango, for more influencer growth hacking examples.

8. Discounts and Gifts to Incentivise Subscribers

Here’s a cool thing you can do to get more ecstatic subscribers.

If you have been preparing for your campaign for a long time — which you should be — this is the best growth hacking idea. Give additional small discounts to people from your subscriber list who have birthdays that month.

People love presents and gains.

Even a small gain, like a 3% discount, makes them more engaged with the product and increases the likelihood of them being the first to pre-order it when it’s live.

And if you are like us and prepare for your campaign for about 2-5 months, many people will have birthdays in those months.

Just send an email telling them that those subscribers who have birthdays this month will get presents.

Another example of gifts we do is giveaways offering subscribers add-ons on Kickstarter.

The cool thing about these gifts is that they still have to back your campaign to get it.

You get guaranteed backers, early success, and build momentum.

9. Get Advertiser Access to Promote Influencer Posts

And our last hack is also about influencer marketing.

Despite their big audiences, influencers don’t typically reach a significant amount of their audiences.

If 2-3% can be considered a good reach for an influencer with millions of followers, can you imagine what would happen if you reached 20-30% instead.

It comes with additional costs, but it’s totally worth it.

Ask influencers to give you advertising access to their page for an additional payment or using referral commissions from the sales coming from the links of their post.

Boosting it with a small budget across the influencers’ audiences gives the post credibility and very high engagement. It’s one thing that they see your ads (whom they don’t know and trust) and another when they see something from influencers they love, follow and trust.


BONUS TIP: Add the Most Important Info of Your Email in the P.S.

This is a short but useful growth hack that you can use in cold emailing.

If you have one important sentence that should be read, add it as a P.S.

Journalists, editors, and others who have crowded inboxes, typically quickly scan the email before reading it all.

And guess what?

They all pay attention to the sentence starting with P.S.

P.S. So, write your strongest CTA or most important benefit here.


There you have it.

Short but actionable growth hacks to take your campaign to the next level.

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Narek Vardanyan - Startup and Crowdfunding expert

Narek Vardanyan

CEO and Founder of The Crowdfunding Formula and Prelaunch.com. Digital Marketing, Startup funding, and Crowdfunding expert. Author of “57 secrets of crowdfunding”. The campaign manager of 100+ successful crowdfunding campaigns. Get acquainted with Narek in Forbes, Marketing Profs, etc.


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