Best Kickstarter Videos: The Formula for Success

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Best Kickstarter Videos: The Formula for Success (2023 Update)


Best Kickstarter Videos: The Formula for Success (2023 Update)

You don’t need to be a crowdfunding genius to prove that a compelling video is instrumental to your campaign’s success.

If you want your Kickstarter videos to go viral, you need to evoke emotions in people such that they cannot resist but share their newfound gem with family and friends.

But as you try to impress people with outstanding visuals and a witty script, be careful not to get too caught up in it. You should also consider other essential points, such as website security, to give your visitors the best experience.

Make sure your video explicitly demonstrates the problem you are trying to solve and casts your product as the best solution.

Throughout this article, we’ll explore 10 of the best Kickstarter videos and dissect the most important points of making a successful Kickstarter video, from the structure to the characters.

I’ve picked the ten best crowdfunding explainer videos through which we’ll explore what works best together.

We’ll break them down and run over actionable Kickstarter video tips and lessons beyond the obvious to boost your next creation.

Let’s get started with the best Kickstarter videos!


The first Kickstarter campaign video we’ll analyze is for Darkfade – the flashlight we wanted!

The campaign had a goal of €15,000, but they smashed it out of the park by raising a total of €394,852.

We’ve chosen the Darkfade video as one of our best Kickstarter videos, and here’s why.

Side note: In fact, everything said in this article can be applied to both Kickstarter and Indiegogo videos.

Video Introduction

All crowdfunding videos need a killer intro to hook viewers’ attention. In the case of Darkfade, it starts with a cough to signify that a speech is coming.

The video starts in a secret lab facility with a woman holding a metal box, walking swiftly to a room under suspenseful music.

The Problem

The main problems posed in this video are that adjusting the brightness of flashlights is tough, and positioning can be a hassle – but they shouldn’t be. 

The Solution

All the best features of Darkfade are displayed in this video without the need to point them out. 

They show how it can be helpful to mechanics, fishermen, motorcyclists, and other masters of their craft.

The narrator talks about how Darkfade was made to feel as natural as can be.

The Characters

Darkfade is for handypersons, campers, anglers, etc. These are exactly the characters portrayed in the video!

It is one of the best Kickstarter videos, partly because they nailed the characters.

The Features

The product’s value and features must be clearly apparent in any great Kickstarter campaign video. In the case of Darkfade, all the key elements are highlighted gradually.


The best Kickstarter videos end with a smooth Call to Action (CTA). For Darkfade, an end card simply mentions: “Available at now.”

Bird Buddy: A Smart Bird Feeder

Next up on our list of the best Kickstarter videos is Bird Buddy. It is a smart bird feeder with a built-in camera that captures every beautiful bird that comes to visit. 

The supporting media (aka the video) helped Bird Buddy beat its goal of €50,000 and raise €4,190,158.

Let’s analyze this mini-movie and understand why it is one of the best Kickstarter videos.

Video Introduction

The video starts with the introduction of a character – the narrator’s father, who is a bird-watcher.

The overall tone of the intro is joyful, but then, the problem comes.

The Problem

The narrator’s father is only sometimes able to capture the birds that come to visit his backyard. It leads to the father’s sadness. 

Then, the narrator sends a gift to his father. You guessed it – it’s the Bird Buddy!

The Solution

The Bird Buddy is a bird feeder with a built-in smart camera. Ultimately, capturing photos of the birds in your backyard makes it easy.

The father gets notified anytime there’s a bird at the feeder. Ultimately, he gets to take pictures of the birds he sees, and the neighbor can no longer mock him.

The Characters

This video has three characters: the narrator, the narrator’s father, and the neighbor.

Overall, the characters in this Kickstarter campaign video can convey this product’s problem, solution, and value.

The Features

In just 10-15 seconds, all the product’s key features are displayed. It happens when the narrator’s father opens up the gift and starts setting it up.

This bird feeder has everything from a water-resistant and high-resolution camera to AI bird recognition and rechargeability. 


The CTA of this amazing Kickstarter campaign video speaks to its target audience. 

They ask for the viewer’s support in bringing Bird Buddy to life (by backing their Kickstarter campaign, of course). That is a clear call to action and the perfect way to end one of the best Kickstarter videos.

collaborate crowdfunding

SmartHalo 2

SmartHalo 2 is the successor of SmartHalo – a smart bike extension for all who love to ride. It has one of the best Kickstarter videos to convince you to back it.

This campaign had a goal of CA$ 75,000, and it managed to raise a total of CA $1,699,530.

Do you want to know why this gadget got on our list of best Kickstarter videos? Let’s dive deeper and analyze it.

Video Introduction

The video starts with a message for all bikers, reminding them why they choose to bike.

Next, SmartHalo 2 introduces itself. That’s right – the gadget is the narrator of this amazing Kickstarter campaign video.

Great shots of bikers on a ride in different terrains and conditions accompany this.

The Problem and Solution

If you were worried about someone stealing your SmartHalo 2, you wouldn’t be after this video. It mentions impressive features that are solutions for different problems. 

This video is packed with problem-solution lines. All the features are demonstrated as the video goes on.

The Characters

The characters of this video are diverse types of riders. It can help viewers relate to the solution. As for the main character of this Kickstarter pitch video, it’s the narrator – the SmartHalo 2.

The Features

SmartHalo 2 has great features – apparent from its Kickstarter campaign video. Not only does the narrator mention its features, but there is also text throughout the video to showcase them.


At the end of the video, you see the team of SmartHalo 2, which is a widespread and smart practice for campaigners. It allows the viewer to relate to the creators of the product. 

In the end, the device’s voice says: “I’m SmartHalo 2, and I can’t wait to ride with you.”


Phantom is a wooden chessboard with a twist – it’s robotic! The moves appear in front of you like magic (but it’s magnets). This means you can play with players thousands of miles away.

It had a small goal of $6,000 and raised a total of $1,912,092.

Do you want to know why we consider this one of the best Kickstarter videos ever? Let’s talk about its details.

Video Introduction

The board is introduced swiftly, and you’ll be hooked once you see the pieces moving independently. 

The narrator says that the Phantom is the most advanced chessboard in the world. It is supported by shots of building the product and words about its attention to detail.

The Problem

You would only think being able to play chess over a long distance could be a problem once you see what this chessboard can do. It clearly shows how amazing it can be to play on an actual board with someone far away. 

The Solution

The board can be used to play against anyone in the world, regardless of whether or not they have a Phantom board. You can play against AI, control the pieces with your voice, and much more. 

The inspirational background music sets the mood for some chess. 

The Characters

The characters in this video are many and diverse. From children to elders, anyone can relate to these characters. If chess lovers were watching this video, they undoubtedly would be enticed. 

The Features

This video revolves around the board’s impressive capabilities, proving that this is the smartest chess board.

They even show the technology behind the board, which helps the viewer make sense of this gadget.


The CTA in this video is not literal. It ends on an inspirational note, and the end card simply states: “Back this project to get yours.”

In the case of Phantom’s CTA, less is more.


Prynt – as the name suggests – is a printer for your phone! It’s the first-ever instant camera case for a phone.

This project had a goal of $50,000, but it raised a whopping $1,576,011.

Prynt is next on our list of the best Kickstarter videos. Let’s understand why.

Video Introduction

The introduction of this Kickstarter pitch video starts with a character (one of the founders) and his thoughts on taking pictures with smartphones.

Essentially, this video starts with its problem. There is no long and tedious introduction, so you jump right in.

The Problem

The main problem in the video is that people always take pictures with their smartphones and never look at them. 

Since the video has a quick beginning, it jumps straight from the problem to the solution.

The Solution

While another character introduces the product, there are shots of the product in action. You must put the gadget on your phone like a case and print your picture.

The Characters

Relating to the characters of this video is easy, as can be. The narrators are the founders, who take you on a storytelling journey about their challenges and solutions. 

The Features

More and more features are discovered as the video goes on. The parts are presented before the viewer can even imagine what’s missing. This makes the video very intuitive and easy to digest.


At the end of the video, one of the founders asks for the viewer’s support on Kickstarter to start production. This is followed by the logo of Kickstarter and a small text saying: “Back us now.” 

The CTA is coming from the founder, and it feels natural. That’s why this is an excellent example of the best Kickstarter videos.


Next on our list of the ten best Kickstarter videos is Pimax: The World’s First 8K VR Headset. This campaign aimed to raise $200,000 but managed to raise a total of $4,236,618 with 5,946 backers.

Let’s analyze this short movie to understand why it is one of the best Kickstarter videos.

Video Introduction

The intro to this video is very inspiring. It depicts the product’s vision while showing what it can genuinely do. 

The Problem & The Solution

Traditional VR headsets have a narrow vision, but Pimax’s point of view expands over 200 degrees. It also features monitors of the highest quality. In a nutshell, the product is on another level.

The Characters

This video features testimonials from actual users at conventions, showing proof that the product is different and works. Instead of fictional characters, Pimax has real users who condone the product.

The Features

They present the product’s features in a problem-solution format, proving that it is better than its competitors. It has it all.


The CTA in this video is natural. At the end of the video, one of the founders mentions that they need partners and friends to bring this product into reality.

ARCO 2-in-1 Coffee Grinder

The next video that stole our hearts is for the ARCO 2-in-1 Coffee Grinder. The campaign had a goal of €50,000 but managed to raise a whopping €972,599 with 3,011 backers.

Want to know why it’s one of the best Kickstarter videos? Let’s dissect this amazing Kickstarter pitch video together.

Video Introduction

The intro for this video is a treat for ASMR lovers. With satisfying sounds and shots of a coffee grinder, this video will succeed in hooking any viewer.

The Problem & The Solution

Multiple problems are posed in this video, and guess what – ARCO is the perfect solution. The product is indeed the best grinder a coffee lover could want.

The Characters

The characters in this video appeal to the modern coffee lover. ARCO is the grinder for any occasion, regardless of your location and coffee preference.

The Features

ARCO’s features are presented in both the video and the speech. The footage is satisfying to watch so that a viewer will retain some information.


The founder makes the CTA for ARCO. He asks for donations to support the project, and it’s as simple as that.


The 8th on our list of the best Kickstarter videos is DELTA – The New Standard of Battery-Powered Generators. Their goal was to raise $50,000, but they raised 56 times more, totaling $2,803,249.

Let’s check out the characteristics of this Kickstarter pitch video to understand why it’s so successful.

Video Introduction

The video starts with an impressive intro by one of the DELTA founders. This, accompanied by some upbeat music, sets the tone for a great video.

The Problem & The Solution

In the case of DELTA, the solutions are shown even before you can think of a problem. This means that you don’t even need to mention the situation in all cases when you make a crowdfunding video. 

The Characters

There is a wide range of characters in the video, which shows that the product can be helpful for indeed anyone. The characters are relatable and relevant.

The Features

The features of this machine are shown along with the problem-solution section, so this video truly encompasses an all-in-one masterpiece of the best Kickstarter videos.


The CTA in this video is not apparent at the end. The closure of the video is an inspirational speech that leaves you wanting to back it.


The penultimate campaign video on our list of the best Kickstarter videos is eufyCam: The Wirefree Security Cam with 365-Day Battery. Initially, the campaign’s goal was to raise $50,000, but they managed to raise $3,139,558. 

Let’s analyze this video and understand why this product is the most-funded intelligent home product in history.

Video Introduction

This video has an impressive Splash (thumbnail) that tempts you to click play. The intro is relatable and somewhat humorous. This personal touch will genuinely keep viewers on the page.

The Problem & The Solution

With a 365-day battery life, who wouldn’t want this intelligent home security camera? The product is an impressive high-tech gadget that will take your home security to another level. 

The Characters

The narrator of this video is relatable and quirky. They even have a dog in the video. Who wouldn’t want to see that?

The Features

The features are presented in a problem-solution format, answering your questions before you ask them. Not only does the narrator mention the features, but you also get supportive text in the video.


The CTA in the video is about needing the viewer’s help in going to market. The narrator assures that everything else is in place, and all that is left to do is pledge to this product.

Snapmaker 2.0

Last but not least on our best Kickstarter videos list is the Snapmaker 2.0: Modular 3-in-1 3D Printers. With a simple goal of $100,000, this product managed to raise $7,850,866 and become the most-funded technology project on the platform.

Keep on reading to see why we chose this as one of the best Kickstarter videos.

Video Introduction

This video starts with social proof from their previous campaign. Next, they list the improvements this version has over the original Snapmaker. This is a great tactic to establish trust in viewers from the get-go.

The Problem & The Solution

As soon as the product is introduced, the narrator starts listing its capabilities. Since this is more of an entertainment and creativity-inducing product, there are a few problems to be listed. Nevertheless, the solution is fascinating.

The Characters

From children to engineers, the characters of this video are diverse and many. It truly goes to show how easy the product is to use. 

Anyone watching this video will be able to imagine using the product themselves.

The Features

The features of this product are all intentional. Having learned from the previous generation of the product, the founders have been able to take this product to the next level truly.


The CTA of the Snapmaker 2.0 is simple – “Join us and back us on Kickstarter today.” Although it is literal, it is still effective.

Crowdfunding Secrets

Key Tips For The Best Kickstarter Videos

When it comes to general advice on making a Kickstarter video, many listicles exist with Kickstarter video rules. Ignore them.

Instead, earn from what’s been done. There are no strict Kickstarter video requirements, so do what feels right.

Refer to these crowdfunding video tips, and good luck!

Structure Your Video

In my experience, the best Kickstarter videos follow similar formats:

  1. Introduction
  2. Problem
  3. Solution
  4. Characters
  5. Features
  6. Call to Action

Showing is always far more compelling than telling—a film is much easier to click on than a lengthy paragraph is to read.

  • Be Personable

Creating anything new is an incredibly personal experience. People like people (mostly), so make sure your video tells your story while making a Kickstarter video.

I think it’s all I say, but… people fund people, not ideas, missions, or projects.

  • Keep It Short

How long should a Kickstarter video be? 

The best Kickstarter videos are all under 5 minutes, so keep it short! 

  • Don’t Beg

When learning how to make a video for a Kickstarter campaign, remember this – you want to inspire your audience. Avoid asking directly for “help” or “donations.”

Instead, ask them to contribute, invest, to become a partner.

  • Consider The Video Splash

The front page of your video is called a splash, and it’s essential. Make sure the first frame of your Kickstarter crowdfunding video will encourage a click.

Expressive, beautiful, mysterious, and (unsurprisingly) sexy are the big winners in this game.

  • Choose Music To Inspire

I don’t care how good your idea, video, or product is; if you introduce it to me over the dulcet tones of heavy metal, I’m not going to invest.

All the best Kickstarter videos have background music that has spirit and leaves a positive impression.

collaborate crowdfunding



This concludes our list of the best Kickstarter videos and instructions on making a crowdfunding video.

Make sure your video explicitly demonstrates the problem you are trying to solve and casts your product as the best solution.

After all, success has a formula – you only need to discover your own. 

I hope the insights we have just unlocked together helped you unveil what makes the best Kickstarter videos the best.


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