How FUELL Flluid 2 and Flluid 3 Raised $1,5M+ on Indiegogo

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How FUELL Flluid 2 and Flluid 3 Raised $1,5M+ on Indiegogo


How FUELL Flluid 2 and Flluid 3 Raised $1,5M+ on Indiegogo

Raising over $1.5 million on Indiegogo, the Flluid 2 and Flluid 3 electric bikes dramatically overshot their funding goals. Both e-bikes demonstrate a potent combination of innovative product design and effective campaign strategy.

You can trace the compelling narrative of TCF and FUELL back to 2019. At that juncture, FUELL pursued a crowdfunding ally with the necessary expertise and resources. It amplified its inaugural crowdfunding campaign – the Flluid-1 e-bike. They needed a partner to inject vitality into their mission and make their vision tangible. Their endeavor mandated a blend of innovation, perseverance, and a dash of audacity – perfectly embodied by TCF. It marked the beginning of a partnership that would bring an electrifying revolution in e-bikes.

2019 added a significant milestone to the FUELL and TCF partnership. FUELL, at that time, was on a quest. Their objective? To find a steadfast ally for their crowdfunding expedition – the journey to bring the Flluid-1 e-bike into the limelight.

The need was for a team to infuse life into their ambition and turn their dream e-bike into a reality that people could ride and cherish.

Founded by renowned motorcycle engineer Erik Buell, FUELL is an innovative brand that aims to redefine urban mobility through its advanced electric vehicles. Erik Buell’s legacy in motorcycle engineering and his passion for sustainable mobility solutions is evident in every aspect of the brand. The exceptional team at FUELL, boasting a deep understanding of the e-mobility sector and a shared vision of a greener future, complements Erik’s expertise.

Fuell Indiegogo Launch

FUELL and TCF’s collaboration in 2019 has since been instrumental in FUELL successfully raising over $1.5M for the Flluid 2 and Flluid 3 projects on Indiegogo. This success story encapsulates the power of merging innovative product design with adept crowdfunding strategies.

With TCF’s extensive digital marketing expertise, we optimized the campaign’s digital presence across various platforms, enhanced visibility, and attracted potential backers, successfully promoting the campaign.

How did we manage to achieve such astounding success?

Building Credibility

One of the fundamental components of any successful crowdfunding campaign is building credibility and awareness for your brand and product. We worked closely with FUELL to develop a comprehensive marketing plan highlighting their unique selling points, emphasizing their commitment to sustainable mobility, and showcasing the superior technology behind the Flluid 2 and 3 e-bikes.

Crafting a Compelling Landing Page

When it comes to crowdfunding campaigns, there is one common thought that dominates nearly every potential backer’s thoughts: can I trust this product? The product page tells the story of a fantastic e-bike, but people want to know – is it true?

Creating a landing page was another pivotal step in our strategy. The landing page is the first impression potential backers get of your project, and it was essential to make it impactful. We collaborated with FUELL to design a landing page that effectively communicated the unique value proposition of the Flluid 2 and 3 e-bikes.

Fuell Crowdfunding Landing Page

To enhance the credibility of the landing page, we emphasized the history and expertise of FUELL and its founding team. We prominently featured Erik Buell’s long-standing legacy in motorcycle engineering and his passion for sustainable mobility solutions. Endorsements from satisfied Flluid 1 owners and prototypes of the Flluid 2 and 3 e-bikes were showcased to prove the product’s effectiveness and superiority.

Erik Buell, Fuell CEO

Additionally, by including detailed breakdowns of the e-bikes’ innovative features and technology, we were able to highlight the tangible benefits and value for potential backers. A clear display of the successful funding history and the media coverage FUELL received also boosted the page’s credibility. Thus, The landing page effectively built trust, drove interest, and encouraged potential backers to contribute to the Flluid 2 and 3 Indiegogo campaigns.

Fuell Flluid Detailed Dreakdown

Implementing Trust-Building Strategies

We implemented several key strategies to build organic trust and create a buzz around the FUELL Flluid. It included an extensive social media presence where we consistently shared engaging content about the e-bike’s distinctive features and sustainable edge. We reached a broad audience through platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and planted the seed of intrigue about FUELL Flluid in potential backers’ minds.

Another integral part of our trust-building strategy was targeted email marketing campaigns. We built a direct communication channel with potential backers by sharing exclusive updates, sneak peeks, and personalized messages. It allowed us to maintain a steady interaction with them, keeping the FUELL Flluid at the forefront of their minds and continually highlighting its value proposition.

We collaborated with many high-level news outlets to further authenticate the Flluid’s credibility. These collaborations helped showcase the e-bike’s innovative technology and unique design to a broad audience, creating a buzz in the market even before FUELL’s team officially launched the product with us.

One of our most impactful strategies was allowing potential customers to take the FUELL Flluid on a test ride. This opportunity allowed them to experience the difference firsthand, proving the Flluid’s superior performance and comfort. Not only did this provide them with tangible proof of the product’s capabilities, but it also created a sense of ownership and connection, which was instrumental in driving the campaign’s success.

Let’s explore the effectiveness of these strategies and how they helped FUELL Flluid exceed its fundraising goal.

Getting the Word Out

As the Indiegogo campaign progressed, we continued to leverage our digital marketing expertise to get the word out and attract potential backers.

Apart from reaching potential backers, a well-executed PR strategy also instills a sense of trust in our campaign. When a reputable media outlet endorses your product or idea, it validates your claims and boosts your campaign’s credibility.

Our key strategy for growing awareness about the Flluid e-bikes involved arranging product reviews and articles. Armed with a strategic action plan and a determined mindset, our PR specialists successfully introduced the Flluid e-bikes across 300+ media outlets, including influential names such as Forbes, Electrek, GearJunkie, and others. This approach helped generate significant buzz and increased organic traffic to our campaign page.

Fuell Crowdfunding PR Strategy

We took our strategy further by repurposing content from these reviews and articles to create retargeting ads across all platforms. It included digital ads, emails, and social media. This tactic was crucial in scaling the campaign and fostering higher revenue generation.

Fuell Ebike Crowdfunding PR

By leveraging the content from these reviews and articles, we were able to effectively target potential customers who had shown interest in the product but needed a gentle nudge to make the backing decision.

Increasing Credibility Through Independent Third-Party Reviews

Flluid-2 and Flluid-3 are premium products, and we understand that forking out $4,000+ is a step not taken lightly without third-party reviews. Recognizing this, we took action, forming collaborations with prominent YouTubers, including Micah Toll from Elektrek (a leading platform on electric mobility) and a journalist from GearJunkie to film video reviews. They were entrusted with the opportunity to test the e-bikes under real-life conditions and share their genuine reactions on video.

The resulting reviews, delivered in video and written formats, were a solid trust-building element. Consequently, we saw an upsurge in organic traffic to the campaign page, fueled by the burgeoning trust and curiosity sparked by these collaborative reviews.

Capitalizing on this momentum, we made our presence felt at Eurobike 2023 — the world’s largest cycling trade fair held in Germany. This event was a magnet for journalists and potential customers, offering them the chance to experience the Flluid e-bikes firsthand. The opportunity for test rides, one-on-one interactions with the FUELL team, and engaging discussions resulted in more independent reviews. It further cemented the trust in the Flluid-2 and Flluid-3 e-bikes, marking a significant milestone in our campaign.

Hosting a Q&A Session

Understanding that not everyone can or is inclined to attend trade shows, we aimed to make the FUELL team accessible to potential backers worldwide. To do this, we hosted a live Q&A session, which served multiple purposes – it increased product credibility, boosted customer confidence, and provided valuable insights about what interested our leads about the Flluid e-bikes.

During this interactive session, we fielded questions, addressed concerns, and shared insights about the Flluid’s unique features and technological advancements. This direct engagement demonstrated our commitment to transparency and customer satisfaction, further solidifying trust in our product and brand.

The information gleaned from this Q&A session was enlightening and instrumental for retargeting purposes. By understanding what piqued our audience’s interest and their concerns, we were able to refine our marketing strategies, making them more targeted and effective. This proactive approach helped us connect continuously with our potential backers, ultimately contributing to Flluid’s crowdfunding success.


In conclusion, the FUELL Flluid crowdfunding campaign’s triumph on Indiegogo culminated with meticulously executed strategies and tactics that efficiently generated awareness, trust, and confidence in the product. The campaign’s multi-pronged digital marketing strategy, encompassing social media marketing, influencer marketing, public relations, advertising, and email marketing, played a pivotal role in disseminating the message to potential backers.

Our public relations team secured features in over 300 media outlets by arranging product reviews and articles, creating buzz, and driving organic traffic to the campaign page. The strategy of retargeting ads with content extracted from these reviews and articles efficiently amplified the campaign’s reach and played a crucial role in revenue augmentation.

The overwhelming success of the FUELL Flluid crowdfunding campaign, which went above and beyond its fundraising goal of $30,000, is a testament to the power of these innovative marketing strategies, third-party reviews, and interactive sessions.

These multi-dimensional strategies worked harmoniously to foster trust, ignite buzz, and create anticipation for the Flluid. The efficacy of these strategies was eventually reflected in the FUELL Flluid, surpassing its Indiegogo fundraising goal, raising over $1.5M, and setting a new industry standard for e-bike crowdfunding campaigns.

Anna Voskanyan Copywriter

Anna Voskanyan

Anna is the Copy Team Lead at TCF and a content creator and manager with over 10 years of experience in a bunch of spheres.


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