How DuoVox Ultra Raised $1.2 Million on Kickstarter (Part I)

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How DuoVox Ultra Raised $1.2 Million on Kickstarter (Part I)


How DuoVox Ultra Raised $1.2 Million on Kickstarter (Part I)

Building lasting collaborations with partners is a cornerstone of long-term success in any business venture. Such relationships foster a deep mutual understanding, enabling you to align your activities and actions with what your partners want to see in the market.

We value this collaboration at TCF and strive to build meaningful long-term connections with our partners. We support our partners through all the stages, from the conceptualization to the final execution of the project.

This mindset led us to join forces with DuoVox again, raising $1.2 million on Kickstarter for their revolutionary DuoVox Ultra night vision monocular.

In May 2023, our partnership began with the launch of the first DuoVox campaign – the DuoVox Mate Pro. It was a game-changer in its own right that raised a hefty $250K. We saw its potential and worked with the creators to elevate it to the next level. We paid close attention to the community’s feedback, considering every bit to refine the product’s design and technology.

DuoVox Mate Pro Kickstarter

Fast forward a bit, and we had the Duovox Ultra, a “Military-Grade Night Vision Monocular” perfect for nighttime hunters and explorers. Our marketing team managed to attract 7,294 backers worldwide and raised an incredible $1.2 million in pre-orders for Duovox Ultra.

But how did we manage to achieve this success? What was our secret to raising $1.2 million on Kickstarter for DuoVox Ultra?

Here we go.

Customer Feedback Transformed The Product

Our first secret to raising the $1.2 million on Kickstarter was actively listening and responding to customer feedback. After launching the DuoVox Mate Pro, we encouraged users to share their experiences and thoughts about the product. Their feedback was invaluable. We made it a point to treat every piece of feedback not as criticism but as a stepping stone towards betterment. Also, we identified common issues, determined improvement areas, and noted customer-favored features.

We compiled all the feedback and passed it on to the DuoVox team. They returned to the drawing board, determined to use the feedback to create a product that would meet and surpass our customers’ needs.

And thus, the DuoVox Ultra was born.

DuoVox Ultra Crowdfunding

The team kept what made the Mate Pro great and gave even more goodness. The most obvious change was the switch from binocular to monocular design. It made the device easier to handle with one hand and made it look sleeker.

They also ramped up its power with an 840 Nm IR illuminator, taking its performance up several notches. Each feature and enhancement reflected our commitment to meeting our customer’s needs and delivering a product that gave them real value.

Presenting the Campaign Page

To captivate our backers, we recognized the need to craft a Kickstarter campaign that didn’t merely promote a product. Still, we provided an immersive and unforgettable experience that spoke to the hearts of potential supporters. The first step was identifying the target audience, which was crucial for aligning the campaign message to resonate with recipients.

Our prior campaign and insights from community interactions defined potential users as nighttime hunters and explorers. By understanding their needs, preferences, and challenges, we tailored DuoVox Ultra as more than a product- a solution for nocturnal exploration.

We repositioned our product with a compelling tagline to ensure our message resonated with our target audience. We introduced the DuoVox Ultra as a “Military-Grade Night Vision Monocular.” This tagline communicated the product’s strength, reliability, and high-performing features. It struck a chord with our audience of nighttime hunters and explorers. It reinforced the notion of the DuoVox Ultra. Now it was not just a night vision monocular but a superior tool designed to revolutionize their nighttime exploration experience.

Powerful Visuals and Compelling Copy: Bringing DuoVox Ultra to Life

A marketing campaign’s success is connected with the power of its visual and textual elements. In the case of the DuoVox Ultra, we seamlessly meshed these elements to create a vivid, compelling narrative that showcased the brand’s identity and the product’s unique prowess.

Our campaign page wasn’t merely a platform for promotion; it transformed into a vibrant stage where the DuoVox Ultra came alive, enabling potential backers to visualize its capabilities and understand its value in their explorations. Through high-quality product images, engaging infographics, and immersive videos, we painted a captivating picture of the Ultra’s robust design, high-performance features, and practical utility.

The compelling copy we crafted was as integral to our campaign as the visuals. We meticulously constructed every line to align with our audience’s interests, aspirations, and language. Our description wasn’t just about the Ultra’s features – we narrated a story around the product, evoking a sense of adventure and underscoring the transformative impact of the Ultra on nighttime explorations.

This powerful blend of visuals and compelling copy served as a potent tool, turning our Kickstarter page into more than just a listing – it became a compelling narrative that not only showcased the DuoVox Ultra but also resonated deeply with our target audience of nighttime hunters and explorers.

Show, don’t just tell.

When marketing a product such as DuoVox Ultra, your ultimate goal is to ensure your audience experiences your product’s capabilities.

With DuoVox Ultra, we strategically utilized comparison videos highlighting our product’s excellent performance in real-life nighttime conditions. These engaging videos provided:

  • A firsthand look at the Ultra’s full-color vision.
  • The functioning of its powerful 840 Nm IR illuminator.
  • Its impressive zoom features.

DuoVox Zoom Features

We showed Duovox Ultra in various nighttime activities, such as hunting and camping, visually illustrating how it enhances the user’s nighttime experience.

The DuoVox Ultra was no longer a notion but a viable, tangible solution that potential backers could see in action. The comparison videos were instrumental in illustrating the Ultra’s unique value proposition and stirring excitement among our potential users.

Collaborate Crowdfunding

It’s better bad, but realistic quality.

Some may argue that polished, professionally shot visuals are essential to a successful campaign. However, we believe in striking a balance between showcasing the product’s capabilities and maintaining an authentic, relatable feel.

DuoVox Realistic Camera

We intentionally included rougher footage in our content, be that campaign page or marketing materials, to visually represent the Ultra’s performance. By doing so, we eliminated any doubts about the authenticity of our product and strengthened trust in our brand.

It also allowed potential backers to visualize themselves better using the DuoVox Ultra in their nighttime explorations, making it a relatable and desirable product.


The strategic planning, attention to detail, and customer-centric approach we implemented in the preparation phase of the campaign contributed significantly to its success. By understanding our target audience’s needs and preferences, crafting a powerful message, and delivering visually stunning and authentic content, we effectively communicated the value proposition of the DuoVox Ultra to potential backers. We successfully transformed a product into an experience, making it a desirable solution for nighttime hunters and explorers and ultimately reaching our funding goal.

Anna Voskanyan Copywriter

Anna Voskanyan

Anna is the Copy Team Lead at TCF and a content creator and manager with over 10 years of experience in a bunch of spheres.


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