Top 10 Travel Writers You Should Follow in 2023

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Top 10 Must-Follow Travel Writers in 2023


Top 10 Must-Follow Travel Writers in 2023

It is a beautiful world we live in; given the time and resources, we would explore every corner of it. While that’s easier said than done, the next best thing is the people who bring the world to us — our favorite travel writers. They are the ones who have the same passion as we do and have made a career out of it by becoming significant influencers in the world of travel and tourism.

Whether you are a hodophile looking for inspiration and guidance for your upcoming journey or have a travel product you need to be covered by the best of the best, it can be worth turning to the experts. These talented, creative, trustworthy, and passionate world explorers are the must-follow travel writers you need to keep on your radar.

Pippa de Bruyn – Author and Freelance Travel Writer

Pippa de Bruyn Travel Writer

Pippa de Bruyn is an award-winning travel journalist who is an expert in everything related to South Africa, and her expertise in the area goes back to 1998. The Cape Town-based journalist is also the author of “Frommer’s Guide’ to South Africa and India” and “A Hedonist’s Guide to Cape Town.”

Whether you’re a first-time visitor to South Africa, a local looking for new and exciting things to do, or mesmerized by the culture and geography, Pippa’s insights will give you an in-depth look into the country. Pippa’s articles have been featured everywhere, including The Telegraph, MSN UK, Yahoo Life UK, Sunday Times, Business Insider South Africa, Getaway, and Luxury Travel Advisor.

If you are fascinated with the Rainbow Nation and want to know every bit of it, check out Pippa’s latest here.

Ashley Day – Food and Travel Writer and Editor

Ashley Day Travel Writer

What’s a travel experience without knowing all about the best restaurants in the country you are traveling to? If you’re as much of a gourmand as a traveler, we’ve got one name for you: Ashley Day.

As a food and travel writer, Ashley has been exploring the best food and restaurant options in any city she sets foot in — as well as the best experiences to enjoy. You can find her writings in Food & Wine Magazine, The Food Institute, MSN, USA Today, CNBC, PC Gamer, Men’s Journal, and The Journal News. Whether you’re a gastronome traveler looking for the best diners in town or perhaps have a restaurant you’d like to feature, Ashley is the journalist you should seek out.

You can find Ashley’s latest insights and explorations here.

Amy Gordon – Freelance Travel Writer

Amy Gordon Travel Writer

Amy Gordon‘s journey with travel journalism began by entering The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. She writes in detail about her favorite travel destinations. She expresses her thoughts so eloquently you’ll find yourself booking a trip as soon as you’re done reading her pieces.

As a freelance travel writer, Amy has written for many reputable news outlets, including The Washington Post, SAGE Publishing, Time Out Philadelphia, Apartment Therapy, The Kitchn, and Tech Times. Besides travel, Amy also writes about decor, furniture, exciting finds, and gift ideas.

You can follow Amy’s latest articles here if you want some inspiration for future travels.

Amelia Duggan – Deputy Editor National Geographic Traveller (UK)

Amelia Duggan Travel Writer

As travel writers, we want to find avid travelers whose adventures have taken them to the ends of the world. One genuinely exceptional and award-winning writer is Amelia Duggan. Amelia’s career has led her to culturally and historically rich spots like the Mayan Temples in Southern Mexico and the shores of Lake Malawi.

Amelia writes down her detailed and unbiased opinion about every location she visits in outlets such as National Geographic Traveller (UK), MSN, The Telegraph, Evening Standard, and Sunday Times. You can stay updated with her journey across the globe here.

Sophie Swietochowski – Senior Travel Writer at the Sun

Sophie Swietochowski Travel Writer

Sophie Swietochowski has been The Sun’s senior travel writer since 2021. Her adventures have taken her far and wide, and she’s quick to write about them. She writes about the best tourist destinations in every country, covers all of the top events from around the world, reviews the best hotels for a fun-filled holiday, and even keeps you up-to-date with the best offers from around the world.

Her inputs on travel and tourism have appeared in outlets such as The Sun, Fabulous, The Times, The Scottish Sun, The Irish Sun, and The US Sun. It’s hard not to become one of her most enthusiastic readers once you start following her latest articles.

Emma Beaumont – Travel Writer at the Telegraph

Emma Beaumont Travel Writer

With hundreds of travel articles under her belt, Emma Beaumont is a name to keep in mind regarding travel journalism. Based in London, Emma lures her readers in by writing about every detail that might interest a traveler, be it the latest airport rules or the types of tourists one might meet at specific destinations.

Emma has written for The Telegraph — where she works as a travel writer — as well as MSN UK, Yahoo Life UK, Yahoo Style Singapore, and Condé Nast Traveller. Check out her portfolio of exciting travel experiences here.

Christopher Reynolds – Travel and Culture Writer at LA Times

Christopher Reynolds Travel Writer

With over three decades of experience in travel writing, Christopher Reynolds never fails to get his points across. The California native has toured the Golden State before moving on to countries like Canada and  South Korea.

If you’ve followed Christopher, you’d know he writes about more than just locations. He writes about experiences that range from dining at world-class restaurants to snowboarding in the highest mountains. You can find his experiences in the Los Angeles Times, MSN, Yahoo News, Los Angeles Times en Español, New York Daily News, and Chicago Tribune.

Following his latest publications here, you can stay ahead of the travel talk.

Stephanie Rosenbloom – Travel Writer at New York Times Travel

Stephanie Rosenbloom Travel Writer

Stephanie Rosenbloom is a travel writer at New York Times Travel. She is also a freelance writer published in reputable media outlets like Business Insider, Medium, The Independent, The Economic Times, and Chicago Tribune.

Her catchy writing style covers everything from unforgettable experiences to must-visit places in a country or city. She even writes from the unique perspective of pretending to be somewhere you’re not, and we’re all for it.

You can find a collection of her writings here.

Nicola Brady – Award-entering Travel Writer

Nicola Brady Travel Writer

Born in the UK and based in Dublin, Ireland, Nicola Brady is an award-winning travel writer. She has contributed to the Irish Independent, CNN, The Guardian, The Telegraph, Yahoo News UK, The Times, and Evening Standard, to name a few.

Nicola writes about her favorite cities, the best hotels, and the top restaurants where you can enjoy a mouthwatering meal after a long day of sightseeing. You can find her long portfolio of excellent travel tips and insights here.

Chris Haslam – Chief Travel Writer at the Times and Sunday Times

Chris Haslam Travel Writer

A chief travel writer and author of a couple of well-received books, Chris Haslam, is an award-winning journalist with decades of experience and hundreds of articles under his belt. He writes about the places you should visit, the ones you might want to avoid, and everything in between. He also writes unbiased reviews about products you’ll need in your upcoming travels, and trust us when we say that his opinions are solid.

Chris Haslam’s articles have appeared in The Sunday Times, BBC, Forbes, MSN, and The Times. Make sure you read his inputs on whichever destination you’re planning on heading to next, and remember that his reviews are well-appreciated by the audience. If there’s one person who can thoroughly review your travel-related spot, product, or experience, it’s Chris.

You can find the latest Chris Haslam articles here.


These people explore the known and the unknown to share their experiences with readers everywhere. Keeping up with what they have to say can help you shift your travel plans in the right direction. And if you have travel products that could use the reach, these travel writers can be a great source of exposure.

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