Top 10 tech journalists you should follow in 2019

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Top 10 tech journalists you should follow in 2019

Top tech journalists in 2019">

We know how time-consuming and hard is for start-ups especially to find newspaper reporters and journalists for press coverage. Especially harder with journals that have millions of readers. To do so, you need to follow and engage with relevant journalists that would be interested in covering and reviewing your product.

We all know that building an effective media list is an important step in gaining excellent press coverage. But that is only half of the story. The other half (the more crucial part) is – starting conversations and building relationships with media professionals.

Depending on which type of the tech story you have, you should always approach a journalist, who actually covers the topic you’re pitching.

Without further ado, read our take on reputable journalists – and you’ll know for whichever area peaks their… and your interest.

Top 10 Journalists in 2019


1. Alan Friedman – Journalist at Phone Arena

Alan covers mobile devices and other gadgets for more than a solid decade for PhoneArena. He’s been there throughout the ups and downs of the mobile industry.

His amazing and deep insights on the current mobile innovations left his audience in awe.

With his love for iOS and Android (read his latest article on pixel 4 camera), coupled with a dose of abductive reasoning – he has a portfolio of compelling stories for techies.


2. Drew Prindle – Senior Features Editor at Digital Trends

Next in line is Drew Prindle. He is the senior features editor at Digital Trends.

Drew is a tech columnist who dives deep into the latest technology innovations. He has exclusive traction-worthy yet quick-to-consume content – covers the topic with utmost care and precision.

He hooks and delights his audience with a generous number of blog posts from various tech communities.

To get to read his booming technology news go to his portfolio.


3. Erin Griffith – Journalist at the New York Times

With a huge experience as a writer at WIRED and Fortune, Adweek and, now Erin works as a New York Times columnist – where is mainly covers tech start-ups and Venture Capital.

This thought leader – creative and highly opinionated journalist has covered a plethora of topics from self-driving cars to industry insights.

Find her latest articles here.


4. David McCourt – Android Pit

David enjoys staying abreast of the latest technology and the newest Android apps. His research-based solid insights give the readers thrills. You can find reasonably accurate comparisons, industry-current news and great set of oh-i-didn’t-know-that info.

It’s super engaging to read his articles – find the latest ones here.


5. James Peckham – Wearables Editor at Tech Radar

James – wearables editor at TechRadar – the man of innovation & great sense of humor… and fan of GOT.

He is pro to review the latest gadgets from smartwatches or VR headsets to… fitness bands.

He has a generous number of lists, reviews and latest industry leaks here.


6. Brad Moon – Contributor at Forbes and much more

Award-winning freelance tech columnist at Place Media and former Winnipeg Free Press technology/gadget contributor.

The veteran of the financial software industry reviews consumer technology gadgets, accessories and other electronics in all bid media outlets like Forbes, Wired, Shaw Media, The New Yorker, USA today, etc. In addition, he provides editorial content for a wide spectrum of sites.

Read his latest article on BOOM 3 VS MEGABOOM 3 and find great insights here in his Forbes Portfolio.


7. Lisa Eadicicco – Tech Journalist at Business Insider

With a high focus on tech innovations and latest gadgets – Lisa is the senior tech correspondent at Business Insider.

She has tons of articles written on Apple and about its new releases. Her recent article on the new iPhone was pretty informative and got the attention of lots of people. You can read it here.

Here’s the full arsenal of her insights.


8. Brian Heater – Hardware Editor at TechCrunch

Brian Heater is the Hardware Editor at TechCrunch.

He is a managing editor in a number of leading technology publications like Engadget, PCMag, Laptop, and Tech Times.

Here’s his comprehensive portfolio where he covers hardware consumer electronics and gadgets.


9. David Ruddock – Managing Editor at Android Police

Android Police – with David as managing editor – is an awesome site for Android news, games, tablets, apps, phones. Basically, if it runs on Android – this blog covers it.

David is an avid writer, enjoys playing devil’s advocate in editorials, and reviewing the latest phones and gadgets. To learn more about David and particularly why he prefers Android to iPhone – go on reading his interview for Hello Tech.

Here is his portfolio.


10. Chaim Gartenberg – News Editor at The Verge

Chaim Gartenberg is a news editor for The Verge specializing in gadgets and all things new in the tech industry, whether that’s specs for the latest phones, trying out a new app, or unraveling just what on earth 5G will actually do whenever it does come around.

The VERGE had an interview with Chaim Gartenberg and reveals in this interview what he carries in his bag.

A bag full of his great insights here.

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