Know-how Toolkit Digest: FB pixel to Outreach strategy

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Know-how Toolkit Digest: FB pixel to Outreach strategy


For this week’s Know-how toolset, I wanted to shine the light on mega cool digital marketing tools, extensions and Facebook hacks — something we cover every week, but today, we’re going to share few more insights.

So, take this opportunity to revise your marketing campaigns and send your strategies soaring.


1. Cloud HQ extension bundle

CloudHQ offers a bundle of productivity tools to integrate with Google apps and other cloud services you might use in your company!

It’s a business tool, which serves as automated cloud-to-cloud sync and cloud-to-cloud backup.

There are different CloudHQ free Chrome extensions you can use for your online marketing campaigns.

Here’s the top fav for this week:

Convert Google Docs to Gmail™ drafts

CloudHQ for integrating Google Docs with Gmail


You can edit, format, add charts or images in Google docs – whatever, then click the button installed by Convert Google Docs and easily send it in Gmail — with the formatting included. But you should create an account with cloudHQ for it to work first.

Here is the full list of the cloudHQ extensions and the step-by-step guides on each.



Okay, seriously now…ya’ll know that we love cool tools! Who doesn’t, right?

Tools that allow us to create awesome stuff in short order… helps to create rich videos with unique AND powerful visual solutions.

These eye-popping and impossible-to-miss templates make amazing – V I R A L videos. Boost your engagement rank and organically drive more traffic towards your business with this intuitive software!


3. Tactic: Follow-up message as a first pitch

Well, this one was a pure mistake, which turned into a gold outreach tactic.

Instead of reaching out with your main offer, you just send the follow-up message first.

Typically, they get back to you saying sorry that they missed your first message — and asking to send the offer again.

In this way, you get the attention first and only after that tell your story.

Works like magic!



Even designers can’t name all the fonts on sight.

Scrolling the endless list of more than 500k fonts to figure out the name of the one you liked in that blog post?

No, now it’s too complicated. It should be just a click away.

Install the WhatFont extension – click on the extension button to activate and inspect the web font by just hovering on them.

Simple and hassle-free.


5. How Secure is my Password

Check how long it would take a computer to crack your password with this tool.

In the era of digital identity theft – stay safe and protected!


6. Facebook pixel hacks

With Facebook pixel – audience demographic insights are like biking downhill. No effort! If you know some hacks, of course!

1. Refine custom audience with aggregated value

Attention – you have super compelling ads and want insanely high conversion rates. Yet, you will lose cause you’re not able to reach out to your target aka more interested audience.

2. Multiple purchase customers

We can create audiences for each product, or even better – \create an audience of all who have purchased anything on your website.

3. Referrals – how many people came from Google

The great part about the pixels is that it also shows that the traffic was referred by Google!

This is an easy audience to create and a great audience to convert!


7. Bing ads

Twice as cheap as Google, Bing has about 25% of the search share in the US.

Bing is an advertising platform for the financial and retail industries to target very specific customer demographics.

This platform is the ideal solution if you have high-ticket items and fancy products.


Proofy is a terrific tool for email verification (email address verifier), any customer can easily verify any email or even bulk files with up to 50,000 emails. The company offers very flexible pricing. The website is really user-friendly. Even the inexperienced user can find all the information needed. Advanced users will be happy to find API support. With the highest verification accuracy you will pay just $150 for 100,000 emails!

List Cleaning

When validating the subscriber list, you as a sender can receive the following perks — a high sender reputation, clean email lists, and high deliverability rates.
There are two categories of tools for email address validation: applications and SaaS. You should download and install the app on your computer, while SaaS solutions are available online, so you can work with them through web browsers on any device.

Now that we understand the difference between the two types of validators, let’s look at their advantages and disadvantages.


Data safety

if you check your subscriber lists with an online validator, all information is stored on the server of the provider of this service — in your virus-protected account. Use only only verification service

Emails Deduplication

Get rid of the duplicate email and present only unique addresses

SMTP Connection

Checks SMTP: connect to SMTP servers and simulate sending of an email message

MX Records

Validates MX records on existence for every mail address

Syntax Verifier

Fully cleans your verify list from addresses with syntax errors

Mailbox Error

Flags emails outputting different mailbox errors including messages like ”Mailbox full”

Realtime Processing is a cloud service that allows you to run work processes fast and effortlessly

Domain Validation

Marks all the emails containing inactive or invalid domains

Risk Validator

Identifies and marks all the emails which domain accepts any email on their domain


9. is a time tracker and also a website tracker, which takes only a minute to set up. If you’ve never used a time tracker or web tracker before, this one here didn’t require any sign-in, Alas! (unless you want to uncover the other benefits).

Choose the websites you want to block for a certain period of time to keep your active working hours going — away from social media.

Track how much time you spend on different platforms – minimize the use of the time-consuming ones and zowie, you are way productive!



Trello and Evernote Combo — meet

This awesome tool was designed to simplify and ease the management overload of an individual and the team. - all in one workspace


11. TLDR This! extension

With this extension automatically summarize any article, text, document, webpage or essay in a click.


This is the wrap up for this week’s know-how toolset.

Stay tuned to take your current skills up a notch with TCF team without a hint of stress for you and your workers.


Aleta Serobyan

Aleta Serobyan


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