A Close-Up on the Top 7 Shopify Pet Stores

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A Close-Up on the Top 7 Shopify Pet Stores


A Close-Up on the Top 7 Shopify Pet Stores

A Close-Up on the Top 7 Shopify Pet Stores

Launching a pet store is an exciting yet complex journey. With so many aspects to consider for your online shop, one of the best things you can do is take a look at great Shopify pet store examples.

There are so many awesome pet stores that you can find online and learn from. They can help you figure out the layout you want to use for your own website, and what sort of design direction you want to take, along with other pet shop ecommerce best practices.

In this article, we’ll be analyzing 7 top pet Shopify stores, including insights from their traffic growth, sales, design and UX, reviews, and social media presence. As a bonus, we’ll also talk about why you should consider Shopify for your pet shop’s website. 

Ready to get started? Let’s dive right in.

Why consider Shopify as a pet supply shop platform

Many of the best websites for pet supplies are built on no-code website builders like Shopify. It’s no secret that the platform is a top choice for all types of ecommerce stores. Still, there are many advantages it offers to ecommerce pet stores that you may want to consider.

Let us tell you a couple of reasons why you should use Shopify for your pet store:

Easy to use

Shopify is known as one of the most intuitive website builders and ecommerce platforms. If you’re new to the ecommerce game, you’ll experience the smallest learning curve with Shopify.


The platform can support both small and large stores, growing its capabilities along with your business’ size. You can upgrade or downgrade your account’s subscription package anytime you wish. For extra-large stores, Shopify even offers Enterprise solutions. 

Awesome themes

As one of the most popular ecommerce platforms, Shopify hosts its own wide range of themes available for use. Additionally, you can find custom-developed themes that are compatible with Shopify to build up an awesome pet shop website. 

Note: This is one of the special advantages Shopify holds vs its competitors.

Payment option support

Due to its size and scale, Shopify is able to offer a plethora of payment gateways. This means that you can charge your customers through credit cards, PayPal, and many more payment methods. This flexibility can truly make or break a sale for your shop.

Customer support

As a beginner to ecommerce platforms, you’re bound to come in contact with issues you need help solving. With Shopify, you get 24/7 access to live chat customer support. Essentially, your problems can be solved immediately.

7 top pet Shopify stores

Now, let’s take a look at the 7 top Shopify pet store examples we’ve put together for you. We’ll discuss their traffic growth, some sales data, design, and UX, positive reviews, and their brand presence on social media. 

Since it’s best to learn from other’s mistakes rather than make your own, let’s dive in and analyze some of the best Shopify pet stores out there (in no particular order).

Pop Your Pup

One of the first top pet Shopify stores we want to talk about is Pop Your Pup – a website for ordering custom apparel with a photo of your pet. This website has a ton of personality and bright colors, which are likely to appeal to a specific niche of pet parents.

Traffic growth

The website gets an average monthly traffic of 1.4K, which is not bad. However, their traffic is on the decline, which can signal many things. They peaked in December of 2018 and stayed high up on search engines for 2 years until their traffic started to decline.


Considering that the average product on their website costs around $50 and that they have over 12,000 reviews on their website, it’s clear that they were very successful in their project at the time of their peak.

Design and UX

For a company that was more active in 2018-2021, the design of the website is fitting and catchy. The website’s speed is top-notch and navigation is clear. 

So, if this template was modernized and visuals were updated, this website would still be considered a good example for many Shopify pet stores.

Positive Reviews

Pop Your Pup has 12,286 5-star reviews on their website. However, due to their inactivity, their rate of review generation has decelerated massively. 

Brand Presence

The brand used to be highly popular on social media with 380K followers on Instagram in 2019. However, as of 2024, their follower count has gone down to 301K. Their last post went out in 2019, which can explain their decrease in popularity on social media.

Heads Up For Tails

Now shifting our focus to another popular Shopify pet store, let’s take a closer look at Heads Up For Tails (HUFT), which is an Indian brand that specializes in premium pet products. The brand is super popular in India, 

Traffic growth

The website receives approximately 221.9K monthly average traffic, making it the most visited Shopify pet store on our list. Most of their traffic comes from their home country, which goes to show how their targeting is on point.

Their traffic is increasing. To achieve this kind of numbers and growth, the team behind HUFT is definitely investing in SEO and other marketing endeavors.


HUFT went from its first website that would get an order per week to a powerful online Shopify pet store plus 52 physical locations and 30 pet spas. This transformation is truly a journey to be admired. 

As of 2022, the brand’s operating revenue had gone from ₹12.42 crore in FY18 (around $1.5 million) to an estimate of ₹140 crore in FY22 (around $16.9 million).

Design and UX

Heads Up For Tails is built on Shopify, using a cute theme. In fact, the more you scroll through their website, the more adorable everything gets. Now that is the way to a pet parent’s heart!

Although the website’s design is not extremely modern, the simple and intuitive UX allows the users to shop to their heart’s content.

Positive Reviews

With a separate page dedicated to their customers’ love on the website, HUFT has no shortage of positive reviews. In fact, their appreciation for their customers definitely fuels more feedback and boosts the brand’s image.

Brand Presence

HUFT’s popularity doesn’t end with its website. The brand is talked about all over mass media and social platforms. With their 176K engaged followers on Instagram, they don’t seem like they are going anywhere anytime soon.

Only Natural Pet

Moving on to number 3 on our list of Shopify pet store examples, let’s talk about Only Natural Pet – a natural pet food and treats brand. With deals all across their website, let’s explore everything there is to learn from this website. 

Traffic growth

Only Natual Pet gets 57.6K monthly organic traffic, and the number is steadily growing. 


With many case studies across the web, it’s clear that this brand is a lover of growth hacking. They use web push campaigns and the results are awesome – a 186x ROI and an average order value of $64.

Design and UX

At first glance, Only Natural Pet’s website is clean and appealing. They stay on-brand across their whole website’s design and strategically place deals all over their web pages to boost sales. 

As an example, this is a great base you can use to build your own website’s design.

Positive Reviews

Reviews on your website can boost trustworthiness, and this brand is taking advantage of it for sure. There are smart placements of customer feedback across the website, so they cover many best practices.

Brand Presence

The brand has a good presence on social media with 28.4K followers on Instagram. They are consistent with daily posts, which is the key to pleasing the algorithm.


Next up, let’s talk about one of the most innovative dog supply stores on our list – PooPail. Their pet waste management product initially launched on a crowdfunding platform and managed to raise over half a million dollars.

Traffic growth

PooPail has 4.1K monthly average traffic, and the number is rapidly growing. The website has an interesting blog, so it’s clear that SEO is not being taken for granted.


Once a brand succeeds in a crowdfunding campaign, the only thing left to do is to keep up the momentum. After building a community around PooPail’s product, there has been a 300% growth in MoM sales. 

Through collaboration with The Crowdfunding Formula, the brand also managed to increase its ROAS by 60% in just 3 months.

Design and UX

The Shopify theme used for PooPail was chosen with great care. It is fast, light, and simple. With the right visuals along the web pages, PooPail’s Shopify pet store turned out to be adorable!

The website is truly clean and doesn’t confuse the visitors. There are CTAs in all the right places and there’s an intuitive UX.

Positive Reviews

As you can already guess, showcasing positive reviews on your website is a must-have. PooPail follows this best practice and has many customer reviews featured on their website.

Brand Presence

PooPail has an adorable social media presence across Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. They are consistent with posts going out daily.

Regarding mass media, PooPail has tons of coverage, especially from the time of its crowdfunding campaign launch. It goes to show that PR is an important factor that can influence your rand’s success.

Frenchie Bulldog

If you’re looking to launch a luxury pet shop for dogs, this is an awesome example to look at. Frenchie Bulldog sells harnesses, leashes, and other pet accessories. 

This brand has clean visuals that are pleasing to look at – even if you are not a pet parent.

Traffic growth

Frenchie Bulldog gets around 29.9K organic traffic monthly. The trend of their traffic is also on the lookup.

Design and UX

Frenchie Bulldog is probably one of the most stunning Shopify pet stores out there. Not only are their products stunning, but the way they present them on their website is gorgeous as well. 

Most importantly, the website is built to appeal to the niche audience of luxury pet accessory lovers.

Positive Reviews

There is a separate page for reviews on the brand’s website where they feature all 17,000+ reviews amounting to 4.9/5 stars. If this doesn’t instill trust in the brand, we don’t know what else can. 

Brand Presence

With heavy investments in influencer marketing, Frenchie Bulldog truly climbed up the ladder of success across social platforms and mass media. 


Next up on our list of awesome Shopify pet stores, let’s talk about Whistle – a smart tracker device that can be integrated into your pet’s collar. The device tracks their health, location, and much more.

With an innovative product like this, the brand has an innovative website to go with it.

Traffic growth

Whistle gets an average of 30.3K organic monthly average visitors, and the number is growing. While the brand’s traffic peaked around September 2020, its current traffic is not a bad metric either.

Design and UX

Whistle has one of the most modern website designs on our list. It is clean, on-brand, and simply aesthetically pleasing. From high-definition visuals and layout to pets rocking their gear and easy navigation, they simply hit all points.

Positive Reviews

Although Whistle’s 11,000+ reviews don’t bring it up to the 5/5 mark, they still feature their pawdorable users on their website. Kudos to the design team at Whistle for this gem.

Brand Presence

Whistle isn’t only killing it on their website. The brand also has tons of media coverage and social media followers. Although they are not too consistent with posts, they still have 55.3K followers on Instagram.

Pretty Litter

Last but not least, let’s look at one of our Shopify pet store examples that focuses on kitty cats. Pretty Littler – as the name suggests – is a smart cat litter that is odorless, has no color, and features tons of other benefits. 

Traffic growth

At first glance, it’s clear that a ton has gone into the design of this website. So, it’s not surprising that they get an average monthly traffic of 151.2K. This number is on the rise, so let’s see what lies behind the brand’s success. 

Design and UX

Pretty Litter has a very pretty website. It is clean, sophisticated, modern, and pleasing to the eye. Navigation is easy and intuitive. Most importantly, the content on their home page is highly persuasive and trustworthy.

CTAs are in all the right places and popups do not cramp up the website.

Positive Reviews

As a brand that follows best practices, Pretty Litter doesn’t stay behind and features not only feedback from customers but also photo-based proof. This is the cherry on top for customer feedback showcasing.

Brand Presence

Pretty Litter is killing it in the media. From mass coverage to social platforms, their popularity is on the rise. With 106K followers on Instagram, 146K on Facebook, and 158.8K on TikTok, the brand is consistently popular across a plethora of platforms. 

Conclusion: The key features for a successful Shopify pet store

After going through the 7 Shopify pet stores on our list, there are some key learning points to take away. With a wide range of traffic metrics, these different stores have many best practices in common. 

Here are 3 insights that you should keep in mind:

  • Website design is crucial – make sure to use a Shopify pet store theme that will appeal to your target market.
  • Featuring reviews on your website can boost your trust factor and legitimize your brand for new leads.
  • Being consistent on social media is one of the keys to ensuring a good level of brand awareness.

We hope our analysis of these Shopify pet stores helps to guide you when you’re building your own pet store. Good luck and have a happy pet store launch!

Angel Poghosyan

Angel is a content, marketing, and strategy professional with over 6 years of experience working with startups and businesses across a range of industries. Her expertise lies in social media, tech, etc., and she has developed a deep understanding of these sectors through her work with a variety of clients.


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