TCF's Marketing Strategies Boosts PooPail's Sales by 300% MoM

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TCF’s Marketing Strategies Boosts PooPail’s Sales by 300% MoM


TCF’s Marketing Strategies Boosts PooPail’s Sales by 300% MoM

In the vast world of e-commerce pet product promotion, success stories often revolve around innovation, dedication, and strategic problem-solving. This is the essence of PooPail’s story, a solution to an everyday problem faced by pet owners across the globe.

Recognizing the importance of a strong digital footprint, PooPail established a strategic partnership with TCF Agency to build its online presence, maximize conversions, and drive revenue through online sales, elevating its brand’s visibility in the online marketplace.


About PooPail

PooPail, conceptualized and created by Sandy Stinson, is a ground-breaking product that has transformed how pet owners manage their furry friends’ waste. PooPail was born out of a passion for pets and a commitment to problem-solving to alleviate the tedium of cleaning up after dogs.

As a devoted dog parent, Sandy understood the inconvenience of managing pet waste, particularly during outdoor playtimes in the backyard. She envisioned a product that would make this task simple, efficient, and as unobtrusive as possible – leading to the invention of PooPail.

The PooPail journey began with a successful crowdfunding campaign, where pet owners and enthusiasts across the globe recognized the potential of this innovative idea and contributed to making it a reality. It was made possible through the strategic planning and execution of TCF, a veteran in the e-commerce pet product promotion market.

The Challenge

Despite having a practical and innovative solution for dog owners, PooPail faced a challenge many startups encountered – building an engaging and effective online presence. They needed to communicate their solution creatively and appealingly, given the relatively “messy” nature of the problem it solved. Moreover, they had to increase their brand’s visibility, drive traffic to their e-commerce platform, and ultimately convert visitors into customers.

Why did they choose us? 

eCommerce Collaboration

TCF Solutions That Helped PooPail Thrive

TCF took on this challenge enthusiastically, leveraging its experience in the e-commerce pet product promotion market.

The first step was to develop a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to make the most of this opportunity and create a user-friendly and SEO-optimized pet store to ensure PooPail’s visibility in search engine results.

To that end, we optimized the website on the back and front end to ensure maximum visibility in search engines. We used a combination of keyword research and content optimization to ensure that the website was showing up when customers were searching for pet supplies online. Here are the results:

PooPail Search Engine Visibility

Then, we initiated multi-channel advertising campaigns, launching targeted ads on Google Ads and Facebook and retargeting campaigns. These efforts focused on the specific interests and needs of PooPail’s target market and increased revenue by 300% month over month.

PooPail Google Ads Case

To further propel PooPail’s success, TCF Agency developed a comprehensive email marketing strategy to tap into the potential of their customer base. We crafted customized emails tailored to every customer’s needs, preferences, and interests. We took advantage of automated campaigns to stay in constant communication with our customers, keeping them up-to-date with the latest PooPail news and offerings.

At the core of PooPail’s successful digital marketing strategy was creating content that resonated with its target audience. The SMM team at TCF Agency crafted engaging stories and visuals to capture the hearts of potential customers. They highlighted the innovative nature of PooPail and its ability to solve a common pet-care problem: managing pet waste efficiently.

PooPail Social Media Posts

Business Impact

TCF made significant strides in PooPail’s online presence and sales through these solutions. The marketing strategy led to a 550% increase in website traffic and a 300% increase in sales during the campaign period.

Since working with TCF, PooPail:

  • Increased revenue from e-commerce store by 300% MoM
  • Increase organic sessions by 76% MoM
  • Increased Facebook Ads conversions by 372% MoM
  • Increased Google Ads Conversion by 109% MoM
  • Lowered costs per conversion by nearly 50%
  • Increase raise from email marketing by 99% MoM
  • Established a strategic partnership with TCF Agency to build an online presence, maximize conversions, and drive revenue through online sales.


The remarkable success of PooPail serves as a testament to the efficacy and dynamism of TCF’s digital marketing services. With our experience and innovative marketing strategies, we were able to transform PooPail’s online presence and drive significant business growth. We didn’t just sell a product but told a story connected with a target audience. We created a vibrant community around a solution to a joint problem dog owners face.

Anna Voskanyan Copywriter

Anna Voskanyan

Anna is the Copy Team Lead at TCF and a content creator and manager with over 10 years of experience in a bunch of spheres.


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TCF’s Marketing Strategies Boosts PooPail’s Sales by 300% MoM
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