10 Pet Shop eCommerce Tips to Double Your Sales

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10 Pet Shop eCommerce Tips to Double Your Sales


10 Pet Shop eCommerce Tips to Double Your Sales

If you run an online pet store, your marketing strategy significantly affects your success. Everybody wants to bring in more sales, but how can you get it done? You can get a significant amount of traction with just a couple of tricks. Our pet shop ecommerce tips can help.

From SEO optimization and email marketing to social media marketing and A/B testing, you can grow your pet store online quickly and effectively. 

We have compiled a list of actionable tips to help you grow your dog ecommerce store, so grab your pen and paper and let’s talk about it.

Keep reading through, and we’ll tell you why taking your pet shop online has tons of benefits, how you can promote it, and how you can bring in more sales than ever before.

If your pet shop is not yet online, here are some cool benefits to making the decision

Before we get to our special pet shop ecommerce tips, let us tell you why taking your pet store online is a win-win decision. So, here are the main benefits of having an online pet store.

More opportunities for promotion

Marketing an online store is much easier than promoting a physical shop. You eliminate any limitations that may stop people from visiting your store, including location, mobility issues, and timing problems. 

With an online pet store, you can reach more people, shorten your sales funnel, and utilize promotion channels that otherwise wouldn’t be available.

It’s live 24/7

Your pet ecommerce shop keeps running even when you’re asleep. That means that people can make purchases at any time of day, regardless of whether your physical store is open. 

It gives you even more opportunities to get sales from customers too busy to visit your physical store. All in all, you need an online store to take advantage of many sales opportunities.

It’s cost-effective

With an ecommerce pet store, you eliminate expenses like rent, utilities, and other overheads. You also won’t have to pay for salespeople, and you’ll be able to maintain a fully-functioning store with fewer fixed costs.

Better experience for your customers

Controlling the experience your customers get through an online store is more manageable. You’ll be able to deliver a smooth user journey with no hassle.

Your customers can easily navigate your products, get detailed information about them, and read customer reviews to increase trust.

Now that we’ve convinced you to take your pet store online, let’s talk about what to do in terms of promotion and marketing after it’s live.

eCommerce Submission

Ten ecommerce marketing tips to increase the sales of your pet shop

As you already may know, running an ecommerce pet store is cost-effective. It is also the case for its promotion. 

While bringing in online sales may seem challenging, the reality of the situation is different. With just a bit of learning, you can develop marketing skills that’ll drive sales to your ecommerce platform reasonably quickly.

Let’s dive in and talk about our quick and easy pet shop ecommerce tips. From influencer marketing and SEO to customer service and digital ads, here’s how you can double your sales in months if not weeks.

Optimize your website for search engines

Kicking off our list of pet shop ecommerce tips, one of the best things you can do for your online store is SEO. Optimizing your website for search engines has countless benefits. Although it can take a bit of work and creativity, you’ll also reap many advantages. 

SEO turns your website into a 24/7 engine of online promotions. Having your website appear on the first page of Google queries can bring in tons of traffic from relevant audiences. Then, it’ll be up to your website to convert them into customers.

How to do SEO for an online pet store:

SEO consists of 3 pillars – on-site SEO, off-site SEO, and technical SEO. Here are some easy steps you can take to optimize your pet store for search engines:

  • Optimize your product pages with relevant keywords
  • Post SEO-friendly blogs to your website
  • Hire an SEO specialist to take care of technical and off-site SEO
  • Optimize your meta tags 
  • Add alt tags to all the pictures on your website

Offer discounts and promotions

Discounts and promotions are great tools for just about any online business to encourage sales. We’ve included it in our pet shop ecommerce tips as a key driver of traffic and an excellent tool for inbound marketing. 

Whether you’re looking to attract new customers, bring in repeat orders from loyal customers, clear out your inventory, or boost your sales, offering a discount can go a long way.

Take your pet ecommerce marketing to the next level with headlines like:

  • “25% off all treats for your little buddy”
  • “Treat your furry friend to a treat with $25 off your first order.”
  • “Refer a friend to get 10% off your next order.”

Invest in high-quality photoshoots

Next up on our list of effective pet shop ecommerce tips – take awesome pictures of your products. We live in a highly visual age, so featuring aesthetic images of your products on your website can make or break a sale.

Pro tip: Pictures of happy pets can go a long way for your brand.

A/B test product pictures, titles, CTRs, and other page attributes

With our 4th pet shop ecommerce tip, we highly urge you to dive into A/B testing your website. It is an excellent way to optimize your conversion rates and get the best possible results from your store. 

Tools you can use: Google Optimize

From product pictures and headlines to button placements and colors, A/B testing can allow you to find the ideal features for your website which bring in the highest conversions.

Leverage email marketing

If you’re running a Shopify pet store, you might want to consider utilizing email marketing for your brand’s promotion. It’s one of the highest-converting marketing tactics, so that we couldn’t skip on our list of pet shop ecommerce tips.

Build your email list, send them well-timed and relevant email content, and you’ll see your conversions increase. It’s also a great idea to use email marketing for recovering abandoned carts and bringing in sales that needed just a bit more of a push.

Here are some potential headlines for your next email campaign:

  • “Your furry friend definitely wants this treat.”
  • “6 “pawesome” pet toys for your little pup”
  • “Cats are going crazy for this catnip.”
  • “Did you get that Christmas present for your smallest friend?”

Create a solid social media presence

Having a social media presence for a pet store is a must for just about any brand. It especially does wonders for online pet store marketing due to the virality of pet content online. Consider using platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok.

Since we want to make this list of pet shop ecommerce tips as practical as possible, here are some types of social media posts you can do:

  • Post Instagram Reels of your products using trending sounds
  • Join a trend on TikTok by posting short videos
  • Share an aesthetic picture of pets playing with your products on Pinterest
  • Join a Facebook group and share interesting posts about your products (make it cute)

Partner with influencers

It’s no secret that influencer marketing is booming. To take your pet business marketing to another level, we recommend finding pet micro-influencers (up to 50k followers) who have a high engagement rate and posting an Instagram collaboration post.

How to choose the right influencers for your ecommerce pet store marketing

The main things you’ll need to consider when choosing influencers to work with are:

  • Make sure their audience matches your target market.
  • Ask for insights on similar collaborations to gauge potential results.
  • Offer partnerships through barter before getting your wallet ready.

Whether you ask influencers to share stories, reels, or posts on their Instagram pages about your product, it’ll all bring a significant result. 

Don’t forget to ask for insights after the collaboration is complete to calculate your ROI. If it worked well, you might want to consider working with the same influencers again.

Provide exceptional customer service

Delighting your customers can go a very long way. Not only does it promote loyalty, but it also increases your potential for “word-of-mouth” marketing. It means that if you impress a customer, they will likely tell their friends about your brand.

Remember that bringing in a new customer can cost 5x more than retaining an existing one. You should focus more on keeping your current customers happy before you start working on bringing in new ones.

Another benefit of delivering stellar customer service is the potential for online reviews. If you’ve served a customer well, they’ll likely leave good feedback about your brand. 

Considering your reputation and trustworthiness are critical factors for online success, this is worth investing in.

Use retargeting ads

Retargeting ads are one of the most effective pet store marketing strategies. They allow you to target the people who have previously visited your website but didn’t convert yet. These users have already passed through the awareness stage of your sales funnel, and these ads can help them pass to the next step.

The benefits of retargeting are too many to count on one hand, but let’s discuss a couple of them.

  • Boost your brand awareness: Customers who keep seeing your brand are more likely to convert later. 49% of internet users are likely to order from your website after seeing an ad.
  • Bring back abandoned carts: Just like email marketing, retargeting ads can help you recover abandoned carts and give your website visitors that extra push they need to make a purchase.
  • Measure anything and everything: Online ads, including retargeting ads, are highly trackable. You can see what every visitor did on your website, which buttons they clicked, and even where their mouse has been.

Now that you know all about the benefits of retargeting ads, let’s move on to the last one of our pet shop ecommerce tips and wrap up this little walk we went on together. eCommerce Collaboration

Offer free shipping

Websites that don’t offer free shipping have higher cart abandonment rates than ones that do. In fact, 80% of online shoppers expect free shipping if they pass a certain threshold dollar amount for their order. And this is a win-win situation because the average order value for your online pet store will increase if you offer your customers this option.

With the last one of our pet shop ecommerce tips, we highly urge you to offer free shipping (if they order over a certain dollar amount). You won’t lose your competitive edge and will definitely get a positive return on it.


There you go! We’ve reached the end of our ten pet shop ecommerce tips, and we hope you learned some valuable lessons. 

If you already have a physical pet store, we highly recommend taking it online. You can get tons of benefits, and there will be many ways to promote it cost-effectively. 

From social media marketing and free shipping to customer service and high-quality photoshoots, there are so many steps you can take to level up your online pet store’s marketing strategy. Refer to our pet shop ecommerce tips above, and good luck on your journey.


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