Know How Bundle#6: AR Filters to Cold Emailing

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Know How Bundle#6: AR Filters to Cold Emailing


This week we’re going to touch yet another bundle of social updates, hack & strategies and gem tools, if you’re to use them, will set you apart from the vast majority of your competitors.

Let’s kick off this week’s Know-how tools to understand how deep the rabbit hole of crowdfunding marketing (and marketing overall) goes:

Social Platform Updates


Instagram AR Filter


Back in June, when Instagram introduced its first batch of camera filters for IG Stories designed by Ariana Grande, BuzzFeed or Gucci – there were no follow-ups from the company itself if only you follow certain brands and celebs.

The new Instagram filter – Lip Kit was created to celebrate Kylie Jenner’s 2-1st Birthday!
Want to try the Kylie look? Follow her on IG, update the app and the filter will automatically appear in your stories dashboard.
The good news?

There is a nifty tool called Spark AR Studio, which helps you design and share your custom filters in a fast and intuitive way.


Linkedin content levels

According to new study, Linkedin is almost three times more effective in lead generation than Facebook and Twitter combined

So how to take advantage of this fact?
Let’s discuss how you can take your Linkedin profile to the next level by optimizing your posts.


Firstly, the Linkedin algorithm classifies your content info 3 main categories:

  • Spam
  • Low quality
  • Good to go

When you publish your content, Linkedin sends it to your 1st-degree connections, where your post is displayed temporarily.

High engagement ratio will determine whether the post is spammy or not.
If no, the bot sends it to your 2nd-degree connections within 9 hours.

And level 3: where your 3rd-degree connections get your content after a thorough review at LinkedIn HQ. Your Post, edited by Linkedin HQ if necessary, appears to your 3rd-degree connections and other channels in the next 24 or 36 hours.

Things to do, in order to have good quality content shares:

  1. Unlike Instagram, use fewer hashtags. Better use one but top-relevant #
  2. No external links. Better put the link in comments (however, if you do need the link, copy & paste the link from comments to the main post)
  3. Tuesday around 9-11 am is the best for experimenting these tips 😉


Conversion Window in Ads Manager for Lead Generation

No leads mean no purchases!
So how you should do about it?

Here’s one audience targeting technique, which done right can boost the efficiency of your Facebook lead ads.


We suggest beginning to attract and convert visitors through Conversion Window.
The buyer’s journey begins after this one day or one click, as it should take just 1 day for a person to decide to subscribe.




Kickstarter hack

As you might know, Kickstarter doesn’t give you any kind of information on your backers until the end of a campaign.

It’s the most trusted crowdfunding campaign – but a total hell for ads managers and marketers.

You can’t build a lookalike audience or target the real audience – cause you don’t have any base to start.

Our marketing guru came up with this idea, which we are currently testing.
After backers pledge our goal, we send them a thank you note with a quick survey to fill in.
The Survey redirects to a special page in its turn, which has a… trackable pixel!!!

Do the guesswork!
Now you have some info to build a custom lookalike audience.



Discounts – Discounts – Discounts hack

Crowdfunding platforms offer lots of benefits both to the product owner and the potential backer.
From the backer’s point of you, it allows to pre-order innovative products with big discounts.

We create landing pages to collect subscribers and offer them 50% Off as soon as the product launches.

The awesome part for the backers is that after the launch we email or send them a perk with 52-55% Off.

So, you asked for 50%, we give you 55% Off discount as a thank you that you joined our fam.




On the hunt for writers with goes far beyond top 10 lists with deep rankings about everything – voted on by 1000s of people who have experience with what they’re ranking.

The results?
49m monthly unique visitors. Goldmine Content. Great insights.
The digital media blog covers everything from entertainment to food rankings.

So, if you are looking for opinionated experts or random bloggers to cover your niche project, you can use this webpage to search for relevant content creators and outreach them. – Test your Email Subject Line

Email marketing is still one of the most effective mediums for advertising and building loyalty, trust and brand awareness among customers.

Apart from the A/B testing of your subject line, now you can check how your email subject line appears on different mobile devices using Zurb: test-subject. – Cold emailing & automation is a cold email and outreach tool, which allows follow-up automation the best there is.
You can use this tool to schedule both pitches and the follow-ups with the optimal follow-up email frequency.
Once there is a reply from the recipient, the follow-ups are automatically stopped.

The features are the followings:

1. Reply detection: the tool also detects replies from a different address, forwards and autoresponders.
2. Cold e-mail personalization allows to contact with unlimited number of subscribers with a customized cold email
3. Open and clicks tracking feature shows who and when opened the email
4. Teamwork security, due to the shared database, it prevents both you and your team sending the same email to the very same subscriber


Pwned passwords

Pwned passwords is an awesome gem to check whether the password you use/want to
was previously cracked or not.
Another cool feature is Notify me, which sends notifications in case your password is pwned and your account compromised.

For the best security measurements, don’t use the same pass more than twice.

Respona is an all-in-one link building and blogger outreach platform. Since outreach is such an important part of any marketing strategy, it is important to streamline the process.


The platform centralizes the entire outreach process from start to finish. Find opportunities, create automated email sequences, find contact information, and personalize campaigns all under one roof.

By combining all the steps of the process into one platform, Respona replaces the need of having multiple paid tools when you just need one. With an automated content scraper and database of over 400 million contacts, endless opportunities are waiting to be found!



See you next week, folks! 

Aleta Serobyan

Aleta Serobyan


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