Calendify, Exploding Topics and Some More Tools and Tactics

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Know How: Calendify, Exploding Topics and Some More Tools and Tactics


Did you know that March 22nd is Mothers’ Day in the UK? And March 23rd is Puppy Day on international calendars?

While people are looking for ways to cherish the bonds with their loved ones in life, marketers are cooking up special offers in the theme of festive occasions to tap into people’s emotions….and generate sales.

But how can you even possibly know all the holidays around the world? Don’t despair. There’s a smarter way.

Besides the annual marketing calendar, discover a tool to reveal the tech power behind your competitors’ websites, learn about a hack to rank on Google with emerging keywords, study a retargeting tactic to convert cold audiences on top of recent ManyChat updates, easily create branded marketing collateral and some more.

Let’s dive right in.

Spy on Your Competitors Websites’ Technologies with WhatRuns

By Arusik Ghambaryan

Your competitors, no doubt, use a spectrum of tools, plugins and technologies to help boost user experience and reinforce their online presence.

Don’t you think it would be cool to know what Content Distributed Network (CDN) or Communication software they use exactly, so you too can leverage them in your favor? Or know the pitfall of each, predict the areas your competitors are failing in, and not make the same mistake?

WhatRuns is a browser extension that lets you almost instantly find the technologies used on any website you visit.

With a mere click on the extension icon, the tool displays all the technologies that power the website, classified by their relevant category including CMS, Widgets, Analytics, Web Server, Programming Language, Cache, and more.


Not only does WhatRuns deliver valuable insights on your competitors’ websites, it also notifies you anytime they deploy a new technology or abandon an existing one.

While WhatRuns is definitely not one of its kind, unlike most of its alternatives, the extension is light on your browser and presents highly accurate information, identifying even the newest technologies and plugins and, most importantly, notifying you in a matter of minutes once a change is detected.

Add WhatRuns to your Chrome or Firefox browser now and… happy stalking!

Easily create branded marketing collaterals with Xtensio

With this helpful document creation tool, you have a quick and easy to way to create and design marketing material that confidently represents your brand.

For people who are unsure where to start, Xtensio offers an extensive collection of templates that give you a starting point that you can tweak according to the needs of your business.

The built-in samples range from reports, business models, proposals, brochures, fact sheets, landing pages, plans, press releases, calendars, one-pagers, user persona, media kits, and many others.

However, if you want the freedom to express your creativity, you can start with a blank slate and utilize the drag-and-drop elements for your documents.

Aside from these features, Xtensio also offers something that will make your work much easier: real-time collaboration. You can work with your teams, squeeze in edits, and see these changes applied in real-time and synced across all devices with access.

Drive Sales on Holidays with Calendify Marketing Calendar

By Lili Avetyan 

Working in digital marketing and targeting the entire world, you need to stay on top of many  holidays celebrated in different parts of the world.


Because during the festive season people are happy. And happy people are more prone to shopping, especially if it’s done to rejoice their close ones.

And because you can’t possibly remember all the major and minor, national and international holidays in the world, this tool is your holy grail.

Calendify is a marketing calendar that contains holidays from all over the world. Not only does it show you the dates of celebrations, but also gives you a background for each holiday, so you don’t even have to do additional research.


Use Calendify now to look up the holidays that are coming up soon and start creating super-tailored marketing campaigns to excite your prospects on their festive days.


Rank on Google with Emerging Keywords with Exploding Topics

By Ani Ter-Margaryan 

Choosing the right keyword to optimize your content around, is a manifold process with a bit of guesswork as to whether the keyword you just picked will still be sought-after in the future.

Once you’ve distilled a set of keywords relevant to search intent, there are two major factors that guide keyword selection—search volume and difficulty.

The common tactic applied by many early-stage businesses is to optimize content around low-competition, i.e. less difficult, keywords with a relatively bigger search volume to bypass the fierce competition and stand a chance of ranking on Google.

And while this strategy was proven to work well, it greatly restricts your ability to write quality content.

(You don’t assume that your mind-blowingly amazing content alone will just slowly pave its way to Google’s first result page, do you?)

But what if I tell you there is a way you can jump on the top emerging topics in your field and be among the first to publish substantive content with significantly improved chances to rank?

Behind this forward-driven strategy stands Exploding Topics. Developed by Backlinko’s Founder Brian Dean, the site surfaces topics classified in different categories that are now hiking up massively in their search volumes but haven’t hit the ceiling just yet.


Its robust underlying algorithms wade through millions of searches, conversations, and mentions online to discover top emerging trends with projections of their search volumes over the course of the next 15 years.


Now tune in!

Many of these emerging topics are unique, untapped keywords predicted to become overly competitive in no time. This means you’ll be among the first to write about the topic and rank before the competition gets too crowded.

You can also use this buffer time wisely to gain some backlinks from authoritative sources too and garner your spot among the first ten results when somebody searches your target keyword.

But even if we neglect its tremendous impact on SEO for a moment, Exploding Topics is just a goldmine of insights revealing the various spiking trends in the world that may open new avenues of pursuit for your business.

Facebook Events as a Retargeting Means to Convert Cold Audience

By Arsen Hakobyan 

If you plan to run retargeting ads on people who’ve visited your page over the past 180 days, you probably realize that the odds of conversion won’t be equally distributed amongst everybody.

Depending on the time they last visited your site and their position along the sales funnel, your audience can be divided into three segments—cold, medium, and warm.

As the names suggest, medium and warm audiences are still interested in your product with a significant fraction of them converted through a simple retargeting ad.

The matters get complicated when it comes to a cold audience though—it’s been a while since this segment has engaged with your product.

Have you already guessed how to boost your conversion rates?

You got it!

Nothing can work better than a financial motif. And this is when the limited time discount offer comes handy.

To frame it in a more catchy and original way, I came up with the idea of creating a 24-hour, flash sale event on Facebook with a limited-time discount offer. I can then run pre-launch traffic ads with a custom audience of ATC 180 days (if your Add to Cart audience is small, you can target all your visitors).

To promote the ad I use accelerated delivery, which heavily spends my ad budget but brings in results fairly quickly.


An important thing to remember is to exclude all the visitors from the past 30-40 days which can still be deemed as warm and convert without any extra sale or discount offer.

Or not… but it’s a meaningless expense!

An added benefit of this strategy is that Facebook’s algorithm will show this event to a large cold audience, a non-paid promotion of your event that can send some more leads to your way.


On the flash sale day, Facebook will send notifications to everyone about the limited discount offer, channeling a pipeline of hot leads to purchase your product.

Manually Add Subscribers on Your ManyChat

By Vadan Karapetyan

ManyChat has recently rolled out a new capability that allows you to add subscribers manually to include them in your SMS or email marketing campaigns.

To access the feature, tap on the “Create A New Contact” on the upper right corner of your ManyChat interface and fill in your lead’s phone number or email address along with their first and last names.


Needless to mention, you first need to seek your prospects’ permission before you add them to your subscriber list. Otherwise your spammy tactic may harm your brand reputation and damage trust among your leads.


Mailto: Set Default Email to Gmail by CloudHQ

By Lena Martirosyan 

Do you recall the hundred times you clicked on “Contact me” or “Email” links on a website to be redirected to iCloud or Microsoft Outlook emails you hardly ever use?

It’s really annoying and takes up a lot of your valuable time. But it turns out, this handy extension by Cloud HQ helps you bypass this inconvenience.


With Mailto, you can easily set your Gmail (or your GSuite account) as your default email client anytime you jump on a contact request online. You can also choose to open your email in a new tab or window.

While just a little hack, Mailto will definitely help you save a lot of time and energy you’d have otherwise wasted on copying emails every time.

(Although, if you’re feeling especially tech-savvy today, you can also do the same thing in your Chrome or Firefox settings!)


This wraps up this week’s Know How article!

Have you already installed the WhatRuns extension on your browser to stalk your competitors online? Have you tried it on our website? What are we running? Comment below if you can guess!

Or do you know what topics are spiking in popularity all over the world? There is DoorDash, Vegan Keto, AI-powered Chatbot, and so many more! Open Exploding Topics now and jump onto the latest topics in your niche to stay ahead of your competition.

And before you leave, don’t forget to bookmark our latest article to discover 4 untapped ways to increase your brand awareness.


Ani Ter-Margaryan

Ani Ter-Margaryan

I’m a data-driven Digital Marketing enthusiast. Fascinated to watch and act while AI shakes up today's marketing landscape. Have my keen eye pointed at the latest industry trends and love creating engaging digital content.


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