Crowdfunding Revolution with Battery Innovation: $400K Raise

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Crowdfunding Revolution with Battery Innovation: $400K Raise


Crowdfunding Revolution with Battery Innovation: $400K Raise

Elecjet Crowdfunding

At TCF, we excel in introducing groundbreaking technology into the consumer market, transforming innovative concepts into coveted products. From intelligent plant pots that cater to your greenery’s needs to high-filtration masks for urban health, our approach is to craft compelling marketing campaigns that spotlight the avant-garde benefits of your technology.

The consumer appetite for the latest pioneering products is vast, particularly among the early adopters thriving within the crowdfunding ecosystem. Using our flexible strategies and thorough data analysis, we adjust our communication to connect creators with customers in the best ways possible by utilizing maximum channels to reach as many relevant audience members as possible. This ensures our messages are heard and felt, creating a stronger impact and fostering a genuine interest in the innovations we promote.

Our partnership with Elecjet on the Apollo Ultra project is a prime example of this synergy at work. We immediately recognized its potential as a game-changer in battery technology.

This case study details the dynamic collaboration between TCF and Elecjet, showcasing our strategic prowess in propelling novel technology to market and ultimately securing over $400K in crowdfunding.


Introducing Elecjet’s Revolutionary Battery Technology

Elecjet approached TCF with its innovative Apollo Ultra power bank, a compact and powerful portable charger. The Elecjet Apollo Ultra functions like a regular power bank with one distinctive upgrade.

Graphene. This miracle material is the world’s greatest superconductor, meaning it can help batteries move lots of power without overheating.

Power banks were notorious for taking forever to load up and would only trickle charge devices. Batteries of phones, laptops, and headphones were evolving with rapid charging and higher capacity while power banks remained stagnant.

Graphene technology enabled Electjet to handle lots of power without overheating. It could comfortably self-charge at 100W, filling the 10,000mAh battery in just 27 minutes. With other great features like an 87W output across two ports, pass-through charging, dual charging, and type-c capability, this power bank was on a whole other level.


Building Trust and Positioning in the Market

Choosing the perfect positioning during the market testing phase was a no-brainer. The unique selling proposition was clear – graphene technology was set to revolutionize the power bank industry! The results were immediately promising, attracting a significant audience particularly keen on advanced technologies like those advocated by industry giants like Tesla.

From the very onset of the Elecjet project, we utilized the headline “The Next Revolution in Graphene Technology” to encapsulate the groundbreaking nature of the Apollo Ultra battery. This strategic choice of words was not random but a carefully crafted decision aimed at capturing the interest of potential backers and positioning Elecjet as a leading innovator in the industry.

Elecjet Market Building

Through meticulously crafted marketing narratives, we continuously emphasized the Apollo Ultra’s “The Next Generation Power” concept so that the product stood out as the best among its peers.

One of our most powerful strategies was simple yet effective—comparing Elecjet’s Apollo Ultra’s lightning-fast charging speed with its competitors. Putting these comparisons front and center made it incredibly easy for our audience to see how much faster the Apollo Ultra charges. It wasn’t about getting lost in technical jargon; it was about showing, in plain terms, that what used to take hours now takes minutes with Elecjet.

Elecjet Advantages

To underline the significance of Elecjet’s groundbreaking technology, we dedicated an entire section of the landing page specifically to graphene. This focused approach was instrumental for several reasons.

Landing Page Design

Firstly, it allowed us to educate potential backers about graphene’s superior properties and its pivotal role in revolutionizing battery technology. By demystifying the science in engaging, accessible language, we transformed technical details into compelling narratives that resonated with our audience.

Elecjet Landing Page

Secondly, this section served as a testament to Elecjet’s commitment to innovation and excellence, reinforcing their position as frontrunners in the tech industry. Highlighting the benefits of graphene captivated the tech-savvy and curious and bolstered confidence in the Apollo Ultra’s performance and reliability.

Through this dedicated exploration of graphene, we added a layer of depth to our marketing message, turning complex technology into a clear, convincing reason to support and invest in Elecjet’s vision.


Lead Generation and Audience Engagement

Once the page was up and running, we launched the lead generation strategy that played a pivotal role in the immense success of the Apollo Ultra crowdfunding campaign.

By meticulously analyzing Elecjet’s previous campaign performance, we identified a unique opportunity to engage with a broad spectrum of potential backers.

As a result of our targeted outreach, we segmented three distinct audiences:

  • VIPs: over 250 individuals who placed reservation orders during pre-launch.
  • Leads: 3,990 potential backers expressing preliminary interest.

This segmented approach allowed us to effectively tailor our communication, ensuring each message resonated with its intended audience.

A significant insight emerged regarding payment preferences among our target demographics. Our analysis revealed a distinct preference for more flexible payment options. Initially, our payment gateway was exclusively through Stripe, which, while popular, had its limitations. A notable audience segment voiced their preference for PayPal, citing its convenience and broader accessibility.

Responding to this feedback, we promptly integrated PayPal as an additional payment option, offering a more inclusive and desirable checkout experience. This strategic adjustment demonstrated Elecjet’s commitment to listening to its consumers and significantly broadened our appeal, culminating in a more diverse and engaged supporter base.


Campaign Page Structure for the Elecjet Project

For the Elecjet project, after considerable analysis and preparation, including establishing an efficient lead generation funnel and a responsive landing page, our next critical step involved synthesizing audience data to design the ultimate crowdfunding campaign page.

We decided to employ a straightforward yet impactful structure for this endeavor, ensuring ease of navigation while powerfully conveying our message. Our campaign page was artfully divided into key sections, each highlighting one of Apollo Ultra’s unique selling points.

To streamline our communication and make Apollo Ultra’s value proposition instantly recognizable, we adopted a numerated section approach on our campaign page, akin to blog article formatting. This method facilitated an easier browsing experience and allowed potential backers to quickly grasp the breadth and depth of Apollo Ultra’s innovative features.

Product Feature Highlight

While this enumerated approach made the campaign page easy to read, ensuring it resonated with the right audience presented a unique challenge.

It’s Launch time… or not?

Just 24 hours after the much-anticipated launch, a critical issue emerged that halted our momentum. Funds from our enthusiastic backers were not being transferred to Elecjet’s partner bank account due to a typo in the account name. This significant oversight led to the difficult decision of canceling the campaign. It was a moment of immense challenge; not only had we garnered support from over 200 backers in such a short time frame, but now we faced the risk of losing their trust and support.

Facing this challenge head-on, our team devised a comprehensive strategy to regain the confidence of our backers. Recognizing the importance of transparency and direct communication, we promptly informed our backers about the mistake and the steps we were taking to rectify the issue. Through personalized emails, social media updates, and direct outreach, we assured them of our commitment to resolving the problem and the continued value of the Apollo Ultra.

The campaign relaunch was met with renewed enthusiasm to our relief and immense satisfaction. Remarkably, more than 70% of those who had initially backed the campaign reaffirmed their support by backing the relaunched campaign. This outstanding level of retained support highlighted the strength of our community and showcased the effectiveness of our crisis management strategies. The successful relaunch was a testament to the trust we had built with our backers and the compelling allure of the Apollo Ultra.

Following the initial setback, our team worked tirelessly, and within a week, we managed to relaunch the campaign. This rapid turnaround was no small feat; it required a comprehensive review of all campaign materials, ensuring every detail was perfect and such an oversight would not occur again. The relaunch was not merely a repetition of our previous efforts but a refined and improved version of the campaign, considering the feedback and insights we had gathered during those 24 hours and the following few days.

It was paramount that while we detailed the Apollo Ultra’s technical innovations, we also communicated these advancements in a manner that was engaging and accessible to our diverse target demographic—through eye-catching visuals that would add credibility to the product.

To address this, we turned to User-Generated Content (UGC) to showcase the functionality of the Apollo Ultra. We demonstrated the real-world benefits of graphene batteries in a relatable and engaging way. Watching the Apollo Ultra charge devices at unprecedented speeds through videos and testimonials helped potential backers understand the practical advantages of graphene over LiPo.

In addition, feedback from journalists and influencers played a critical role in validating the Apollo Ultra’s capabilities. Their unbiased reviews and demonstrations of the product’s efficiency and speed added considerable credibility, helping to overcome skepticism around the newer technology. Seeing respected figures in the tech community endorse the Apollo Ultra’s groundbreaking features greatly enhanced consumer confidence, proving that the future of charging technology was viable and already at their fingertips.

Seeing respected figures in the tech community endorse the Apollo Ultra’s groundbreaking features greatly enhanced consumer confidence, proving that the future of charging technology was not only viable but was already at their fingertips.

By leveraging the power of media and user-generated content, we were able to showcase the Apollo Ultra’s innovative features in an engaging and trustworthy way, ultimately leading to a successful crowdfunding campaign.

Campaign is live… and is generating funds

After months of preparation, anticipation, and hard work, our campaign was finally live. The response from the community was overwhelmingly positive. We saw constant engagement on social media platforms and a steady stream of backers pledging their support for the Apollo Ultra.

Among the plethora of strategies deployed throughout our campaign, three core directions emerged as particularly impactful for the Elecjet project’s success:

Public Relations (PR).

PR played an instrumental role in skyrocketing the visibility and credibility of the Apollo Ultra. With over 400 media outlets talking about it, our strategy to leverage press and media coverage was a tremendous success. “The Apollo Ultra isn’t just a step forward for charging technology—it’s a leap,” remarked TechCrunch. Wired praised it as, “The harbinger of a new era in battery technology, showcasing graphene’s revolutionary impact.” These endorsements from top-tier media outlets provided invaluable third-party validation of the Apollo Ultra’s groundbreaking features.

Elecjet PR

Elecjet Got Acquired By NASDAQ Listed Company

While the campaign was in full swing, we received game-changing news that would profoundly impact our trajectory. Elecjet had gone public in a significant way; Alpine Four Holdings, a publicly traded company, had acquired Elecjet. This acquisition was a pivotal moment for us, providing an immense boost to the project’s visibility and credibility.

We immediately recognized the potential of this development and leveraged it to the fullest. Alpine Four Holdings initiated their own PR campaign to promote the acquisition, which created a buzz around Elecjet and the Apollo Ultra. This news was not only a testament to our project’s viability and value but also served as a strong vote of confidence for potential backers and those on the fence about supporting the campaign.

We fully utilized the acquisition by targeting individuals and investors who had shown interest in Alpine Four Holdings, conveying that a major player in the industry had placed their trust in Elecjet. Different press releases and coordinated social media campaigns spread the word far and wide, emphasizing that Elecjet was now under the wing of a reputable and financially sound company.

The impact was immediate and significant. The news brought in completely new backers, drawn to the promise and security that the association with Alpine Four Holdings represented. Furthermore, it gave those who were undecided the confidence they needed to pledge their support. The acquisition by Alpine Four Holdings was undeniably the biggest boost to building a sense of trust and excitement around our campaign, contributing significantly to its eventual success.

From Screen to Physical Placement

Going beyond the traditional realms of digital advertising, our strategy took an ambitious leap into the tangible world with a physical advertising campaign on the New York metro. This decision, initially perceived as a risky departure from the norm, surprisingly paid off.

During the period that our metro ads were live, we observed a palpable increase in organic traffic to our campaign page. This uptick was not just numbers on a graph; it was a clear indication that the physical visibility of the Apollo Ultra in one of the world’s most bustling transit systems captured the attention of a broader audience.

Elecjet Advertising

The metro campaign did more than just improve visibility; it brought a tangible, real-world presence to our digital-first product, bridging the gap between online interest and physical engagement. This strategic move underscored the power of combining traditional and digital media strategies to create a comprehensive, impactful advertising campaign.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

The success of our Social Media Marketing (SMM) strategy was unprecedented, largely due to the unique nature of our product. The Apollo Ultra wasn’t just another gadget; it was a revolutionary piece of technology powered by graphene. And the best part? We had a fully functional prototype.

This significant advantage allowed us to generate a buzz around the Apollo Ultra that was unmatched by typical crowdfunding campaigns. Usually, projects at this stage might only have conceptual designs or prototypes in development, but having a fully functional prototype meant we could demonstrate the Apollo Ultra in real-world scenarios. This transparency and tangible proof of concept were key factors in building trust and excitement among our potential backers. It’s rare for crowdfunding campaigns to offer such a tangible glimpse into the product’s capabilities before reaching production stages, making this a distinctive edge for the Apollo Ultra campaign.


We were able to vividly demonstrate the unique selling points (USPs) that we had been promoting, and provide tangible proof of the Apollo Ultra’s efficiency, speed, and reliability. This abundance of real-world evidence played a crucial role in differentiating our offering in a saturated market, enabling our message to cut through the noise.

To further amplify our campaign’s reach and engagement, we decided to generate creative visuals  with the integration of exaggerated visuals. These visuals were designed not just to catch the eye, but to strikingly illustrate the Apollo Ultra’s unparalleled charging speed in a vivid, memorable way. The imagery of a turtle, traditionally seen as a symbol of slowness, soaring through the skies with the help of the Apollo Ultra, served as a powerful metaphor for how Elecjet technology can transcend the ordinary.

And finally, we decided to generate a sequence of visuals that would create a sense of Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) among the viewers. This strategy was implemented close to the end of the campaign.

Elecjet Instagram

Remarkably, for the first time, Twitter emerged as a powerful platform for our SMM efforts, contributing significantly to our fundraising activities. The engagement metrics and fundraising data gathered from Twitter underscored the platform’s value in our marketing mix, challenging our previous beliefs about the most effective channels for tech product promotions.

Influencer Marketing

Our influencer marketing strategy was tailored to leverage the tangible benefits of having a fully functional prototype of the Apollo Ultra. By sending out these working samples to selected influencers, we were able to capture and share genuine experiences and reactions, which greatly appealed to potential backers. Instead of mere descriptions or specifications, audiences were treated to real demonstrations of the product in action, enhancing credibility and interest.

For the first time, we also experimented with platforms beyond the traditional social media avenues for influencer marketing. Our team tapped into niche groups and utilized Telegram channels to spread the word. This approach allowed us to engage with highly targeted communities that share a keen interest in the latest in technology and crowdfunding projects. The direct and highly interactive nature of Telegram groups provided a fertile ground for discussions and heightened excitement about the Apollo Ultra.

By strategically choosing influencers and platforms that aligned with our product’s innovative nature, we were able to increase visibility and generate buzz within networks keenly interested in the cutting edge of technology. This approach not only broadened our reach but also deepened the impact of our messaging, contributing significantly to the campaign’s momentum and success.

Together, these three strategies formed the backbone of our campaign’s promotional efforts. Their synergy not only maximized our reach and engagement but also played a pivotal role in recovering from the initial setback, proving essential in the successful relaunch and ultimate triumph of our crowdfunding campaign.

Scammers… Copycats… Combatting Counterfeit

An unintended consequence of the Apollo Ultra’s growing popularity was the emergence of scammers attempting to capitalize on the market interest.  Counterfeit products started surfacing online, with various fraudsters claiming to have the Apollo Ultra ready for sale. This situation was distressing for us as a company and our community, which had shown unwavering support and enthusiasm for our project. We had to act swiftly to protect our backers and the integrity of the Apollo Ultra.

Recognizing the urgency of the situation, we launched a comprehensive awareness campaign to warn our community about these scams. Through our official social media channels, email newsletters, and updates on our crowdfunding platform, we repeatedly alerted our backers to only trust verified sources when looking to support or purchase the Apollo Ultra. Unfortunately, despite our efforts, some of our backers fell victim to these scams, an outcome we had desperately hoped to avoid.

To address this directly and sincerely, we increased our customer support team’s capacity to assist those affected. We provided guidance on how to seek remedies and encouraged our community to report any suspicious activity they encountered. This episode was a stark reminder of the challenges that come with success and the constant vigilance required to safeguard our community’s trust. Moving forward, we have committed to further strengthening our verification processes and to continuously educate our backers on safe purchasing practices.

Navigating Holiday Season Launch Challenges

Launching the Apollo Ultra in November presented unique challenges, notably aligning our offering with the holiday shopping season — a period characterized by Halloween, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, and New Year celebrations. During this time, the consumer mindset is geared towards immediate, tangible gifts, ideally ones that can be easily acquired and shared with loved ones. Given the high demand for quick-purchase items and the expectation for hefty holiday discounts and gifts, our strategic approach needed refinement.

Acknowledging this, we realized that while our product might not fit the traditional mold of an instant holiday gift due to its crowdfunding nature and the anticipation for its delivery, there were alternative strategies to address our audience’s needs. Although we did not offer direct discounts on the Apollo Ultra, considering its unique value and pre-sale status, we brainstormed on adding value in other ways to make the holiday season more rewarding for our backers.

This consideration led us to explore promotional strategies that could complement our offering—such as exclusive access to future discounts, bundled deals with partner brands, or special editions of the Apollo Ultra only available to early backers. Through these additions, we aimed to enhance the value of supporting the Apollo Ultra during the holiday season, ensuring our backers felt they were making a meaningful and special purchase, both for themselves and as gifts for their tech-savvy friends and family.

In Conclusion

The Apollo Ultra crowdfunding campaign stands as a testament to the power of innovative marketing strategies, the importance of community engagement, and the necessity of agility in the face of challenges. By leveraging product samples and utilising unique communication channels we tapped into a passionate audience ready to support a groundbreaking device. The battle against counterfeit products, while difficult, highlighted our commitment to our backers’ security and overall satisfaction. Successfully navigating the holiday season launch required creativity and a deep understanding of our backers’ desires, allowing us to offer meaningful added value even in the face of retail norms.

The results speak for themselves. Despite the myriad of challenges, the Apollo Ultra’s crowdfunding campaign not only met but exceeded our initial funding goal by a significant margin.

Anna Voskanyan Copywriter

Anna Voskanyan

Anna is the Copy Team Lead at TCF and a content creator and manager with over 10 years of experience in a bunch of spheres.


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