Where to Promote Indiegogo Campaign: List of Top Platforms

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Where to Promote Indiegogo Campaign: List of Top Platforms


Where to Promote Indiegogo Campaign: List of Top Platforms

If you’re about to launch your Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, this article is one you can’t afford to miss. Whether you’re promoting a prototype or a fine-tuned product, this is an exciting time. But of course, having a great product is never enough, and inevitably, the success or failure of your campaign can hinge significantly on your promotional efforts. To maximize your exposure, it’s important to spread the word across various platforms where your potential supporters and backers are most likely to be found.

So, where do you promote your Indiegogo campaign? Here’s an extensive roundup of the top online destinations and digital advertising spaces to highlight your Indiegogo campaign. Each segment explores opportunities for engaging with the right audience, inspiring backers, and boosting your chances of hitting your crowdfunding goals.

Top Backer Communities and Crowdfunding Discovery Platforms

The lifeblood of a successful Indiegogo campaign often lies within the web’s myriad backer communities and specialized crowdfunding hubs. These platforms aren’t just socializing spaces; they’re ecosystems designed to connect creators with those passionate about making a tangible impact. Here are the top platforms you should consider:

Gadget Flow

Gadget Flow has a reputation as a go-to platform for discovering creative and innovative products. With a focus on technology and design, the platform’s community comprises early adopters, tech enthusiasts, and tastemakers. Gadget Flow lists products and offers services to promote them through various channels and partnerships.

In a campaign recently launched with one of our clients, TCF’s team raised $23,176 in 11 days following the promotion on Gadget Flow (see graph below).

GadgetFlow Indiegogo Stats


Positioned as a ‘one-stop shop for all things crowdfunded,’ BackerSpace is designed for creators and backers to meet, engage, and collaborate. The platform boasts features like product highlights, stories, and a resource center for those new to the crowdfunding scene — a goldmine for launching campaigns looking to build a story that resonates beyond the product’s features.


Relatively new to the crowdfunding scene, BackerMany is a promising platform that focuses on curated campaigns and personalized recommendations. It prides itself on a tailored user experience that enhances the likelihood of discovering and supporting projects that align with individual interests and values.

Now that you know where you can find a plethora of backers, you can focus on where to promote your indiegogo campaign.

Crowdfunding-friendly media outlets

There’s definitely an art and finesse to working with journalists and media outlets. For instance, here we talk about the crowdfunding snooze season, where journalists are generally on vacation and typically unresponsive. Remember that these folks make up a key part of your marketing strategy.

New Altas

New Atlas provides a digital platform that reports on the latest developments in technology and science and human achievements in exploration. It aims to inform its audience about future advancements and their potential impact on society. That’s a high bar to aim for, but if you feel your idea is right for the pitch – go for it! TCF successfully published an article on New Atlas about the Hive – a portable hammock stand.

Indiegogo Campaign Promotion

Geeky Gadgets

Geeky Gadgets is a news source for consumer electronics and gadgets. It offers updates and reviews on various tech products, including virtual reality devices, gaming hardware, and mobile phones, catering to enthusiasts interested in the latest tech offerings. Readers of this publication fall under the 🤓 emoji. And we mean that in the best way possible. The media outlet was perfect for Elecjet – a fast-charging 10,000mAh battery pack.

Geeky Gadgets Promotion


Trend Hunter, hence the name, is a community-oriented website that identifies and showcases current trends in various industries. It serves as a resource for those looking to stay informed about emerging concepts, innovative designs, and cultural shifts, offering insights into what’s becoming popular and why. Study their categories. If you know your product is a good fit – pitch a journalist. The image below is from TCF’s collaboration with The Backbone One smartphone controller.

Thread Hunter Promotion

Tips from the experts: One effective strategy for identifying crowdfunding-friendly outlets is through competitor research. Regardless of how groundbreaking your product may be, there’s likely at least one prominent competitor on platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Begin by exploring the various categories and selecting those that align with your product’s specifications. Compile a list of specific campaigns in a Google Sheet, then conduct a quick Google search using their names to find potential websites ideal for your PR campaign.

To maximize your media reach, browse the main pages of Kickstarter and Indiegogo to identify top-performing campaigns. Typically, campaigns that have raised significant amounts get attention from outlets with higher credibility. Similarly, just search the names of the campaigns on Google and find more places to get featured.

Where to promote your Indiegogo campaign: Social Media Platforms

The truth is it’s hard to single out those platforms where Indiegogo campaigns do better than others. A good indicator is generally going by which platforms support the success of any crowdfunding campaign. Another key is ensuring your social media marketing efforts align with your advertising strategy. (More on that in the section below.)


With its highly targeted advertising capabilities and the ability to connect with potential backers through groups and pages, Facebook remains a formidable ally for Indiegogo campaigners. The platform’s sheer user base and ad targeting prowess make it a central pillar in any promotional strategy for an Indiegogo campaign. Our social media department at TCF designs an aggressive marketing strategy that optimizes the use of Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube while ensuring that every ad plays to the strengths of each platform.

Indiegogo SMM Promotion
FUELL’s Facebook page – managed by TCF during its crowdfunding campaign


The visual storytelling authority of Instagram can turn passive scrollers into engaged supporters. Caption this with the platform’s higher engagement rate and the option to shop directly from posts, and you have a potential bonanza for product-based Indiegogo campaigns.

Indiegogo Instagram
NOOE’s Instagram page – managed by TCF during its crowdfunding campaign


Leverage the personal touch of video content on YouTube to showcase the story behind your product. Reviews, how-tos, and vlogs featuring your Indiegogo campaign can create buzz and serve as valuable social proof to make your project successful.

Indiegogo YouTube Promotion
FUELL’s YouTube page – managed by TCF during its crowdfunding campaign

It’s important to remember that the channels mentioned above are those that give you the best return on investment. However, if you have more resources to dedicate to being active on social media, TikTok is also a channel to consider. This platform is great for going viral and will increase your product’s exposure. So, if you have a great perk you want to show off, consider dedicating a quick reel to showcasing it. (Beware that even though TikTok is great for visibility, conversion rates will be lower than FB, IG, and YT.)

Where to promote your Indiegogo campaign: advertising platforms

While organic reach is powerful, a boost under the sails is sometimes necessary. This is where advertising platforms come into play, especially those with robust targeting options and an audience receptive to innovative products and ideas:

Meta: Facebook & Instagram

The precision of Facebook’s ad platform allows you to zero in on potential backers with a penchant for innovation and crowdfunding. Utilize video ads and compelling visuals to stand out amongst other distractions in users’ feeds.

By the same token, the seamless integration of ads on Instagram offers a non-disruptive experience for users, blending your Indiegogo campaign content with their regular browsing. High-quality photos, visually stunning videos, and carousel ads can all play a part in captivating an innovative audience.

While managing campaign launches at TCF, we run ads on Facebook and Instagram simultaneously. Here’s an example of how proper ad placement impacted a campaign.

Crowdfunding Ad Promotion
CIGA Design Eye of Horus Automatic Skeleton Watch

Ads Revenue:  $92,339.66  | 43% of the campaign total raise

Impressions: 11,729,229

Reach: 3,081,298

Traffic: 57,417

**Pro tip: Unboxing videos are a big hit and went a long way in the success of this campaign.


Google’s ad network is vast across its search engine, third-party websites, and apps. For high-intent audiences looking for similar products, Google’s advertising platforms can be a game-changer in driving traffic and securing support for your Indiegogo campaign.

Indiegogo Google Ads
GoChess; The Most Powerful Chess Board Ever Invented (IGG InDemand stage)

Total revenue from Google ads: $142,160.75

Pro tip: Use different types of visuals for various audiences. Segment your audience based on the product’s awareness level. This will give you insight into what kind of content each segment should see that would get them closer to buying. For instance, an unboxing video might not be so popular with those who have not yet anticipated your product.


In-video ads, video discovery ads, or non-skippable video ads on YouTube can significantly increase the visibility of your campaign. Combine these with engaging content, and you have a recipe for success in showcasing your Indiegogo campaign to a vast, diverse audience.

Pro tip: Make sure you have a chiseled buyer persona. Knowing where to promote your indiegogo campaign won’t be enough if you don’t know who to aim at. Creating a buyer, or rather, backer persona, will enable you to do less guesswork and better target those you want to reach.

Method Behind the Madness: Digital Ad Strategies & CSM

At TCF, we structure Digital Ad campaigns for success, beginning with a comprehensive partner onboarding and technical setup phase. This lays the groundwork for ad strategy development through rigorous research and analysis. We delve into your industry, understand your competitors, and identify your most engaged audience on Facebook. Alongside this, we optimize your landing page for a seamless user journey and to boost conversion rates. The ad strategy is then meticulously crafted for your product(s), with ad creatives and offers designed to stand out and engage your audience.

Our approach also includes the crucial step of split-testing multiple ad creatives and target groups, with a substantial portion of the budget dedicated to this initial testing stage. The budget split additionally covers the stabilizing stage, where winning campaigns are refined for greater Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), and the scaling stage, where performance and revenue are enhanced. By entrusting us with your Digital Ads Setup & Strategy, you get the best of industry research, competitor analysis, audience targeting, and page optimization cultivated into a seamless advertising strategy.

The Creative Strategy Map (CSM) Framework is also something we firmly believe in at TCF. It helps you identify your users’ pain points, match them with your product’s solutions, and write unique hooks and selling points to answer them.

This process will give you a better understanding of your testing angles, hooks, and CTAs. This will enable you to iterate through ideas and different audiences much faster. When you find an audience that works, generate more ad combinations with the framework!

Conclusion: Indiegogo Promotion Strategy FTW!

By utilizing the platform strengths of online communities and social media giants alongside the targeting precision of advertising platforms, you can create a multifaceted promotional strategy that maximizes visibility, attracts passionate backers, and sets the stage for a successful Indiegogo campaign. Remember, the heart of crowdfunding is community, so don’t just promote — engage, share, and build relationships that last beyond your campaign. Your journey on Indiegogo is not just about raising funds; it’s about creating a lasting impact with the people who believe in the power of your project.

And hey, if you’re knee-deep in working on fine-tuning your product, leave the campaigning to the experts! Jump on a call with the crowdfunding experts at TCF, and let’s get started on gathering the most anticipation around your upcoming launch.

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