Know How: Where Are The Best Shopify Ads?

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Know How: Where Are The Most Iconic Facebook Ads?


Following the massive 50% drop in advertising rates, YouTube has been actively seeking ways to pump up more ad revenue.

And they seemed to have found the right solution ― increase their ad inventory!

From the start of August, YouTube will start placing mid-roll ads in videos longer than 8 minutes. Previously, this ad placement was available to videos of over 10 minutes only. 

By lowering the time threshold, YouTube also aims to offer more monetization streams to its creators and compensate for the dwindling revenue caused by the dropped ad rate. 

To us marketers, this update also packs a massive potential to double down on YouTube advertising!

And to fine-tune our targeting, we now have Google’s intelligence right at our fingertips. 

Besides discovering a Google-powered data tool to know your best-fit audience on YouTube, find out about a piece of handy software to make interactive videos, discover a genius workaround to automate the countdown ads on Facebook, along with some more fantastic tips and tactics in this week’s Know How. We’ll also discover where the top 1% of Shopify ads are.


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Facebook Ads: Discover The Best Facebook Ads In Your Niche

YouTube Ads: Build Your Customer Avatar with Think With Google


Ready to upskill? 

Let’s jump right in! 


Automate Countdown FB Ads On The Last Days Of The Campaign

By Elen Afrikyan

The last days of a campaign are critical as this is when you can really tap into your prospects’ FOMO and scale your advertising efforts paired with some heavy retargeting

On these days, we tend to create special ad banners to highlight the remaining days or hours signaled through an eye-catchy countdown icon. 

Much like these two ads we created for one of our campaigns Egret.

Typically, advertisers launch separate Facebook ad campaigns or make changes to existing ads to keep the countdown fresh. And more often than not, these intermittent edits tend to hurt the ad performance and force ads back into the Learning phase. 

Besides, it’s just a laborious routine. 

Turning off an ad campaign every three or six hours to only create a new one consumes a lot of your time, let alone the wasted hours (and potential revenue!) while stuck “In Review”.  

And the worst of them all ― you never know when you’ll get the green light to move on.

After weeks of tests, I eventually came up with a smart workaround to overcome these challenges. 

First, create one campaign and include all your ads under a single ad set. 

This is exactly how it will appear in your Ads Manager.   

We’ll use the Facebook Ads manager rules to state the start and end times of each ad in the ad level. And here comes the trick! 

The time interval specified should coincide with the time left before the campaign ends which, in turn, should coincide with the number on the countdown. 

In our example, the first ad to be activated is the “24 hours left” ad which should be stopped after 12 hours. At this time, the “12 hours left” ad is turned on for 6 hours. Once this ad is stopped, the “6 hours left” ad is turned on. 

Did you grasp the logic? 

The rest of the ads will follow the same pattern. Once it’s set up, the Ads Manager’s automation will take care of the synchronized flow.  

Sounds exciting? Now let’s see how it translates into your workflow. 

To set two rules for each ad:

  1. Navigate to the ad level.
  2. Choose the ad you want to create a rule for.
  3. Go to “More”.
  4. And hit “Create a New Rule”.

Your first rule should be the “Turn on ad” where you need to state a “Condition”. In our case, it’s time. 

Choose “Current Time” and enter the date and time you want your ad to be turned on.  

Do the same for the turn-off time. Then repeat these brief set of steps for the rest of your countdown ads in your ad set. 


You just created a seamless automation flow to reap last-minute sales without having to create new ads every other hour. 

Get Authentic Feedback With Interactive Videos

By Anna Voskanyan

Mari Smith once said, “Content is the King, but Engagement is the Queen and the lady rules the house.” 

A single sentence that captures the essence of the entire world of modern marketing. 

Because no matter how creative, dynamic, or informative your marketing content is, if it doesn’t spark engagement, it’s just as good as dead. 

Great marketing is a two-way street. There are seasoned creators paving the way up with engaging content and genuine prospects, ready to leave their two cents, upon picking it up. 

Interestingly enough, this engaging quality has been mainly attributed to written text. And while the precise wording still plays a prime role, lately we’ve watched it diffuse into visuals too. 

Interactive videos are the last word in digital marketing. Unlike traditional videos, they engage with consumers through polls and quizzes to instantly discover their pain points and inspire authentic feedback right on the spot.  

Interactive videos also lead to a whopping 25% increase in sales ― the reason why they are so popular from newbie startups to big brands. 

And to save yourself heaps of time, I discovered this piece of stellar software to make interactive videos in just a matter of minutes. 

Super intuitive, Vizia lets you easily embed multiple choice quizzes, polls, and short answers to engage with your audience.

Copy the URL of your video from YouTube or Wistia, paste it into Vizia, and click “Continue”.

You will be automatically redirected to the design page. Stick around for 3-4 minutes for the video to be loaded, and start building your first poll. 

As you can see, the interface is very intuitive to navigate. 

Give your video a title and click on where you’d like to add an interactive poll or a quiz.  

Once you’re done with all the steps, copy the little code snippet to embed the video on your webpage or the share link to post it on your social media pages.

Easy. Fast. And far more effective. 

Discover The Best Facebook Ads In Your Niche

By Valeri Barkhudaryan

If you’re searching for some fresh ideas to jazz up your Facebook ads, learning from the best is the way to go. is home to the top 1% of ads from Shopify stores, filtered by US Alexa Rank.

With the polished menu of product niches, navigating through this giant inventory is a breeze. Just select one to reveal all the top Shopify brands in your niche. 

When clicking on any of the brand cards, you’ll be redirected to its Ads Library on Facebook. 

The list is updated every week adding new stores that have started running ads and eliminating those that stopped. 

What’s more, you can also help other advertisers find the best ads by upvoting your favorite brands. 

Build Your Customer Avatar With Think With Google

By Hayarpi Igityan

Creating a buying persona that embodies your real customer can be challenging. It usually starts from competitive analysis to find out who your competitors’ customers are, which region they reside in, what interests and lifestyles they have. 

This week, I stumbled upon a robust audience intelligence tool designed by Google to create a customer avatar that best mimics your actual customer. 

If you haven’t yet used Think With Google in your daily work, it’s a suite of top-notch digital marketing tools developed by Google and powered by Google data.

We’ll use the “Find My Audience” tool. 

To access it, first:

  1. Head to this URL.   

   2. Then select the type of audience you’re most interested in. Depending on their tendency to purchase, Google classifies your audience in two distinct categories  ― affinity and in-market. 

Affinity audiences are generally interested in your product category while in-market audiences are actively searching with high purchase intent. 

Afterward, select your product niche ― we’ll choose “Consumer Electronics” ― and hit “Start Now”. 

Here you’ll find the product categories that your audience is likely to shop from. 

People interested in consumer electronics are mostly purchasing audio equipment, batteries, and cameras. 

Upon a mere click on any of these products ― we’ll click on “Audio” ― you will discover more interesting insights. 

The most useful of these for your YouTube advertising is the YouTube channels’ info where you can see the top 4 YouTube channels people interested in Audio tend to watch. 

Moving on! 

When you already have your landing page, Google has cooked up another tool for you to analyze your market.


All you have to do is to insert your landing page URL and you will be presented with helpful interests to refine your ad targeting.  

As my product was an SSD device,  Google suggested testing audiences who’ve shown interest in memory card readers, flash, and other similar devices. 

Once you’ve confirmed it, it’s time to hone your location targeting. 

If you are looking to reach your audience within the US, you’ll see your top 3 target states. 

While global targeting will show you the top 3 countries. 

Still not enough? How about topping it up with some freshly-baked shopping insights


It’s home to some really fine-grained data! 

Let’s say your product is in the electronics category. 

Google will display the top brands that are currently trending (or within the time range specified in the left navigation bar). It can even show you what states electronics products enjoy the most popularity and how the dynamics shift based on the shopping season. 

The only pitfall of this tool, however, is that all data is narrowed down to the US alone. So if you’re targeting other countries, this may not give you that many insights. 



This much for this week, folks!

Which of this week’s strategies and tools was your favorite? Automated countdown ads were definitely a game-changer for me.

Keep your eyes peeled for our next Know-How blog post to not miss another wonderful bundle of the coolest marketing tools and tactics.

Lastly, don’t forget to check out our recent article on how our quarantined team of 80 crossed the seemingly unbelievable $1.5M mark within the final hours of the Pico campaign.

I’ll see you in a week!


Ani Ter-Margaryan

Ani Ter-Margaryan

I’m a data-driven Digital Marketing enthusiast. Fascinated to watch and act while AI shakes up today's marketing landscape. Have my keen eye pointed at the latest industry trends and love creating engaging digital content.


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