Know How: 3 Personalized Experiences Within A Single Video

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Know How: 3 Personalized Experiences Within A Single Video


Once the largest independent GIF search engine, Giphy, is now Facebook’s very own. 

And while Facebook’s compromising the business models of tons of companies reliant on Giphy—including TikTok and Snapchat—there’s an even bigger lesson behind it. 

Giphy serves a whopping 7 billion GIFs a day! Yet still it failed to make any profit.

Amidst the convoluted advertising model to elevate branded GIFs, Giphy was teetering on the edge of breaking even. The steadily depleting capital to power the company’s day-to-day was already casting a shadow over its long-lasting success. 

Could there be a better advertising model? A better way to monetize people’s love of Giphy’s quirky looping videos to convey their emotions? 

Maybe yes. But it doesn’t matter anymore. Yet Giphy’s case still flags some crucial questions every newly-launched startup should revisit to make sure it goes strong in the long haul.

And what can be a better way to navigate overwhelming business situations than knowing the sheer marketing opportunities you have at your fingertips? 

In this week’s Know How article, find out about a genius tool to house multiple personalized videos within one, discover an amazing tactic to message people on LinkedIn you’re still not connected with, find out about a Google-native tool to discover your perfect audience on YouTube, along with some other fantastic tool, tips, and tactics. 

We’ve got a lot to explore today. 

So let’s dive right in! 

The Most Personalizable Video Journey

By Narek Vardanyan 

Interactive visuals have become so fundamental to how we perceive and interpret things, that it is hard to picture any successful marketing campaign without striking creatives that surprise and inspire. They have even permeated mediums that have remained static for decades! 

Like email. 

Who could imagine that embedding a video in an email can increase the click-through rate by up to 300%? With the massive exposure to interactive features online, our eyes are inherently biased towards a visual invite to preface what to expect in the written text. 

With over 81% of people keen to watch videos online, it is now the most sought-after content on social media. And it’s not just to entertain. 44% of people are more likely to purchase a product after watching a video about it. And most of the brands don’t pass up on this opportunity, so you are already in competitive territory. 

Video marketing also generates 66% more qualified leads, as prospects have more time to interact with the product and understand its individual relevance prior to taking a step forward along the conversion funnel. 

And this is just about traditional video marketing—with a single generic video targeting the different segments of your audience—with the same scenes, the same message, and the same CTA. 

But are your many audiences triggered by the same psychological impulses? 

Your target audience is manifold, so why to keep your videos onefold? 

You can create dozens of different videos to appeal to each distinct segment of your audience. Or you can just let your prospects personalize it from within. 

How? With Interactr! 

Interactr is the world’s first customizable interaction layer builder that allows users to add and customize interaction layers in their videos. 

You can embed clickable multiple-choice questionnaires directly into your video overlay. From audience segmentation surveys to interest insights. Once clicked on the respective option, your incoming traffic will be split to be shown a distinct video that will speak to their needs, packaged in a theme that would appeal to them. 

Making an interactive video will likely consume more of your time than putting up a just single generic one. But it’s definitely worth the effort! 

Interactive videos are proven to generate 2x conversions, 3x engagement, and 14x higher click-through rates. 

So carve out some time in your calendar and make your next marketing video with Interactr. Then reply to our newsletter next Thursday and share the spikes you saw in the 3 metrics above. I can’t wait to know how it went for you! 

Send Direct Messages To People on LinkedIn You Aren’t Yet Connected With 

By Lili Avetyan 

LinkedIn Sales Navigator has so many helpful features and filters that it can be overwhelming to try and use them all. One thing I found extremely helpful yet underrated is the “Share experiences with you” section in the Sales Navigator search results. 

When you search, the Sales Navigator returns hundreds of thousands of results. Not only can you narrow down your search by using all the filters and boolean operators, but you can also see them in distinct, very helpful, categories—who changed their job in the last 3 months, who was mentioned in the news, etc.

But there’s one category most people ignore—the “Share experiences with you.” 

And the reason it’s so overlooked is that many people still don’t know how to lever it to their advantage. 

When you click on this, it presents only those people who are in the same LinkedIn groups as you. If you’re wondering why you need that information, then you probably haven’t yet discovered one of the coolest LinkedIn hacks out there.

Let me save yourself a couple of tiresome hours of searching, and roll it out right away. 

If a LinkedIn member and you are members of the same group, you can always send them a direct message without having to be connected to them. You will simply need to:

  1. Go to that group
  2. Go to the members’ section
    Know How TCF
  3. Search the person in the search bar of the members’ list
  4. Find them and send them a direct message without connecting.Know How TCF

There are a couple of benefits to using this hack: 

  • The Sales Navigator gives you only 20, 30, or 50 InMails. With this option, you don’t have any limitations. 
  • And most importantly, you no longer have to send bulk connection invites and wait till they accept to get in touch.

The “Share experiences with you” option on Sales Navigator combined with messaging mutual group members is the fastest way to start a conversation with your potential leads and partners.

Think With Google: Revamp Your YouTube Promotion With Google

By Nazeli Grigoryan

Think with Google is an all-encompassing digital marketing toolbox powered by Google designed to revamp your marketing campaigns with top-notch competitive analysis, consumer insights, diagnostic tools, and more. 

“Find my audience” is one of the features you’ll find in the Consumers Insights section of Think with Google. Unlike many of the research tools, it goes well beyond just the demographics, providing insights into interests, habits, and what they are buying most.

 It can be really helpful to

  • Find relevant Youtube influencers for your product
  • Find a relevant audience for Youtube and Google Ads by building your YouTube audience and sharing the audience profile
  • Research what kind of video content generates most sales to apply to your creationKnow How TCF

It also offers many ways to track trending videos or the view rates of Youtube influencers posts, but you can’t really infer what percent of the viewers if any purchased the product. 

Here is how to use Consumer Insights:

  1. First go to Consumer Insights and click on Find My Audience 
  2. Select the type of audience aligned with your business goal
  3. Then filter it down by category, based on what your business offers
  4. Explore the audiences you’ve selected or edit your selections
  5. Add the audiences most relevant to your business to your audience profile
  6. Click “Get my audience profile” to receive your shareable PDF and start building your audience strategy Know How TCF

Target Your Competitors’ Audiences By Their Page URLs On Google Adwords

By Hayarpi Igityan 

Google Adwords is insanely effective when switching between different targeting options to test each of them and find the ones that deliver the highest conversions. 

Here is an advanced tactic on how to create new audiences inside Google Adwords. 

First, go to the Google Adwords Audience Section, click on Audience lists, and choose Custom Audiences. Know How TCF

Here you are given a choice to create either a Custom affinity or Custom intent audience. Know How TCF

In the Custom affinity section, you can select and create audiences from interests, URLs (you can even paste the links to the competitors’ pages to target their audience), places and apps. Know How TCF

Once you’ve selected your targeting option, name it and your audience is ready to be tested!

Take the time to also explore your audience analytics in depth and consider pivoting your campaign with some of the Adwords’ suggestions (i.e. other interests you should focus on or info about the most convertible audiences based on gender, age, and parental status).  

Know How TCF

Know How TCF

In the Custom intent section of Custom Audiences, you can create audiences based on your keywords and search terms. 

Know How TCF

Just pop any keyword in and Google will suggest thousands of new related keywords you can add and subsequently create new audiences around them. Once you have selected the audiences, you can now see the size of each.




This wraps up this week’s Know How article! 

Have you used Interactr to make interactive videos that will speak to each distinct segment of your audience? This is about to initiate a new paradigm in video marketing. Hop on it fast! 

What about the little secret hack to find mutual groups through LinkedIn Sales Navigator? It can take days before your prospects accept your connection invites. Use it to push your compelling message into your prospects’ Inbox without even being connected just yet. 

And as you walk out, armed with these fresh insights to revamp your marketing campaign, don’t forget to also read our latest article on the top 11 tech journalists you should follow now

I’ll see you next week! 


Ani Ter-Margaryan

Ani Ter-Margaryan

I’m a data-driven Digital Marketing enthusiast. Fascinated to watch and act while AI shakes up today's marketing landscape. Have my keen eye pointed at the latest industry trends and love creating engaging digital content.


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