Behind the curtains of Know Hows: 7 Benefits and 15 tools to debunk

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Behind the curtains of Know Hows: 7 Benefits and 15 tools to debunk


First comers, welcome to Know-how serendipity. (As McGonagall says – Always wanted to use that spell… well, in my case… word)

Meetings, stand-ups are on the rise – more and more corporate organizations realize that you can’t just put a bunch of random people in the same workspace and expect them to get along.

The objective of our Know-how meetings is pretty straightforward — to build a competitive and stronger team.

Having this specific objective, we are able to design weekly meetings that speak directly to our team’s biggest challenges, goals and mission.

In this small slice-of-tcf-life, we showcase the harvested benefits aka positive side effects the Know-how meetings brought to our office.

I find that it’s best to highlight the benefits before getting down to the nuts and bolts of the tools & strategies.

Let’s uncover a whole slew of positive benefits, which I’m sure will come as a huge surprise to many of you. In fact, you will greet the points with a nod of the head.


Weekly Intern – employee – employer bonding sessions

In our Know how meetings – office titles do not exist. We created an equal footing for our interns, workers and employers.

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to introduce their ideas, hacks or tools.

The true value here is the enjoyment, enthusiasm and the natural innovativeness everyone fosters rather than eliciting embarrassment or shyness.

Furthermore… through know-how meeting interns and employees…

1. come away with a better impression of the company
2. feel the huge focus and effort put on the people who work here
3. easily integrate with the philosophy of the company

It takes skill and years to cultivate great company culture, where development and hard work are encouraged and rewarded. We sharpen this ideology weekly!

“To be the change in this highly competitive industry, and win the competition the team
needs consistent development.

Every month, every week and every day.” – Mariam, HR Specialist


Versatile, cross-trained army of specialists

Know how meetings also harvest workers, who are resistant to change!

As mentioned in the know-how part 1, with 50+ people sharing the weekly updates with the group – we, intentionally or not cross-train our employees to perform a variety of positions.

Equipped employee with a diverse set of skills and knowledge base:
1. Has increased productivity
2. Easily keeps up with new challenges
3. Becomes a highly competitive specialist in our and any industry

Your employees see value in your organization and thus you decrease the chances of employee turnover.

Having a happy employee, of course, doesn’t eliminate the chance that at one point or another some workers may leave your org. You should always keep an eye on employee engagement level: with some employee pulse survey tools, you can quickly identify room for improvement. So, here again – having a versatile employee is handy for productivity gaps. So you still have one big team to step into that role.

Let’s call this effective development strategy!

“I’m a huge fan of our know-how meetings.
It’s kind of a challenge for me. Why?
Because I challenge myself to be better and be the best at whatever I’m doing.
This way you can be the game-changer – you can be The Best 🙂 ”

Serine, a PR specialist


Personal growth: Presentation and People skills

Know-how meetings also define the formula to personal success. Meaning, it becomes a challenge or an incentive for the worker to see how far he/she can go.

Make a quest for personal growth, find more about yourself and set on a path to be more self-evolved.

As a part of the growth formula, our workers also develop presentation and people skills.

What’s more, developing people-skills that go beyond the duty of each employee is essential as well – without communication and collaboration, even the most talented group of workers can fail to achieve their goals.

“Know how meeting motivated me to perform my best both individually and as a team player. I built my own sense of self-esteem through public speaking, something which I was striving to improve.”

Artak, a research specialist


Employee loyalty: Minimizing the nay-sayers

Building employee loyalty isn’t something to create. The company needs to earn that loyalty.

With a strong accent on the team growth – here in TCF we bud problems before they can fester.

We unlock team mileage, which is incomparable.

Apart from employee to employer loyalty, workers also build loyalty, sense of trust, respect and credibility among each other.


Diversity of opinion

Diversity of workers from different backgrounds and countries. With transparency and open communication, know-how meetings seamlessly encourage people with unconventional opinions to speak up.

We discovered that diversity is one of our greatest assets to trust, cooperation and communicate effectively.

It can bring a tingle of joy for an employee who knows his/her ideas are valid and can openly speak up and do their damnedest.

“There are no hypotheticals or guesswork involved when the team is in the right mindset for discussion. Its just Know-how time. It allows us to connect, improve and leverage our resources beyond imaginable.”

Lusine, SMM specialist


Crazy, crazy ideas… which work (yep, even to our surprise)

Know-how is an incubator for idea validation.

Therefore, we are not afraid of failure or to tweak things.

Our ideas don’t work, we try and try again. We take the errors and turn it an excellent way to grow and improve. We’re trying to be more productive anyways. We try, we explore and we read a lot to become experts in our field.

Know-how magic stirs creative sparks into our work style, it’s the kettle where we cook tactics, steam ideas, boil gold strategies and serve mega-cool campaigns as a dessert topping.

Successful campaigns – Happy partners

The Crowdfunding Formula has found quite an engaging and creative method for consistent growth for the entire team.

This meeting gives everyone an opportunity to gain 40 weeks’ knowledge in just a day.

What are the results?

The Crowdfunding Formula is among the top 10 agencies recommended by Indiegogo – the largest crowdfunding platform.

To compare, our last five campaigns have raised more than $9.000.000 in total.

“As a large team, we get excited at the opportunity to work on the scaled project — it keeps our copywriters, designers and marketers busy, and puts our nerdy organizational tools and wild strategies to good use. “

Narek, our chief growth hacker




Literally none.

Before we jump into this week’s tools & strategies, just remember to remove your shoes and belt.


1. Facebook Ads manager – Locations

Facebook is the most glaring place to start as always.

You’ve poured a pint of blood into your first piece of Ad, but it’s not working?

So, you need a strategy in place that meets your audience where they are. In ads manager, there is a special part in Locations, where we can choose and target cities by their population size.

The targeted audience makes the metrics of Ad success all the sweeter. Milk the benefits for as long as you can, and later use this audience to find and target similar ones! Easy as ABC.



With the 900+ collection of the best landing pages screenshots – Saas Pages is the holy grail for content writers and designers who are committed to creating copy that sizzles and sells.

SaaS world genius compilation with filtered blocks, best practices and color palettes for each site build-in.

“We’re trying to make this the go-to guide when designing and building a landing page.” – quoting the founder Volkan Kaya.

It’s hard work which definitely deserves attention and appreciation. Hoping to see more content in the future.



Ever seen a tool to resize, compress, crop or watermark 100s of pics (up to 25 MB per file) in ONE place for FREE?

Here you go – uses powerful algorithms to process your pictures in batch and download in a single ZIP file.

The tool is highly intuitive – you can easily drag and drop the pictures or the file to perform one of the aforementioned commands.



Jasonsavard is a goldmine for everyone who can’t live without extensions!

Gmail, G-Calendar, Google Drive and everything google-ish.

Also, discover more cool extensions. And join Jason to try Coinbase.

Extensions to make your work automated, save time and create an enjoyable atmosphere to get started with your work.


5. Shift + ? (SHORTCUT for Gmail)

Well, open your Gmail, click on any email – press SHIFT? and the keyboard shortcut dropdown will pop up! Huge thanks to Serine.



Best personal task management tool you can sync both on your PC and phone.

It allows to easily manage your tasks, and is integrated with Gmail, so with one click you can assign it to remind you about an email (follow up or reply) and later from the extension dropdown menu you can jump to that specific email with just a click.


7. Zero Width Shortener

The shortest URL shortener service which generates invisible characters.


8. Duplicate Tab Shortcut Extension

Duplicate any tab with a shortcut like alt+shift+D.

Use other shortcuts to open, to pop out, and open the same tab to its immediate right!



Adparlor provides you an overview of your ads and gives you an opportunity to create a report.

Track your ads in a clever way so you will get maximum results.

This isn’t to say that consumers regard your content with a bag of popcorn and a handkerchief, or that businesses are run by cold-blooded cyborgs.


10. Google Analytics Opt-out Add on

Google Analytics opt-out add on tells Google Analytics JavaScript not to send information to Google Analytics.

This add on prevents User data from being collected and used by Google Analytics.

In other words, you can exclude your own visits from being tracked by Google Analytics.



Landingi is a great landing page and popup builder for non-programmers with tons of native integrations with analytics, email marketing, and other services.


12. LinkedIn hack

It doesn’t matter if you’re a world-class wordsmith or a literary genius if your Linkedin profile doesn’t show it.

Remove your job title completely from your LinkedIn bio and add a 1 sentence heavy with keywords about who you are and what you can do for people.

In this way, you will grab more attention.



What do marketers need today to promote products and services in the best way? Right GREAT VISUALS. has all the videos you need to promote your business. Simply add your message and logo.


14. Fb shop affiliate cooperation

Social media is a team sport. And you can add Influencers into that group as well.

Offer affiliate cooperation to Facebook influencers where they create FB shops with your products featured in it.

This is another strategy to drive engaged & organic traffic to the website.


15. Hunter for Google sheets

The extension helps extract all the emails from the specific website at once.

Save your time and get the most out of this tool.

You might need this in your back pocket.


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