Behind the Curtains of TCF Know Hows

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Behind the Curtains of TCF Know Hows


Here at The Crowdfunding Formula (TCF for short) – we love new challenges.

We are leading Crowdfunding marketing agency – among the list of Top 10 by Indiegogo – with a constantly growing team of champion-minded specialists.
Double up the fact that we are working for a super-competitive industry of crowdfunding (70% of crowdfunders fail to achieve their goal and only 1% manage to raise more than

Meaning, we always need to be ahead of the curve to “survive” the wave.

But first, let’s solve the intra-office challenges.

We tried a lot of tools and strategies over the years and none of them solved our team development & management problems.

Figuring out how to bring the founders and employees into one strategy rather than alienating each other and encourage collaboration & communication across our teams, Narek – our CEO and chief growth hacker – came up with this genius idea.

Know-how weekly meetings – pioneered by TCF, became our core team building formula.
Now, we are about to burst your bubble of the ideology of the perfect – almost utopian team.

Rather than fight the allure of the perfect team, we simply stepped out of the culture of procrastination and just prevented.worker.burnout.

Let’s see what Know-how – our Monday productivity powerhouse – is all about.

During our weekly meetings, each member of our team introduces a new tool, strategy or tactic he/she used during the previous week – tools, which help them… and us to get things done in less time yet with more efficiency.

Imagine one specialist share the hot trends every upcoming week – now add on 50 more people.

Each member of the team gets his/her weekly dose of knowledge from related fields – let it be social media marketing, content or product management, PR or outreach, etc. Let alone the strategies and growth hacking tactics!

Referring to the aforementioned know-how meetings, Mariam our HR Specialist says: “It’s a long-term way to grow and boost creativity with zero investments”.

know how meeting at the crowdfunding formula

Now let’s unwrap The secret! Idea Validation!
With one idea and a handful of strategists, we create solid marketing tactics – on the go. This is how we bring creative ideas to come to fruition.

As proof, we have outperforming marketing campaigns (raised $8 mln. in our last 5 campaigns) and all thanks to our dedicated team members… and know-how meetups.



1. – audience behavior guru

Tool on how to track the individual interest (or behavior) and adjust the performance to Ad campaigns.
With the help of FB API (to use this tool, just get the approval from FB), you can track the best interests of your audience with their CPC, CTR and sales performance data!

FB ads sit at the heart of every business – let it be crowdfunding for physical products or travel ads or something else. This will help you analyze your audience behavior -provide heirloom quality Ads only on relevant audience & have a high rate of conversions.
By weeding non-relevant audience off, you will do favor both to you and them. You will not waste your budget and the user won’t get frustrated… or worse – report you!

You are much WELCOME!


2. – Online Library at hand

There’s a common belief that people don’t read nowadays as much as let’s say… last century. However, apps, extensions or sites pop up to offer a comprehensive platform to read all the top content.

This tool is intuitive and beautifully sorted according to the sites you chose to follow. It then gives relevant blog posts per site.
This is the ultimate goldmine to obtain professional knowledge.


3. Picture-in-Picture Extension – Adjustable floating TV

Install, go to your fav video streaming channel & enable the PiP.
Oftentimes, you get lost in all the opened tabs. This tool helps you to 1. Keep the track on the video while interacting with other web pages 2. Momentarily stop the mini-party-in-the-earbuds.


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4. – Stellar Presentation software

You probably think “Naah, another PP-like presentation tool”.

However, this is a pretty much impressive software for creative professionals. As the maker – Vincent Battaglia says in his article: “It’s like the 21st century PowerPoint”. Indeed, it looks stellar! By the way, Vincent was inspired by the Ludus planet of Ready Player One!


5. – Information security guardian

If you want an effective way to share confidential information with your company or partner, With Digify, you can protect, track, and what’s best… watermark your documents.

Imagine google Docs – but with self-destruction function.
Imagine cloud file – but with special permission to print & download function.
For all security-obsessed people. Digify also allows tracking the access of a document with location and IP address details.


6. – Fighting employee turnover

Are you going to just sit there in your office and twiddle your thumbs while your team members are leaving?

With Zensurvey – you create a questionnaire and the tool by weekly sends it to your employees for them to fill it up.

It’s 100% anonymous, and so 100% honest.


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7. BONUS: Kickstarter strategy

Organize a contest announcing that you’ll randomly choose several people who made 1$ or any donation and give them the product as a gift, or 50% discount. This way you’ll have more backers which will result in Kickstarter ranking.




Monday know how meetings became a fixture of life in our office.

Stay tuned to read our upcoming TCF blog.
Get to know how we organize know-how meetings, as well as how we are snowballing a ton of other valuable side effects. 😉

Aleta Serobyan

Aleta Serobyan


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