TCF Acquires Gadget Flow: What It Means for Creators and Brands

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TCF Acquires Gadget Flow: What It Means for Creators and Brands


TCF Acquires Gadget Flow: What It Means for Creators and Brands

When I initially began my journey into the world of crowdfunding, one of the first resources I discovered was Gadget Flow

This omnipresent platform was difficult to miss. It was highly recommended by successful creators, frequently discussed on forums, and featured in countless books as a must-use tool for promoting crowdfunding products. 

With its sleek design and Pinterest-style interface, it drew me in. 

I could feel its potential as an ideal space for backers to discover innovative tech products… and for creators to promote them! 

In fact, I was so impressed with the platform that I recommended it to creators in the first pages of my book about crowdfunding as a way to raise awareness about products and ensure campaign success.

Shortly after I founded TCF, my friend Ivo Kalburdzhiev introduced me to Evan Varsamis, the founder of Gadget Flow. We partnered on TCF’s first major campaign, the Volterman Smart Wallet. And this collaboration led to a lasting relationship and cooperation between our companies.

Gadget Flow and TCF Owners
Evan Varsamis, Ivo Kalburdziev and Narek Vardanyan

Recently, Evan reached out to me seeking advice on the next chapter of Gadget Flow as he was fully focused on his new startup Mintify. He wouldn’t be able to handle both. There wasn’t anyone out there who was really that knowledgeable about the space to run it for him. 

After discussing a few options, we both had an epiphany — why couldn’t we acquire it through TCF? 

It would seamlessly fit into the product launching ecosystem we had built. From for validating ideas to TCF for crowdfunding and eCommerce marketing, to Creator Club as a learning resource for new founders, and Tech I Want for promoting products among early adopters.

I was thrilled with the idea. After several calls, we began the official process. And just last week, we completed the acquisition — I am delighted to announce that Gadget Flow has officially joined TCF’s ecosystem.


So what does this mean for creators, innovators, and brands? 

With Gadget Flow, a part of TCF, people launching products now have even more resources at their disposal to take their launches to the next level — from validating their ideas to promotion and scaled success. 

And what does this mean for TCF? 

It means we have even more opportunities to provide value to our customers by giving them access to the millions of users on Gadget Flow.

And finally, what does this mean for Gadget Flow? 

With TCF, Gadget Flow can access new services, customers, and products, allowing them to provide even more value to their customers. Their readers will benefit from priority access to the latest crowdfunding products, cool eCommerce innovations, and unique discounts, that we know about first through our ecosystem and extensive network of partners.

This acquisition marks an exciting new chapter for TCF and Gadget Flow. 

We are thrilled to be able to offer our entire ecosystem’s customers and the wider crowdfunding and product launching industries even more value through the integration of Gadget Flow. 

With this acquisition, we can now provide a complete suite of services to help creators, innovators, and brands take their products to the next level, from validating their ideas to promoting their products to early adopters and crowdfunding their campaigns.

At TCF, we are dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs and helping them succeed. 

With Gadget Flow now a part of our team, we are better equipped than ever to deliver on that mission. We look forward to working with the Gadget Flow team and continuing to grow and innovate together.

At TCF, our mission is to create an ecosystem where all impactful ideas thrive. 

We believe that innovation should be accessible to everyone, and that’s why we provide a range of services to help creators, innovators, and brands bring their ideas to life. Also, we are able to offer even more support to those who are passionate about making a difference. 

Gadget Flow’s platform has always been about helping new and innovative products get the attention they deserve. By integrating Gadget Flow into our ecosystem, we can now provide creators with a seamless path from idea to execution, with access to the resources and expertise they need every step of the way. 

Together, TCF and Gadget Flow are working towards a future where every impactful idea has the opportunity to succeed.

We are very excited about this and can’t wait to see what the future holds.


– Narek

Narek Vardanyan - Startup and Crowdfunding expert

Narek Vardanyan

CEO and Founder of The Crowdfunding Formula and Digital Marketing, Startup funding, and Crowdfunding expert. Author of “57 secrets of crowdfunding”. The campaign manager of 100+ successful crowdfunding campaigns. Get acquainted with Narek in Forbes, Marketing Profs, etc.


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