How to Find Social Media Influencers and Reach out to Them

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How to Find Social Media Influencers and Reach out to Them


It’s no secret that influencer marketing has become one of the most popular methods for brand awareness. In a nutshell, influencer marketing is when you get social media influencers to promote your product and build trust towards it among their followers.

Crowdfunding campaigns use influencer marketing as it brings unprecedented brand awareness and a loyal consumer base.

However, influencer marketing doesn’t always give the expected results. And here is why.

The conversion rates and/or traffic to your page might be low because your brand is being promoted by the wrong influencer. Thus, finding relevant and high-impact influencers is the key to success.

To accomplish that, I’m going to show you the exact strategies and tools we use during our campaigns that end up being super effective.


In this article, you’re going to learn:

  1. How to find influencers on:
  2. How to reach out to social media influencers


Let’s get started.


How to find influencers on Instagram, Youtube, and Tiktok

How to find Instagram Influencers

There are a lot of tools and platforms that connect Influencers and brands. They also help you find Instagram influencers and identify their engagement rates.

However, let me first show you how to find influencers for free. You won’t be surprised to learn that there is a search button on each platform.

  1. Search for a popular name you know that is in the niche you are interested in

    For example, I’m looking for a Fitness Motivator to promote sportswear. I know some popular names. Let’s search for Kayla Itsines:
    how to find instagram influencers
    Here I have her profile on Instagram. There’s a dropdown menu at the right upper corner. When you click on it, Instagram will display similar profiles taking into account the niche, interests, number of followers, etc. Just add them to your database to explore later.
  2. Hashtag research
    Type some keywords that describe what you are looking for.
    hashtag research on Instagram
    By clicking on these popular hashtags, one can discover thousands of posts and profiles. Among them are thousands of influencers’ profiles from a relevant niche.Check out this article for conducting a killer hashtag research.
  3. Look through listings by popular magazines and journals

    Go and google keywords like “Best Fitness motivators on Instagram”
    Find Influencers from listing
  4. Keep an eye on your competitors

    Always be aware of what are they up to, who they collaborate with, who promotes their brand. You surely can find valuable information if you follow their pages. You’ll immediately see if an influencer tags them in photos. Collect that information. Do I need to tell you what to do next?
  5. Use Influencer marketing tools and platforms

    Klear is one of the research tools I use. Although it’s a bit expensive, it provides great analytics and metrics, such as the location of the Influencers’ audiences (where their followers mostly are from), demographics regarding age range, true reach, etc. You can request a demo and try it out before you buy it.
    research with klear
    If you have a specific influencer in mind you should go to the Profile section and begin searching. Here I’m searching for another fitness model Pamela Reif, a really amazing superwoman who inspires so many of us and motivates to become fitter, healthier and more confident.klear influencers
    We can clearly see that her audience is mostly from Germany and if we’re going to sell our sportswear in Germany, she would be a good match for us.
    statistics in klear
    In the demographics section, we can see that her followers are mostly women and between the 25-34 age range. If we were producing sportswear for this demographic of women who work out, go to the gym, or do yoga, this influencer would be a good pick for us.


How to find Instagram influencers if you have just started your research?

Go to the Influencers section and search for influencers by topics and/or location.

search for influencers in klear

For example, I’ve selected Yoga:

advanced search with klear

And here I have the top influencers in this niche:

klear search results

Warning: Don’t get married fast. The numbers don’t always express the reality. Before going and paying an influencer to make sure her influence is as big as the number of her followers. Pay attention to the engagement rate.

So how is the engagement rate calculated, and what is an engagement rate?

Engagement rate is a metric that measures the level of engagement that a piece of created content is receiving from an audience. It shows how much people interact with the content. Factors that influence engagement include users’ comments, shares, likes, and the number of followers.

To calculate an influencer’s engagement rate, total the engagements (likes + comments) across all of the influencers posts on a particular profile then divide by the total number of followers and divide that by the number of posts (to get the per post average).

Or just get Analytics by WeFind Google Chrome extension.

wefind for social media influencer marketing


This plugin is really easy to use. A sidebar appears every time you visit someone’s Instagram account

We can see that the in this case engagement rate is 3.4 which is high enough. I consider 2+ as a good engagement rate. She does about 6 posts per week and has 62K likes and about 1K comments on average. That’s really good

Go and try your personal account, it’s really interesting. 😀

Upfluence is another influencer marketing tool to find influencers, create campaigns and see a lot of social media activity and trends.

It allows also to find influencers’ other social accounts. I also have a Google Chrome extension which lets you see the engagement rate of the account and some demographics.

Even if you use it for free, you still have 10 profiles a day to check 😀

upfluence for influencer marketing

How to find YouTube Influencers


  1. Start with a search button and find a relevant channel. Then go to suggestions, you’ll find some similar channels there.
    Go through the listings.
  2. Use VidRocket to find Influencers that may promote your brand. You can browse them by categories and find the most relevant channels.
    Click on the profile and add it to favorites:
    find influencers on youtube
    Add all the relevant influencers to your favorites and download the list if you have a paid account.
  3. For Youtube analytics, WeFind works as well (see above)
  4. Use Klear (see above)


Finding Influencers on Tiktok


Although TikTok is very trending nowadays, there aren’t many tools one can use for its exploration.

That’s why I recommend:

  1. Starting the research manually. Go to the “explore page” and look through trending hashtags.
    How to find influencers on TikTok
  2. Another hack is to find TikTok influencers and to see who the Tiktok’s official Instagram page follows. Pay attention to posts. At the beginning of every video, one can easily notice the Tiktok username.
    TikTok influencersFind them on Tiktok. Most of them have their emails mentioned in the Tiktok bio. However, if you don’t find an email on Tiktok search for it in their Instagram profiles.


How to reach out to influencers

Research the influencers and their engagement rate before reaching out to them. Identify the niche of your company. Whatever industry you’re in, whether you’re in the beauty or pet industry, or your product is tech or innovative, go and do some research on the best influencers in the field.

Try these outreach tips before you start:


  • Pay attention to the market. Are you working on the local market or do you have an online business? If you have a small brand in Denmark and don’t ship internationally, it won’t be reasonable to reach out to influencers from Great Britain with an audience mostly from Great Britain.
  • Research on demographics. Make sure the age range of your influencer’s audience is the exact one you need. If they are mostly teenagers, the chances they’ll be able to afford your $500 tech product is really low. Men make decisions easier and quicker than women in regard to tech products.
  • Choose the right platform. Not every product can be easily promoted on Twitter. For tech products Youtube and Facebook are really great, for fashion and lifestyle products always opt for Instagram. Pet products can be easily and successfully promoted both on Instagram and Tiktok.


Build a strong bond with the influencers

Ever wondered why your messages are left unopened or your genius idea is ignored by the influencer?

Here is why:

They don’t know who the hell John Newman is. They receive tons of messages and cold emails, DMs, etc. They get a lot of promotional auto DMs, final sale messages and promotions like the rest of us. The difference is they get ten times more.


The solution: Grab their attention

Before you knock on their door with your brilliant offer, make sure they have noticed your name several times.

Let’s imagine you’re on Instagram, and you’ve found that one influencer.

Go ahead:

  • follow him,
  • comment on their photos,
  • tell him your unique opinion on his thoughts,
  • tag him on your posts,
  • comment if you have an offer and ask to check the DMs.


Be clear about your offer and your expectations

Influencers receive hundreds of emails and DMs regularly. So be specific with your offer and don’t just tell them how much you love them and how passionate you are to be featured on their page 😀

Be specific on what it is you offer and what you expect from them. And remember to leave the door open for negotiations.

Be ready to compromise.

If your content is really engaging and not too promotional you have a chance of being posted without additional payments and fees.

However, the more popular an influencer is, the more they will expect to receive. That can be a fee for a post, or a commission from the purchases coming from a link (read more about affiliate marketing here) or a discount special for their followers. Some will just need a sample as a gift to try out to create a review on IG or a blog.

What to include in your offer when reaching out to an influencer?

  • Always mention the number of content pieces you expect over a specific period of time.
  • Outline how you plan to use their content and verify which channels.
  • Be clear on what call-to-actions you want the influencer to use in their campaigns.
  • Define captions, hashtags, campaign tagging, and link placements.
  • If your goal is brand awareness, mention the number of views you expect to receive when they post the content.


Don’t limit their creativity

Remember all the things I was telling about your expectations? I forgot to mention that you should never limit your influencer’s creativity unless it harms your brand.

The more unique, personalized and natural the promotion the better it works for them and for you.

Always leave a room for influencers to get creative and act the way they acted before. Because their followers love them for who they are. A true influencer always knows the content his fans expect to see and hear.

Give backlinks and express your love

After they have posted your content don’t forget to thank them and ask them to add you to their contacts. This is to keep in touch and to work with them in the future.

Remember to stay tuned in to their activities. Follow all their social media channels and blogs. Always comment and share their posts and photos on your page and mention them while providing backlinks to their pages, blogs, and accounts.



If implemented in the right way, influencer marketing can be a key driver in building brand equity and value. The key is to find the right influencer who can tell your brand’s value proposition in an authentic way. If the influencer actually derives value from your product and cares about your brand it will shine through their testimonial and inspire their followers.

Influencer marketing is also being widely used during Kickstarter campaigns, as crowdfunding products need this kind of promotion and brand awareness more than others.

And last but not least, don’t be shy to reach out to an influencer with an offer. You have nothing to lose if they don’t respond, but a lot to gain if they do.

Better an OOPS!, than WHAT IF 😀

I hope you’ll find these strategies useful. Keep reading if you want to know how to attract Facebook marketing partners and grow your business.


Sona Madoyan

Sona Madoyan

Head of Influencer Marketing at The Crowdfunding Formula


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