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The secret of Multicopy, Browsec VPN & 4 more tools and tactics


With dozens of new marketing guides coming out every day, the world is only getting more competitive. The tricks and hacks that generated millions of dollars of revenue back in their time are now commonplace for most.

To stand a chance in this growing competition, you really need to enrich your digital marketing arsenal to get ahead of the game.

In this week’s Know How article, discover a genius hack to create a lookalike audience with best-performing interests, find out a tactic to appear on your prospects’ newsfeed twice with the help of influencer couples, learn about the reliable Browsec VPN extension to be where they expect you the least atop of some other tools and tactics to pummel your competition into the ground in no time.

Ads: A hack to create a lookalike audience with best-performing interests (jump there)
Influencer Marketing: Audience overlapping among influencers (jump there)
Project Management: Song lyrics and movie titles in email subject lines (jump there)
Project Management: Browsec VPN Extension to block your geolocation (jump there)
PR: Panda 5 to source the latest industry insights in one place (jump there)
PR: Multicopy to copy up to 30 keywords at a time (jump there)

Maybe this is your momentum?

Catch it!

A hack to create a lookalike audience with best-performing interests

By Hayarpi Igityan

In Facebook advertising, the main way to create lookalike audiences is from custom audience. But there are hacks you can use to help create lookalike audiences from other sources.

How many times you wanted to create lookalikes with interests that will raise more profits for your product? With this hack, it’s now possible.

Here is how.

First, you create UTM in the Website URL part. As shown below in the screenshot, there is a button “Add Parameter”. Press it and create custom parameters. In parameter name put your interest and in value section {{}}. Afterwards let your ad run such that the pixel can catch the whole information specified by your custom UTM.

Facebook Targeting Hack

When you spend enough, here is the time to create custom audience of your interest.

Facebook Targeting Hack

Select the right pixel, go to “People who visited specific web pages” and write the same interest that you’ve included in custom parameter. From now on, you can easily create lookalikes from this custom audience.


Audience overlapping among influencers

By Sona Madoyan

People usually need more than one interaction with a product before they make a buying decision. A one-time ad or a post on social media will hardly ever drive them to a conversion straight away and in some cases — even stick in their heads for the next hour.

If we translate this into Influencer Marketing terms, we need to make sure that the same follower encounters a post about the product at least two or more times in his/her feed.

Asking an influencer to post a product photo twice is one way to go about it. But not the smartest way, indeed…Influencers will likely ask for an enormous sum of money or refuse your offer right away in fear of giving up their hard-earned reputation to the promotion trap.

Another strategy is to find other pages that the same person will be following and reach out to them with a partnership offer. But how do you even go about finding influencers with overlapping audiences?

With this strategy that I came up with.

Collaborate with couple or friend influencers!

Their audiences intersect to a great degree, as people who are interested in one of them, most probably follow the other one too. Organizing a paid promotion or sending a sample to both of them significantly increases the chance that their followers will encounter your product twice in their feeds. Even better, they’ll see the same product displayed from a different angle!

Influencers who are friends also have a big overlap in their follower bases. Not sure where to find them?

Hint: Start exploring reality TV shows or vines. People who play closely in shows are most likely friends in real life too!

Song lyrics and movie titles in the email subject line

By Khach Martirosyan

I can’t emphasize enough the importance of a catchy subject line to prompt your prospects to open your email. It’s the first impression that your prospects get, so do your absolute best to capture their attention right away.

Retention Science analyzed 3.7 million emails and 22 campaigns that included movie names and song lyrics in subject lines and found out that subject lines featuring movie titles and song lyrics had an average open rate of 26%!

If you haven’t yet deep toed into email marketing, let me tell you — it’s a remarkable result. Mailchimp, a leading email service provider, cites a benchmark open rate of around 23% which is still beyond attainable for most.

To put this tactic in action, here are some ideas you can tweak a little bit and start testing now:

  • Subject line #1:Imagine all the people…” got free shipping today!
  • Subject line #2: Gone with the wind? Book your summer vacation now

As we are talking about seductive subject lines, here is another tactic for you as a bonus.

If you’ve embedded or provided a link to a video in your email, try to fit the word “video” somewhere in the subject line as well. It’s something we’ve tested here at TCF to see a whopping increase in the open rates by 6%!

This comes to prove yet again that people are far more catered to visuals than text walls, and if anything that signals about them, they’ll be far more tempted to open it.

Browsec VPN extension to block your geolocation

By Khach Martirosyan

Ever tried to visit a website that is blocked in your country? The simplest solution is to use a reliable VPN or Virtual Privacy Network. But here comes the challenge.

The market is overcrowded with VPNs with a past record of data privacy infringements. And if you are careful enough to find a trustworthy one, its free plan will most likely be limited by its monthly bandwidth allowance.

Of course, you can always opt for a paid option too which usually costs quite a lot yet hardly offers the flexibility you might be looking for.

But there is more to the VPN challenge that meets the eye!

Keeping a VPN always on might not be a good idea as the traffic is routed through another server in the country specified in the settings only before it reaches its destination server in your real location. As a result, your internet speed may suffer.

You can either turn the VPN on and off for each website you visit manually or be smart and use the Browsec Chrome or Firefox extension that combines the best of the worlds of data privacy and speed into one.

Its smart settings let you set a specific country for each domain. And the great thing about Browsec is that you can set the VPN off but still leave it on for the one domain listed in the settings that you use the most.

If you have more than one domain to always keep your VPN on, you can upgrade your subscription to the Premium plan.

browsec vpn review

browsec vpn review

Panda 5 to source industry insights in one place

By Siranush Hovhannisyan

Whether you are a newbie digital marketer still hesitantly hopping around to find your niche or a high-caliber PR specialist with years of experience, continuous learning is what would push you a step ahead of the curve.

And to make sure I am on top of the latest trends in PR, I use Panda 5!

Panda 5 is a simple free newsreader that allows discovering the best tools, resources, and inspiration in the world of design, marketing and tech from over 200+ news and inspiration sources. Download the extension on Chrome and set it as your new default homepage, so you’ll never miss out on another email marketing strategy or an Instagram trend.

Add your favorite sources to your feed to get the latest articles and be among the first to discover the latest insights. Take it one step further and create bundles with specific topics, so you’ll never lose track of the incoming information.

You can also bookmark articles and images to look up later.

panda chrome extension

panda chrome extension

Multicopy to copy up to 30 keywords at a time

By Artak Mkrtichyan

While reading articles about PR I usually find new keywords and phrases that I can make use of in the future when researching or pitching journalists.

For many years, my approach was to copy all new keywords, paste them in a Google sheet or a note extension and constantly refer back to and look up as I moved forward.

But this week’s little discovery tool came to break this back-and-forth cycle.

It’s called Multicopy. And the name says it all.

This Chrome extension lets you copy a multitude of keywords — up to 30 — at a time.

So next time when you do research, simply right click to find all your keywords saved and listed in the menu.

Improve your website conversion rates with Poptin

Improving your website conversion rates can be a big pain. There’re many things you should consider – such as improving your site speed, having better UX, and so on.

But all of these things are hard to implement, expensive and they require a lot of your resources.

On the other hand, using popups is one of the fastest ways to improve your conversion rate.

Popups are triggered by users’ behavior and delivered in the right context. Their only goal is to help you convert more people into customers and email subscribers.

Popups are different “windows” triggered by users’ behavior and delivered to them in the right context. They have a goal to convert your website visitors into email subscribers or customers.

With the eye-catchy design, great copy and fantastic offer, you will be able to convert twice as many people.

But, the biggest problem lies in “creating” those popups. Without some particular tools, it’s very hard (and expensive), to manually design and develop them.

Fortunately, tools like Poptin allow you to create beautiful popups in a fraction of time and thus improve your conversions


This wraps up this week’s Know How bundle!

Will you be applying these tools and tactics? Let us know in the comments below.

And don’t forget to check out our previous article to learn more digital marketing strategies and tools.


Ani Ter-Margaryan

Ani Ter-Margaryan

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