Know How: Where can you find your hottest leads on Facebook?

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Know How: Where can you find your hottest leads on Facebook?


Know How: Where can you find your hottest leads on Facebook?

What’s going on Know Howers! It’s that time again and we’re here to give you some new gems to use on your marketing journey. 

In this day and age, the information pool is saturated with countless things that range from influencer content, dance trends, and your neighbor’s grandma’s daily activities. 

With such a range of information, gathering specific insights can be like finding a needle in a haystack. But lucky for you, we have some metal detectors that can find those needles quickly and efficiently. 

Get ready to explore some tools that will help you convert through Instagram, find the perfect influencer, and help boost your outreach potential while virtually sitting back and crossing your legs as you automate the process. 

Gotta love automation… Check it out!


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Where can you find your hottest leads on Facebook?

by Astghik Azaryan


Kickstarter might be the king of crowdfunding… but Indiegogo will forever be the advertiser’s hero — a wonderful crowdfunding platform that allows you to embed your Facebook pixel! 

Track users’ behavior, create funnels, and narrow your audiences down to precisely the people who added your product to their cart but never bought.

But that’s not all… embedding your Facebook pixel offers endless possibilities! Well, 17 standard events — that we’re always finding new ways to use.

And recently, I decided to explore the potential of the Registration Completed event.

These are the people who took the time to register on Indiegogo. If they registered, they must be interested in what crowdfunding has to offer… and then maybe for some reason or other — internet issues, credit card issues, user interface, session expiration — they failed to buy your product.

But the fact that they took the time to do even that, makes them a hot audience ready to convert! 

There’s a huge chance you can convince them to have a 2nd look at your product and end up with your desired conversion.

So how can you target them?

1. Go to your Audiences section, select Create Audience, and then Website, as shown below:

2. Under the dropdown menu, you can find all the triggered events, one of which is Complete Registration:


That’s it!

Just 2 simple steps to create an ad with a high return on investment!

And if — even after all this time giving you great tips — you still need proof, I tested this strategy for a couple of products and they ended up bringing a higher ROAS than my usual retargeting strategies:

How to make the best of Facebook’s Interest Targeting

by Arpi Sargsyan


There are many tools out there that you can use to optimize your knowledge of your audiences. For one, Google Analytics is a staple in that category; along with Facebook, which has some great tools in its arsenal. 

As you may know, Facebook’s interest targeting is extensive and tracks a myriad of categories. This includes everything from the very niche, to the very broad. As an example, specific interest targets have included those who:

  • Use the iPhone X
  • Have different job titles
  • Have traveled recently
  • Moved to a new house

Aside from the random and niche, today, we’re specifically diving into Job Title Targeting. There are many ways you can synthesize information, but in this instance, we’re emphasizing a data-driven approach where you can effectively access information to render conclusive results.

Within the initial stages of your campaign, you can already begin to track and gather information regarding your audience and their interests. To further understand who’s interacting with your campaign, highlight the interests which are performing better, and then elaborate on the findings on audience insights within Facebook Ads Manager. 

Once you figure the interests that are performing the best, just input them within the interest section then proceed to the job title section.

Once you get to the job title section, you’ll be presented with the job titles that would be ideal to target. Be sure to take into consideration the compare rate located on the right side of the page. This column shows the amount of people who are likely in this field/profession, in comparison to all Facebook users as a whole. Don’t forget you can also target your organic posts on Facebook, too. If you’ve managed to develop a healthy audience, make sure you post the right content for the right people. Use a tool that will help you schedule Facebook posts and offer targeting options too.


Using the Countdown to Convert on Instagram

by Sona Medoyan

There are countless strategies and tools to better convert potential customers for your crowdfunding campaign. 

Recently, we’ve tried a new strategy through some of Instagram’s native features for “Last Day Offers.” And, it’s exciting to see the results that came to be. 

Normally, the last days of a crowdfunding campaign are usually the most convertible ones, due to the urgency created, which causes people to be a little more impulsive and buy more.

Our task in this situation is to drive as much relevant traffic as possible to our campaign page via Influencer Marketing.

We usually use in-house photos and videos with texts stating “last days,” “48hrs left, “last hours,” etc. for our influencer marketing…

However, recently we started using instagram’s native countdown clock in Instagram Stories.

Instead of giving an influencer the ready-made “urgency” content, we ask them to put a countdown clock when posting a story of our campaign, as well as mentioning the time left for the campaign. 

As the clock continues to tick, users visually see time running out, making them feel like they’ll miss out on the campaign, further adding to the urgency.

What came from this was incredible. The results spoke for themselves as the countdown clock story’s performance was 3x better than the performance of a similar story done a week before! … on the same page… for the same campaign!

Aside from the sense of missed opportunity, results also could have been driven by Instagram’s algorithm. Instagram is always looking to promote its features, thus giving more reach to those stories and posts that have new features or their native widgets on them.


Busting Automation with Phantom Buster

by Margarita Ghazaryan

PhantomBuster is your first stop shop when it comes to searching for social media automations. The variety and multifunctionality of the automations will amaze you! 

The tools can be used for a multitude of reasons, one of them being Influencer Marketing. Today, I’ll specifically get into one of their great resources on their site, their hashtag collector phantom. 

This tool is specifically curated to gather posts and influencer profiles from a specific hashtag(s) to then use the data to perform outreach to influencers or auto comment under those same posts.

Let’s see how it’s done…

First, we’ll start by making the tool more efficient by adding a Chrome extension to your browser. Find the Hashtag Collector phantom, add it, and begin! 

*Note: be sure you’re not logged in to your personal Instagram account when connecting to the extension or you risk getting blocked.

Once you have it set, begin by choosing a hashtag, or upload a spreadsheet with a number of hashtags. Proceed to select the checkboxes on the page to access a greater database from both hashtags and profiles. 

Once you have your hashtags selected, choose to “scrape” 100 posts per run to avoid getting blocked. (See examples below)

Now, you’ll need to choose the spreadsheet name where the data needs to be collected, hit save, and launch the phantom. 

After the scraping has concluded, save the database. From the scraping, you’ll have collected post URLs, number of likes and comments, date, caption, username, profile URL and other information. 

How can you use this data? First you can get influencer email addresses via the GrowMeOrganic tool, presented in one of our previous know-how articles, and then proceed to outreach them. 

If that’s not what you intend to do, you could also use the information to auto comment under the posts with a collaboration offer or something else; it just depends on your outreach goal. But this useful attention grabbing tactic is easily accessible with Phantom Buster’s auto commenter

And the best part, you can test this tool out for free with a 14-day trial period which allows 1 hour of execution time per day. Meaning you can reach a ton of new collaborators every single day for one hour, for TWO WEEKS! 

What about your hottest leads? Have you found them yet? It’s as easy as narrowing your audience down to Registration Completed, and targeting them to finish off the sale!


This much for this week, fellas! See you soon.

And before you leave, don’t forget to check out our previous Know-How: Find Out If People Remember Your Brand

Gabriel Atjian


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Know How: Find Out If People Remember Your Brand

Know How: Where can you find your hottest leads on Facebook?
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