Know How: Video Marketing Tools To Boost Your Sales & Customer Care

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Know How: Video Marketing Tools To Boost Your Sales & Customer Care


Know How: Video Marketing Tools To Boost Your Sales & Customer Care

G’ day folks! The day has arrived again.

TCF-ers are back with a new set of mind-blowing resources, tools, and strategies to help you effectively navigate through this dynamically changing digital marketing world. 

Since the outset of the global healthcare situation, digital marketing changes have speeded up. You might have noticed that whatever worked yesterday might not be viable today. Crazy, right? 

And this is the time when you need to have everything in your digital arsenal to withstand colossal competition, drive leads, and boost your sales. Luckily for you, we have your back. 

Get ready to explore new tools that will level up your sales and customer support, help you easily organize your Gmail inbox (we know the pain!) and spy on your competitors (yes, that’s right): 

SMM Marketing: Upswing Your Sales with AI Videos

Customer Support: Provide Unmatched Customer Experience with VideoAsk

Email Hack: CloudHQ To Boost Your Gmail Productivity

Facebook Ads: A Sneaky Tool to Spy on Competitors


Let’s dive in! ????


Upswing Your Sales With AI Videos 

by Albert Arshakyan


As an SMM specialist, I am always looking out for some groovy and exceptional tools and strategies to use in my projects. And video marketing tools are one of them. 

Meet Synthesia – your AI video making partner and my recent discovery.

With only $30(Beta Plan for 10 videos credits, ???? btw 1 minute is 1 credit), you can create powerful and engaging videos, without hiring actors, film crew, booking a studio, and going over the whole redoing fuss. 

From your admin panel, you’ll select the presenter of your choice. Currently, the system comes with in-house video presenters. But to add to that, you can upload your own video presenter, that’s right! 

Next, it’s time for the script. Paste or type your text. Synthesia supports 38 languages at the moment. 

And just a note, you can insert your own photo in the background to create the right setting and an environment with the speaker. 

Once you have all of those selections set, let the magic begin. In a few minutes, your AI video will be ready for streaming, translation, or download. 

That fast, that easy, that simple. 

Hope you’ll enjoy the tool! 


Provide Unmatched Customer Experience with VideoAsk

by Sona Madoyan 


If you have ever requested support service from a webpage, you might have been talking to a robot — chatbots

More and more companies today are using chatbots to automate processes including the customer support process. But it’s no secret, the key to successful customer care is the personalized approach, which chatbots miss. Even the smoothest programmed chat-flow could never convince me to convert. Sorry, but I am not a fan of talking with robots, and I’m sure it’s the same for you.

Recently I came across VideoAsk by Typeform. And from what I’ve experienced, this new platform is here to change the game. 

VideoAsk Know How

VideoAsk by Typeform lets you add more of a personal touch to any web page and allows you to get face-to-face with your customer, prospects, and leads through video discussions.

All you need to do is set up video questions and let your lead record a reply. Choose from multiple options and even set up a calendar call.

The final video can either be shared as a link or could be used with the VideoAsk widget to insert it in a post or anywhere you need. And if needed, you can even embed it in any website through iframes. 

What I liked the most about this solution is that you can set up a conditional logic — if this, then that (programmers will relate to this ????). You can create a flow of questions and link them together so that when the user chooses Question A, the following questions will be asked according to the pre-set logic.

Another cool feature of VideoAsk is its integrations, you can basically connect it to over 2,000 apps and platforms — from Google Analytics to Monday, to Facebook Pixel. 


CloudHQ To Boost Your Gmail Productivity

by Naré Harutunian


If you are anything like me, your inbox is filled with numerous newsletters, subscriptions, and communications, which sometimes gets out of control when trying to find the required email. 

I started searching for a solution. And voila!???? I am excited to present CloudHQ. 

On top of numerous exciting features, the tool has — exporting emails to google sheets, saving them as PDFs, sharing Gmail Labels, and more — it enables you to find the necessary email in seconds! 

All you need to do is set up some filters. With this free Chrome extension, you’ll be able to sort your Gmail inbox by:

  • Unread emails 
  • Contacts who you need to respond back to
  • Contacts who need to respond back to you
  • Received Date organized by year, month, or the exact date
  • A specific person
  • A specific company, like anyone with emails that have the domain “”
  • Attachment size, and attachment type

This is the most effective way to get through your emails in an organized way that will help you get your work done in the most efficient way possible.


And this is just the tip of the iceberg, believe me. With all the solutions that this tool comes with, you can easily turn your Gmail into a well-organized CRM system. Yes! I am not joking! 

Dig in and share your findings with me. 


A Sneaky Tool to Spy on Competitors

by Hayarpi Igityan 


As a business owner or marketer, you always try to find ways to spy on your competitors (don’t deny it, we all do ????) — I call it doing homework and proper market research.  You can hire someone to work for the competitor and share the insider information or you can work smart and save time and resources. All you need is a professional and very creative tool to do the spying job. Something like Eboost! 

Eboost is a Facebook Ads spy chrome extension. The tool easily finds the ads of any brand or website.

Let’s say we want to spy on Coca-Cola. We visit its official page and click on the Eboost extension icon. 

Coca Cola Ad Know-How

Once you click you will be redirected to the Facebook Ads Library page, where you can already see all the ads. 

Hint????: If you visit the page and the icon is grey, that means no ads were identified.  


That’s all for today. 

Which of the presented four tools will you try first? Honestly, I liked both Synthesia and VideoAsk. Maybe it’s because I’m in the copywriting team and all about that cool content? Possibly?

How about you????? What’s your choice? I bet you want to try out the spying tool, right? Or are you more interested in the Gmail organization tool? 

Drop your suggestions below and help us here too. We want to deliver you vetted hacks and tips and this also requires your input. 

Anyways gotta go, meanwhile don’t forget to check out our previous Know How: “Where can you find your hottest leads on Facebook?“, if you haven’t yet. 

See ya next week. 

Anna Voskanyan


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Know How: Video Marketing Tools To Boost Your Sales & Customer Care
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