Know How #Notorious 13 to .99 Cent Rule

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Know How #Notorious 13 to .99 Cent Rule


One of the problems we see time and time again is people underestimating the power of marketing.

Of course, it’s not a magic bullet – but it is more than a worthwhile effort.

Debunk this week’s triage tool, growth strategies and social updates with TCF– tools we couldn’t recommend enough.


Social Updates


Skill qualification from LinkedIn

LinkedIn – the job-oriented social media platform has unveiled a new feature rolling out to ascertain the level of users’ skills on its platform.

Data shows that the solid 70% of the professionals prefer verified skills over college degrees so they could stand out amongst other candidates.

With the 70% scores, you can verify your skills on your account using the skill assessment tool and match up with compatible job opportunities easier and much faster.

The exams – created by the subject area experts – are short tests with multiple choice, which cover 75 different skills in English – for free.

Here’s the LinkedIn top skills list in case you want to revamp your account.



Feedier is an organized and gamified feedback gathering application for businesses to help better understand and strengthen relationships with their customers.

Why games?? Cause our brains are inherently wired to games… and we love being rewarded through incentives.

Feedier lets you collect valuable feedback through an email, social media or your product app by providing an enjoyable unique gamified experience! They win, you win.

The Feedier tribe pride themselves on leveling the playing field and giving the customer what it deserves for its feedback.

In addition to being easy on the eyes, this new method of feedback collection is entertaining thanks to animations and rewards (vouchers, ebooks, Phil Collins tickets).

All the feedback is stored in one dashboard where can monitor insights and KPIs in real-time.
Submitting feedback needs to be fun and rewarding for the customer. Or else, why in the world would they do it?
Check other coolest gem features of Feedier.

What do you call a magic cow? Moo-dini.

What do you call an easy-to-use email marketing platform for budget-minded businesses without the heavy price tag? Moo-send!

Moosend – ultimate marketing software – allows you to facilitate the creation, management, and monitoring of email marketing campaigns, design and send eye-popping newsletters.
For the 5k contacts, the platform offers its services for free. Doubled up with the campaign reports and statistics in real time.
With Moosend creating email campaigns are extremely straightforward with its drag-and-drop editor and 100+ ready-made templates.

Key features of the Moosend:

  • includes a step-by-step Campaign Creation Wizard, which guides users through the process of creating email campaigns
  • utilizes a visual workflow builder that includes subscriber welcome emails, abandoned cart reminders, and even lead scoring
  • has a library of “recipes” of pre-defined automation to save you time during the setup process
  • allows you to compare different email variations to maximize performance and delivery
  • provides all of its functionality across all of its plans

Woobox is one application to run numerous social media campaigns, sweepstakes, quizzes, lead gen forms or any other interactive content at a reasonable cost.

The platform allows you to track your entrants, stats, and traffic through your campaign dashboard.

Set up in two clicks: Upload your files and click the live button!

Do you get heartburn when you haven’t started working yet and are already tired of even the thought of it?

Making sure the items from your to-do list are crossed out at the end of the day can be quite frustrating…

Time Doctor takes your productive in daily tasks to a new level. Improves your focus and alerts you to stray away from the time-wasting websites.

At the end of the battle between you and your procrastination, the Time Doctor’s weekly reports arrive to put a full stop of your sufferings and weeklong achievements.


Serpstat Website SEO Checker

Serpstat Website SEO Checker is a browser extension, which gives in-depth SEO metrics of any page or domain in one click (visibility, traffic, number of keywords, top competitors in the region).

The tool offers:

  • On-page SEO parameters – [Page Source, Google Cache, PageSpeed Insights, Site start date, Meta tags, HTML tags, Words Count / Symbols Count, Favicon checker, and many others.
  • Page analysis – [Top 10 keywords in Google ranking, URL that ranks for this request, Ranking position for this keyword, Position change and search volume, Keyword CPC, URL Competitors, Keywords the site ranks in, Missing keywords.]
  • Domain analysis – [Domain visibility, Domain traffic, Number of keywords, Improved and declined keywords, New and lost keywords, PPC keywords, Number of results in Google and Bing,Yandex Quality Index, Number of images in Google Image Search, Alexa Rank, Visibility change graph.]

Note: sign up on to get full access to all its features.



Clipomatic is a smart video editor that turns all you say into live captions.

All you have to do is hit the magical record button, speak clearly and your words will appear in a form of a stylish caption right on your recording.


Sales growth marketing

99 Cent Rule

Psychological pricing also known as price ending or charm pricing is a pricing and marketing strategy based on the theory that certain prices have a psychological impact.

As you know, it’s the retail prices expressed in odd prices like g. $29.99 or £12.98.

Opposite to the common belief that $1.99 is associated with spending $1 rather than $2 — nowadays the .99 is not working with the customers anymore!



Before you leave…

“If we have data, let’s look at data. If all we have are opinions, let’s go with mine.” – Jim Barksdale

Always speak data 😉

Aleta Serobyan

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