Know How #10: Advanced Google Hacks and more

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Know How #10: Advanced Google Hacks and more


Wow! This week’s Know How was a whirlwind of tools and strategies.

Our team of A-players and ninjas keep generating new strategies, so you can find the best tools to take the guesswork out of your work.

Here are some fresh, upskilling must-have resources for fast-paced marketers.






1. Facebook Video Hack

Have you noticed the number of live viewers of a particular video on the left corner of the video?

Some videos show the data… whilst some don’t.

Our social media marketers are currently investigating the Why and the How of the algorithm.
But before the results, which we, of course, will share with y’all here’s a cunning strategy to try.

Put the number in the left upper corner of the video indicating the number of people watching that exact video at the moment.

This will help make the video more engaging.




2. Google Result Previewer Extension – Never click another link in Google search again.

Have you ever opened the top five or ten results in a new tab so you can skim read?
It’s time to stop being a tab-aholic and begin… hovering.


The Google previewer extension has a hover-to-preview feature in the same tab of the search result without opening any new tabs.
Instead of opening tons of tabs in the search for the right information, just hover your mouse over the link to preview the page. It appears on the right of the search results and gives you the traditional scrollable page view in the correct style, layout and content.
For fast-paced marketers, this is a handy tool as you can check out multiple results within seconds.



3. Google Trends – Explore what the world is searching

Can you guess the most searched topic in the USA for the last 7 days… apart from… Kim Kardashian?


Those who use Google Trends know that it’s a keyword search engine, which analyzes the most searched topics and volume to give real-time search data.
To personalize marketing campaigns for a specific region — Google Trends is the no-brainer tool.

Our research department uses Google Trends to help identify certain trendy topics and where in the world they are searched.



4. – Take full advantage of best-in-class tech stack data

This tool is a goldmine!

Siftery is an online platform that allows businesses to discover, buy and manage their software tech stack and also, track their competitors.

Atop the high-quality software products and companies database – Siftery automatically tracks their software spend and optimizes costs. And by comparing this with companies with similar stacks it makes recommendations!



5. Over App – Never be stuck for ideas again

For marketers and type geeks Over is a true discovery.

Wow the world with its hundreds of inspiring templates, intuitive tools and effects. Made to design and edit the picture you need hassle-free and quick.


The available templates are hand-curated and professionally designed. They’re a beauty as is, but are easy and ready to customize.

It’s a fun way to marry pictures and text into one delicious experience!


6. Searching bio – A new way to discover influencers

Searchmybio took the search for Instagram users to another level.

The tool allows deeper and more thorough searching options.

Among its many features are


7. Designmodo – Design free beautiful emails and websites

A comprehensive article on email marketing checklist, which inspired to create a TCF-special to-do list as well.



Hopefully sharing this link doesn’t kill anticipation. 😉

Stay tuned for next week’s Know How toolkit and all things creative!

Aleta Serobyan

Aleta Serobyan


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