Know How Special Edition Part 2: Tools & Strategies

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Know How Special Edition Part 2: Tools & Strategies


We make no secret of the fact that we love data, growth hacks, tools and strategies here at The Crowdfunding Formula.

In the Know How Special Edition Part I, our social media ninjas and sales experts unveiled the full toolset that help them scale their work…

In the Know How Part lI, our SEO, PR & communications professionals and chief growth hackers lined up to share strategies and tools they use on a daily basis… to lay a groundwork for you!

Leverage this never-before-shared data and apply the learnings we’ve cultivated across our campaigns to fire up your growth strategy.


PR Department


When it comes to PR, automation, practical & efficiency-enhancing tools and add-ons are the task management and productivity powerhouse! — news feed aggregator — has jam-packed features to allow you to read a piece of content from any location on any device!

This is the go-to place where Mary, Artak and Lena follow certain blogs and journalists.

When it comes to keeping a finger on the pulse of latest updates, news and other web sources — nothing works better a RSS feed aggregator like Feedly.

Simply add webpages, publications, blogs and even keywords and Youtube channels to browse across your preferred content.

The platform gives an ad-free reading experience!

Apart from its unique layout, different reading modes and gesture-enabled shortcuts — Feedly syncs smartphone and tablet and has Google Reader integration.


Simple Gmail Notes

Perhaps you’re mostly satisfied with Gmail yet wish it had few extra features — or even just an option to tweak certain parts of the layout. If so, Simple Gmail notes extension is for you.

It stands to reason that using Simple Gmail Notes in Gmail would be like mixing peanut butter with chocolate! Simple Gmail Notes add amazing features to the everyday Gmail experience. It’s extremely useful, easy to use – works like a charm.

The private notes that you attach to any email of your preference appear above the message in the Gmail interface — next to the subject line.

The notes exist to help you keep track of information in emails, which is more than colored stars, folders or labels offer.

The couple words of the notes give you enough clues about that email and help you find what you’re looking for faster and more efficiently.

Another important feature of this tool is email summaries. This again can save lots of time if you want to find a specific abstract.

To make the experience even more pleasant — experiment with the different font, background and fonts to categorize emails.
The note will be automatically saved after editing and stored in your own Google Drive as a file.

Looking for another useful online tool? Take a look at Crowdtangle.

The tool include a H.U.G.E. database of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Reddit public posts and tweets.

And by huge I mean…

  • 3m+ verified public Facebook pages, profiles and groups
  • 1m public Instagram and Twitter accounts accordingly
  • And over 16k most popular subreddits.

And when I say — Crowdtangle is the easiest way to keep track of what’s happening on the social media landscape — I do mean it!

Our PR department utilized this tool to figure out which social accounts have shared our blogs, guest posts and campaign promotional posts.


More up in the sleeve!

  • See how often a link has been shared, who shared it and what they said.
  • Identify influencers and referral traffic source
  • View the impact a particular URL is having across the platforms
  • Find posts that were changed into a or included a UTM code.
  • Discover how much public engagement was generated from the post or tweet that included your URL.


How to use Crowdtangle?

Open any URL and just click the extension icon. The tool will load all social referrals in order from highest to lowest engagement.

Looking to extract emails from LinkedIn profiles… for free? We meet again.
We recommend using SalesQL extension to solve this problem!

With list building is much easier and contact information accuracy is 100%!

It’s the one and only tool, which provides both personal and business emails of 100 free credits.
From the Linkedin site, the built-in email classifier shows the person, type of the email( personal, main job), past experience, skills, the company, social networks.

  • Saves and organizes contacts into lists!
  • Gives verified and updated emails
  • Saves full profiles into your own projects



SEO Department

Content is still king and Ahrefs is here to show which content is generating the best buzz.

To track our SEo efforts — Ahrefs is our all-in-one tool. It’s a powerful search engine optimization and content marketing tool that uncovers all you need, from live backlinks to web SEO audit reports.

With its truckload of impressive features, we use this tool to..

  • Choose content topics more strategically and
  • Find people and sites that are more likely to share it
  • Find detailed info on the specific page and the domain
  • Conduct keyword and competitor research
  • Identify which content generates better income

The tool gives users very comprehensive data visualizations and data export capabilities.

Read the article on how to use Ahrefs.


Google Data Studio

Need to merge data from Search Console, Google Analytics, visualize it and share?
Welcome to the Google Data Studio’s comfort zone.

Google Data Studio is a reporting tool to transform your data into an appealing and informative report.

Our SEO ninja Zhirayr uses this tool to better visualize our web traffic data from Google Analytics.

Find out more of the benefits this tool offers!

SEO Minion — latest free tool from my beloved Keywords Everywhere — gives information-rich overview of your onpage SEO.



Analyze On-Page SEO – It is the tried and tested tool for finding broken links and missing alt text on images on a specific webpage. Check your meta tags, h1,h2,h3 tags in your articles.

Highlight All Links – shows all the internal & external links of the webpage

Check Broken Links – make sure you don’t have broken links, as it’s a must if you want to rank your website on first page of Google

SERP Preview – Shows how your article will look in the search engine.

Why optimizing images is important before you upload?

Simply put.

The larger your images are, the longer it takes for the page to load.
The longer your website takes to load, the higher your bounce rate will be. In other words, slow website, poor user experience!

There are a bunch of other factors why your website has low site speed, but image optimization is a great place to start!

Remember from Know How #5? The favorite tool of Khach, one of our Project managers, had the potential to become one of the best tools for image optimization and compression, but it has one big flaw.

The tool currently offers no option for bulk upload, meaning you can only compress 1 image at the time.

After using Optimizilla, we realized how fast and convenient this tool is!

It has an option to bulk upload up to 20 images.

But the best part is yet to come!
We can control the quality of the image by the percentage and it reduces the size respectively! Extension

Sometimes it can be overwhelming to deal with many tasks and responsibilities.

Here’s where steps in!

It’s a cloud-based task management solution, which at first compared to alternatives (for example Todoist) can be intimidating — but I assure you it works extremely well.
It is very simple, yet feature-rich.

The extension has a timeline where you can add, mark as done or delete tasks and notes.
When you open the traditional gmail inbox interface, some bonus sprinkles in, such as the Remind me button.
Set a reminder with the day and time, and the tool will notify you to follow up that email, or contact a specific person.

The mobile app is where the focus advantage is!

There is a focus button, which takes you to Kanban timer.
You work on your task for minutes and then take a minute break. Then start again.


Word Count Tool Extension

Word count tool a simple addon that helps you get the number of words, unique words, sentences and average sentence length in a text selection.

Select the text, right-click on the text, and select the Word Counter icon.
A small alert pop up will appear telling you word count and character count excluding spaces.


CanIRank is an AI SEO software that prioritizes actionable opportunities rather than just SEO data. Utilizing artificial intelligence, CanIRank’s opportunities are unique to your business.

With CanIRank you can easily see how you rank against your competitors, and your likelihood of ranking for individual keywords as well. You can find new keywords. Or, grow your followers, and optimize your page – all in one platform. Plus, the Opportunities tab shows you specific Opportunities for your business that you can do now.

Key Features:

  • Marketing Dashboard
  • Opportunities
  • Grow my Content
  • Improve my Rankings
  • Promote my Content

& More!

As an affordable solution, CanIRank has a freemium version as well as three other affordable solutions for DIY SEO’s ($49.99) per month and DIY Pro’s at ($79.99) per month and an Agency solution at ($79.99) per month.

As a unique, up and coming solution – CanIRank is worth giving a try out today.

Happy Ranking!


Partnership Department


Mail Tracker Extension

What happens after you hit ‘send’?

With the email tracking technology zooming in, partnership department prefer Mailtracker.

The tool shows when and where the email was opened, how many times and forwarded recipient.

But what makes the tool stand out among the rest is, that at the bottom of the email, the tool shows that sender is tracking them.

This way, we kill two birds at a time.

Firstly, the recipient sees we invaded their privacy, but not in a malicious way…
And secondly, thus we create more responsibility in answering back to our email.


Great Suspender Extension

Google Chrome is a memory hog, which eats up your entire system speed as a dessert every time you open a tab after a tab!

Great Suspender temporarily mutes the tabs and so drastically changes the way you use the web. Reduces Chrome’s memory footprint, frees up system resources and boosts your browser performance.

Set number of hours or days as to when the extension should suspend a tab and It will automatically manage your browser tabs without draining your CPU usage!

Manually intervene and suspend an open tab or whitelist certain tabs or pinned tabs from suspending.

Remember the time you wasted to match schedules with a person you wanted to meet??
Sending emails back and forth until you finally agreed on a day?

If you periodically schedule a meeting with clients or partners — Calendly is the tool to find the available time slots and call them.

Choose your preferred and blackout dates, available times, meeting lengths, number of events per day and share the link.

The time they chose will automatically be added to your calendar!


Toast Extension

Content, PR, and of course Partnership department can’t have enough of this awesome gem tool.

Remember the time when we saluted the Toast extension in our Know How bundle #7? It became TCF’s absolute favorite after Lili introduced us this tool.


Linkedin Hack

How to massage people without being connected or having a premium account on LinkedIn?

Find groups where that specific person is a member of, join that group, search that particular person within the group and voila — you can text them without being connected to them.


Growth hackers and digital gurus’ heart rates will rise at The Crowdfunding Formula’s special offerings, which include a fully-equipped tools prepared by our…


Project Managers’ Squad


Megasync – have all your files at hand and synchronize across devices with 50GB of free file storage. Alternatives: Dropbox, Google Drive

Eversync – synchronize all the bookmarks across all major browsers. No reliable cross-browser alternative, just Chrome sync for Chrome, Firefox sync for Firefox, etc.

Google Analytics Solutions Gallery – always updated collection of custom dashboards generated by Google Analytics user’s community. Import any dashboard template or submit your own.

Landingi website builder – a reliable, fast and straightforward website builder to get up and running in a few hours or so.

LastPass – an advanced password generating and management tool for those who really care about their privacy and security online. You won’t need to remember any of those ever again.

Imagus – hover over any image and see them in full size. Saves a lot of time and clicks.

Handbrake – transcode any video into commonly used formats and compress to save extra space.

Zest extension – their wisdom is the following: “ when life gives you lemons… you make the best and fastest growing source of marketing articles anywhere on the web”

Zest turns your default gloomy tab interface into a source full of latest marketing strategies and trends. And not only!

Momentum extension – It will boost your motivation with its beautiful background-photos, to-do list availability, inspirational quote of the day and the mantra it shows instead of the famous…

What is your main focus for today?

Which is a great question to ask!


What is your favorite tool from this week’s Know How?

Aleta Serobyan

Aleta Serobyan


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