Know How: New Perspectives

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Know How: New Perspectives


Know How: New Perspectives

Hey Know-Howers,

Sometimes we all fall into the same cycle in our work and need some fresh new ideas. Our wonderful team at TCF has come up with some cool ways to get your campaigns back on track.

Nare found out that sometimes the best way to present your campaign is just handing it over to someone else for a day. Ani has a simple trick on how to expand your audience on Facebook with high conversions, and Arpi shares with you her secret on coming up with new ads.

Check them out below and see how you can apply these cool hacks.

What we are going to talk about:

Influencer Takeover

Nare Harutyunyan
In influencer marketing, we are always looking for new creative strategies we can use while working with influencers. They help grow your audience and build an online community around your company.
For one of my marketing campaigns for TurboHub, the World’s Fastest SSD and Adapter, we were trying different strategies for the last 3 days to squeeze the maximum potential from influencers.

I came up with an idea to ask one of our partners Ben Geskin, who had already posted about TurboHub a few times, to take over our Instagram account. He announced the takeover to his followers beforehand, and they followed TurboHub’s IG account, waiting for their favorite influencer to start posting content.

Ben started his takeover with a livestream of a trip to the drive-thru and a short Q&A.

Throughout the day, Ben posted a bunch of stories, some being funny memes, and others where he demoed and talked about TurboHub. At the end of the day, he did a Q&A live where his followers were asking questions regarding the product and his opinions on it.

This idea led to some of our highest sales.


Manychat Audience

Ani Grigoryan

Like many other advertising departments, we often run out of new audiences to target our ads to and are left in the dark. 

Instead of trying to find new audiences with shots in the dark, you should make use of the ones right under your nose!

What better way to find an audience than the ones who you are already in contact with?
I am talking about your Manychat subscribers! They not only know about your product but have gone to the extent of reaching out to learn more. 

Turns out that it’s not only possible to export your Mancychat subscriber’s Facebook IDs and put a retargeting ad on them, but it’s easy. You just need to do 1-2 specific steps in order for your custom audience to generate correctly.

Creating a retargeting audience from Manychat subscribers not only solves the problem of finding an audience that is not in use but also acts as a kind of follow up to our subscribers.

This ad serves as a reminder to people that they were interested in the product and still have an unfinished conversation. 

By using this, we spend little money and generate more conversions which could’ve been lost without this reminder. 

To target your Manychat’s audience:

  1.  You need to go to the “Audience” section of your Manychat dashboard and Export the subscriber’s PSIDs.

  2. Then, go to your Ads Manager to create a new custom audience. When creating the audience, in the “Edit Data Mapping” part, make sure to choose the “Facebook page” option. This is very important.
  3. Continue the process as usual, and voila, the custom audience is ready.

Adpages for Inspiration

Hayarpi Igityan

It happens to all of us. After working on a project for a long time, we gas out and can’t think of new ideas for ad campaigns. 

When feeling a bit stale I like to explore curated pages so I don’t have to waste time with unsuccessful ideas. is a great webpage where you can discover the best SaaS Ads curated daily. Know How

Why visit

  • It’s absolutely free
  • You save time by not having to click on every ad to see the landing page
  • Thanks to great curation, you don’t have to filter through mediocre content


Hope you found these cool hacks useful. 

Let us know what you do when your work is getting a little stale in the comments below.

Shant Abraamyan


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Know How: New Perspectives
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