Know How: ManyChat Integrations & Instagram Carousel Posts

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Know How: ManyChat Integrations & Instagram Carousel Posts


Wow! This week’s Know How was a whirlwind of some great up-skilling strategies and tools.

Our team of next-gen growth hackers keeps on generating novel, out-of-box strategies, so you can waste less time hopping around blindly, and instead invest in data-driven tactics and get more targeted results.

Discover a genius workaround to get your launch email out of people’s spam folders, learn a strategy to generate sales with Instagram’s Carousel Posts, find out how ManyChat Integrations work with ActiveCampaign and much more in this week’s Know How article.

Many Chat: Manychat Integration with ActiveCampaign and emailing automation

SMM: Instagram Carousel Posts to generate sales

Email marketing: Calendar invites to notify leads of the campaign launch

Ads: Thunder Videos in FB ads

PR: Phantombuster LinkedIn Message Sender

Ready to fly?

3… 2… 1

Manychat Integrations With ActiveCampaign And Emailing Automation

ByVardan Karapetyan

Getting chatbot subscriber emails and making use of them is crucial in the digital world.

ManyChat—one of the leading messenger marketing solutions—has introduced a series of built-in integrations, including one with the ActiveCampaign emailing platform. But the pitfall of this integration is that ManyChat only exports emails to ActiveCampaign’s Unsorted Contacts page and I need these emails to land into my sorted Lists instead.

This would allow me to sort them based on the various purposes they will be used for, i.e. to send newsletters, special offers, etc.

To overcome this challenge, I used a little outside help—Google Sheets, to connect these two buddies. After dozens of trials and errors I made my way to a successful sequence of automations.

Sidenote: To make use of ManyChat integrations, you should have the Pro account enabled. Billing is pretty convenient—you pay only for the subscribers you have.

Here is how you should go about it!

  1. Export your emails into Google Sheets with the “Insert Row” action in the ManyChat flow.
    mnaychat integrations
  2. Set ManyChat integrations with other platforms in Settings > Integrations.
  3. Set another automation in Active Campaign to Send Email to new contacts in the List.
  4. In the “Lists” section you can import contacts from your Google Spreadsheet. There is also an option to check and automatically add new contacts from the spreadsheet into your ActiveCampaign list every 30 minutes.
    manychat integrations
  5. Done!

And the most important piece of the puzzle—how do you get your subscribers’ emails?

You can either ask them to subscribe to your newsletter or ask for their emails directly to send them a special discount. The latter always worked better for me.

This also ensures you get real emails and that they’ll open what you send them, as they’ll be interested in receiving those discounts!

Fun and Easy. A sequence of ManyChat integrations, which do the job for you.


Instagram Carousel Posts to Generate Sales

By Mushegh Hakobyan

Let’s talk about what’s trending on Instagram.

Many businesses love posting a single photo on Instagram of their product accompanied by a long, fluffy description that rarely gets read.

But I’m here to show you a creative tactic to use Instagram Carousel Posts to increase your product visibility, interest, and generate some sales!

Follow the AIDA principle:

  • ATTENTION: Grab users’ attention with a catchy headline or title slide touching the problem.
  • INTEREST: In the following 2-6 slides, delve deeper to dismantle the problem your product solves. One way to go about this is to evoke emotions. Use visuals and texts to frame the inconveniences someone without your product faces.
  • In the example below, the Carousel Post takes the form of advice touching the problem and painting the product as the ultimate solution to it.
  • DESIRE: By now your followers are dying from the excitement to see the solution to the problem that bugs them so much. It’s time for your amazing product to step in with sleek visuals.
  • ACTION: In the last slide ask your followers to click on the link in bio to buy or sign up or do some other action (i.e. follow your page, comment, etc.)
    Instagram Carousel posts

On average, a good Instagram Carousel Post can generate up to a 70% save rate. So if done wisely, this can hugely inflate your posts’ organic reach and increase conversions.

How to Monetize Instagram to Earn a Fortune

Image Courtesy:

Notify Your Leads about Your Campaign Launch with Google Calendar Invites

ByArtur Manukian

Acting as a middle man between startups and subscribers, email marketing is immensely powerful in getting your leads to love your product. A pinch of creativity, witty text and appealing visuals—and each of the emails in a series becomes a little insight into your product.

And more importantly, a constant reminder that you’re out there. Perfect brand awareness.

If you’ve coined your formula for crafting compelling emails with a clear CTA—then a good fraction of your subscribers will now be on the lookout for the launch email to enjoy early-bird discounts before they are snatched up.
But here is the problem.

Sometimes your subscribers may never receive your emails for a handful of reasons—especially if they get marked as Spam or Promotions. This can leave hundreds if not thousands of your subscribers unnotified of the campaign launch. And many of these could be real potential backers.

So how do you make sure your subscribers know that your campaign is live and increase your chances of conversions?

With this great tactic I came up with.

Send out calendar invites to your subscribers with succinct information about the launch and a link to your campaign. Even better, take it one step further and create an event in your subscribers’ calendars without them even receiving an invite!

How? Here we go!

  1. In the infobox of your Google Calendar event put the necessary information about the launch (i.e. date and time of the launch, early-bird discount, clear call to action) and put the link to your campaign page.
  2. Simply call the event “{name of campaign} Indiegogo/Kickstarter Launch”.
  3. Set the event start time at least 2 hours after the real campaign launch time.
  4. Uncheck the box “People can see the list of invitees”.
  5. Save the event.
    Google Calendar invites
  6. Now go to your subscribers’ list and filter out all the emails which are definitely within the G-Suite domain.
  7. Copy 199 emails at a time (Google Calendar allows 200 participants per event, so 199 and yourself gives 200)
  8. Go to Google Calendar and duplicate your existing event. In the duplicated event, paste the copied 199 emails to the invitees list.
  9. If Google Calendar automatically adds video conferencing to the event—turn it off.
  10. Now click “Save”.
  11. After clicking “Save” you will be asked to send out invites. Click “Don’t send”. You want to send invites only when the campaign is already live.
    Google Calendar invites
  12. Now you will be asked if you want to send an invitation to external guests, just click “Yes”.
    Google Calendar invites
  13. Repeat the steps 6-12 again until you are out of subscribers 🙂
  14. DONE!

Depending on your subscribers’ notification settings, they will receive a reminder 1 hour, 30 minutes, or 15 minutes before and one right when the event starts, i.e. campaign launch.

They’ll surely get surprised receiving an unexpected invitation in their inbox and will be tempted to click to see what it is about! Even better, when they check their calendars, they’ll see an important event they need to attend—your campaign launch!

Good luck in boosting your subscribers’ conversion rates!

Thunder Videos in FB Ads

ByAni Hakobyan

It’s no secret that a campaign’s visual content has a tremendous impact on its advertising success. And as the marketing landscape is shifting dynamically, so is people’s appeal to visuals. One day people prefer explanation videos while the next day it may all be taken over by breathtaking motion renders.

So advertising experts should always keep their eyes peeled for the latest industry trends and squeeze insights that will help them create visuals their audience will love.

What we usually do during our campaigns is to come up with simple, short introduction videos or images featuring the product and include it in ads. But people get bored of seeing the same monotonous video formats and renders all the time. Most of them don’t even stop to watch them.

So what to do to get them tuned in?

Surprise! Shock! Engage!

I’d like to share with you the latest trend in the Video Ads industry which not only leads to a higher engagement rate but also amazes with its epic conversion rates!

This new style is called Thunder—inspired by the American pop-rock band Imagine Dragons.

Ceteris paribus—when all conditions are held constant, i.e. the date of publishing, audience, budget—here are the average results of the ad campaigns that contained simple images vs Thunder-style videos.

Ads With Simple Images

thunder ads

Hmm, not so satisfying, right? Here’s when we understand that something needs to be changed. And we start with the visuals!

Ads With Thunder-style Video
thunder ads

This time let’s try out Thunder-style videos. As you can see from the screenshot, the conversion rate increased 2.5 times and other metrics also show that the ads are performing well.

Awesome, right? Give it a try yourself and let us know how it goes!

Read more articles by Ani Hakobyan.

Phantombuster LinkedIn Message Sender

ByLena Martirosyan

Every PR specialist knows the struggle of pitching journalists on Linkedin. Sending connections, waiting for them to accept and then pitching them one by one…

This takes a lot of time, and automating the process can save you a lot of energy.

There is a great variety of tools for LinkedIn automations nowadays but the question is whether they are reliable. LinkedIn is particularly strict with third party sites and can block your account permanently if it catches you constantly using such tools.

linkedin message sender

So think twice before clicking on the first tool that comes up in search results. Better yet, eliminate the guesswork in the process and take my advice 🙂

You may already be familiar with Phantombuster from our previous article. It is a code-free automation and data extraction platform with various APIs for different social media platforms.

linkedin message sender

To access the LinkedIn automation tool, simply sign up, go to the API store and pick the “LinkedIn Message Sender” API from the list.

Phantombuster also personalizes your LinkedIn messages by automatically picking the journalist’s first name, thus increasing the likelihood of getting a reply.

Cool, right?

Now you can focus on more important things 🙂

This was a round-up of this week’s coolest tactics and strategies from the TCF team.

Did you find them helpful? Have you used these tools and strategies? What more would you like to see in our future blog posts?

Share your ideas in the comments below!

Stay tuned to not miss out our next blog post and kick your marketing game up a notch!

And with that in mind, don’t forget to check out our latest article on Facebook ad hacks.

Ani Ter-Margaryan

Ani Ter-Margaryan

I’m a data-driven Digital Marketing enthusiast. Fascinated to watch and act while AI shakes up today's marketing landscape. Have my keen eye pointed at the latest industry trends and love creating engaging digital content.


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