How to Promote Your Shopify Store on Instagram

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How to Promote Your Shopify Store on Instagram


How to Promote Your Shopify Store on Instagram

Instagram is no longer a place for creative dumps and inspiring photos. In fact, more than a hundred million users tap on Instagram Shopping posts every month. Millennials make up to 43% of daily social media usage and account for 28% of daily per-person consumer spending!

So, If you haven’t figured out how to promote your Shopify store to your millennial customers, Instagram is your answer. It’s a platform where you have an audience that’s engaged and ready to spend. With the right know-how, your Instagram feed won’t just be a place for inspiration. It can also drive sales and customers to your Shopify Store.

Many businesses with great products fail to get the attention they deserve because they don’t know how to promote their Shopify store on Instagram, don’t be one of them.

Wondering how to promote your Shopify store? We’ve listed some tips and tricks below.

Curate a virtual storefront

How to promote your Shopify store effectively? It’s all about creating a seamless shopping experience.

Even if you want your customers to transact in your Shopify store, it doesn’t mean you should take Instagram Shopping for granted. One of its highlights is the shopfront which allows you to display your products and latest collections, just like you would in your Shopify Store.

The shopfront allows your followers to easily browse your products without leaving Instagram.

Instagram Virtual Storefront

Dough and Grocer (@doughandgrocer), a supplier of specialty food items from all over the world, categorizes its Instagram Shop by brand or item type.

Each item on your catalog has a product detail page where you can include everything there is to know, including sizing, pricing, and descriptions.  Make sure all your item descriptions are complete to reduce returns.  The page also pulls all content from your Instagram page that tags the item. A call-to-action (CTA) button leads your customers to your Shopify store, where they can complete the transaction. By integrating both platforms, you can create a positive customer experience provided both your Instagram page and Shopify store are intuitive to accommodate the traffic.

Today’s shoppers want convenience, if they have to go to your website just to learn more about a product, it might turn them off. Once they’re ready to purchase, that’s when they’ll head over to your Shopify page.

Only shops with physical products can open an Instagram Store. Only Instagram Business Accounts and those with an existing Facebook Shop can open an Instagram Shop. To see the updated list of countries with Instagram shopping, click here.

Have a shoppable feed

Before Instagram Shopping launched, retailers were limited to “click the link in bio” CTAs on their captions. You can seamlessly tag up to 5 items on each post with product tags. Plus, it works on videos, ads, and Instagram Stories too!

Product Tags highlight featured items so that customers can simply click tap on them to learn more.

Instagram shoppable feed

Popular American furniture store Crate and Barrel (@crateandbarrel) utilizes the product tags on their posts. This allows for easy browsing and product pushes.

Product Tags help you get around the Instagram rule of not allowing clickable links on captions — now you can have multiple links in a single post!

A shoppable post on Instagram will have a small shopping bag icon on the bottom left corner of the photo. All the tagged products will appear when a user clicks on the shopping bag. The user simply needs to click on the product they’re interested in, which will open a window to the Product Details Page.

The beauty of having Product Tags is that your post doesn’t have to be a hard-sell product shot to sell. Learning how to promote your Shopify store on Instagram is learning the art of subtle selling. After all, Instagram users don’t want to be directly sold to. You can maintain a lifestyle-focused feed with subtle product features — the tags will work for you.

Pro-tip: Post content that stands out to create a shoppable feed that will capture your audience’s attention. Use photo editing apps like Instasize to experiment with overlays and vintage effects ready to go in a single tap.

Your Link in Bio

Now that Instagram launched Shopping, you might take that link in your bio for granted — don’t. One of the first things a user sees when they land on your Instagram profile is your bio, which includes that single valuable link.

Rule number one on learning how to promote your Shopify store? Don’t forget the link in the bio!

instagram bio section

Don’t mistake leaving the link to your website’s homepage and never changing it. You can update the link to specific landing pages that lead to newly launched products or sale items.

Need a brand to teach you how to promote your Shopify store? Take the skincare brand, Glossier (@glossier) as inspiration. You’ll notice that the brand constantly updates its link in bio whenever there’s a new release.

As an option, many link-in-bio tools allow you to get around that single-link dilemma. Companies like Linktree can help you create a unique link that will lead you to a  landing page with several other links leading to other sites or pages.

Some link-in-bio tools allow you to add thumbnails, Shopify categories, videos, and more.

Create hype with the countdown sticker

Instagram Stories hit the 500-million daily active user mark last 2018; while we don’t have today’s exact figures, it’s safe to say that Stories is easily one of the social media platform’s most popular features.

To reach a bigger audience for your Shopify stores, promote your products on Instagram Stories. Learning how to promote your Shopify Store on Instagram Stories is all about learning how to utilize its features.

Aside from tagging your products on each post, don’t forget to use Instagram Stickers. A popular choice is the countdown sticker, which you can use to announce an upcoming product launch.

The countdown sticker can help build up curiosity and lead traffic to your page on the launch day. Since Instagram Stories expire after 24 hours, don’t forget to create a highlight that your followers can easily look back to.

The countdown sticker is also a great tool to announce a sale or restock.

Set a budget for ads

No matter how big your current following is on Instagram, ads are the best way to reach more people. Besides, thanks to Instagram’s algorithm, not all our followers might see your organic posts.

One of the best ways to determine how to promote your Shopify store with your current content? Choose a high-performing post from your feed and boost it to reach a wider audience!

You must identify your audience, decide what action you want your audience to take, and decide on your budget. The ad can instantly redirect users from their Instagram feeds to your Shopify store.

Set a budget for ads

Users who click on the Dot Coffee (@drink.dotcoffee) ad are led to the brand’s main landing page.

Pro-tip: Test Instagram’s different ad formats to see which works best for you. You can post an Instagram story, a single photo, a carousel, an in-feed video, or Reel. When posting an ad on Instagram Stories, try using interactive stickers. Using polling stickers can increase ad views and engagement by 40%.

Show, not tell

Marketing to today’s consumers isn’t as simple as diving straight into your product’s benefits; it takes a little more convincing than that. This is why strong branding has become more important than ever. What makes your products stand out from your competitors?

Instagram is all about building your online community and starting conversations  — you can’t do that with straightforward “BUY NOW!” graphics. Focus on producing content that shows the value of your product, such as live broadcasts, how-to videos, or product reviews by partner content creators.

Molly Baz Cookware

“Crate and Barrel” promotes its cookware line with the help of partner chef Molly Baz. Molly has over 600 thousand followers and an audience already interested in cooking. By partnering with a personality like Molly, “Crate and Barrel” can drive customers to their stores and website.

Don’t tell your followers to use your products; show them how to promote your Shopify Store on Instagram to a bigger audience. It’s a good idea to partner with influencers or personalities seen as authorities in your specific category.

Activity in Comments

As mentioned above, Instagram is a place to engage in conversations, and one of the best ways to do that is in the comments section.

How to promote your Shopify store simply and cost-effectively?
Make sure to reply to each comment as quickly as possible and redirect them to your Shopify store when relevant.

Being responsive shows customers that you’re a brand that they can trust. Engaging with your customers can also help push your content on top of their feeds. Moreover, no customer wants to be ignored.

Insagram comments section

Glossier strategically leads customers to its main website when answering customer inquiries in its Instagram comments section.

Include CTAs

Want to know how to promote your Shopify store successfully? Figure out what action you want your followers to take after seeing your post, then tell them. If you don’t ask, don’t expect! An automatic reflex of most Instagram users is to double-tap a post and stop there. If you don’t tell them to visit your Shopify store or join your email list so that you can use email marketing to bring them along in your funnel, they probably won’t even know it exists.

The best CTA doesn’t just tell your customers what to do. It should also explain how. The most common CTA used by e-commerce shops on Instagram is probably the “click the link in bio,” but how and where can you say it?

Aside from adding a CTA in your captions, you can add them to your bio or include an in-image text.

No matter how good your content is, your post can easily get lost among the sea of content on Instagram. A strong CTA, or lack of one, can make or break your content.

Wrap up

Learning how to promote your Shopify store isn’t as complicated as it sounds. With the help of these tips and a little persistence, you can find the right formula that will drive your ideal audience to your store.

Like any marketing strategy, there’s no sure-fire answer to “how to promote your Shopify Store?”. It’s never a one-size-fits-all solution, don’t be afraid to experiment and make mistakes.

Now that you know how to promote your Shopify store on Instagram, you can get started on your first post!

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How to Promote Your Shopify Store on Instagram
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