HELLO: Saying Goodbye to Poor Connections

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HELLO: Saying Goodbye to Poor Connections


Hello Solaborate Crowdfunding Campaign: Crowdfunding Success Story

This week’s campaign is sure to pique the interest of all you gadget lovers out there and not only. HELLO is Kickstarter’s and now Indiegogo’s latest success story, and it looks set to revolutionize video conferencing, file sharing, and even parenting. We caught up with founder and CEO Labinot Bytyqi to find out what this nifty gadget is all about.

Hello video communication device“HELLO is the most advanced video communication device there is,” Labinot explains, “It plugs into your television via HDMI and instantly transforms it into a communications platform.

Users can dial into conference calls from any device, share their screens, or call directly from one HELLO to another.

It can even monitor your home or child and send a message to your smartphone when there’s unusual activity.”

Great products with the universal appeal are what crowdfunding is all about, and it’s not surprising that Labinot’s campaign raised over $430,000 – increasing his original goal by 1400%. Of course, it takes more than a great product to make a six-figure crowdfunding success story; you need a great campaign as well.

“I am a busy man. In addition to Solaborate, I am the CEO of CoreALM, a consulting company.” Says Labinot, “I work remotely with teams in three different countries. I hold conference calls with my team at least three times a week and, while we obviously focus on our platform, plans, and improvements, we also talk about our mutual fascination with crowdfunding and how the most successful crowdfunding projects on Kickstarter and Indiegogo are doing. This careful consideration of the campaigns that inspired us – Coolest Cooler, Revolve, and Pebble – gave us the tools to ensure HELLO would do just as well.”

Hello Indiegogo Crowdfunding CampaignA quick glance at their campaign page is all you need to tell that these guys knew what they were doing. Businesses, freelancers, parents, homeowners; whoever you are, one view of the campaign video is all it takes to instantly identify exactly what this product can do for you. HELLO really does offer something for everyone, and this fantastic video does a great job of highlighting that. In fact, it meets every one of our criteria for the best crowdfunding videos.

Winning crowdfunding video aside, what other tips and tricks helped this team push their campaign to the next level? “Measure,” Labinot answers without hesitation.Everything you try, you need to measure to know if it works – you don’t want to waste time on things that don’t work.”

“When it comes to crowdfunding you have to work on one goal, get to the front page of the Kickstarter. That will guarantee an enormous number of visitors, many of whom will convert into backers. Contact top sites that would be interested in covering your project. Getting covered in TechCrunch got us a huge boost in the last three days of our campaign. Facebook ads also work quite well. I would advise against spending much time contacting people on Twitter.”

The HELLO campaign isn’t the only one to highlight the potential of Facebook adverts. The million-dollar success story Phazon also leveraged this tool to great effect, check out our interview with Phazon’s CEO Chris Houle for some great tips on mastering Facebook advertising.

hello solaborate for family

As for HELLO, what does Labinot think made them such a success? “First of all, we identified a gap in the market. HELLO is an all-in-one device with four uses: video conferencing, live broadcasting, security surveillance, and wireless screen sharing. It is appropriate for businesses and homes, which gave it mass appeal. This was really important and meant that a huge variety of visitors could see themselves using our product. It was something we took real care to highlight in our campaign video.”

Any tips for those of us still planning our campaigns? “Two things. Get ready to work 16 hours a day and throughout the weekend. Prepare psychologically. Even when you do sleep, you’ll dream about the campaign.”

Hello Video Communication Device Crowdfunding

“Run your campaign for 30 to 45 days and don’t consider other options,” Labinot adds. “Do everything you can to get featured in relevant media outlets. Work with one goal in your head: Try everything you can to get to the featured page.”

So what does crowdfunding mean for the HELLO team? “The process taught us a lot. We worked through a lot of challenges, and we learned to be patient. It helped us get more feedback for our Solaborate platform, as well as HELLO. The project brought our team closer together and showed us how we could improve our own productivity.”

“For now, we are just enjoying our success and thinking about reaching other goals. We have also made our project available on Indiegogo InDemand to keep the momentum going. And we’ve already started working on the next generation of HELLO. Would we do crowdfunding again? Never say never.”


What are you waiting for?! You heard the man, crowdfunding’s favorite new gadget is ready and waiting for you on Indiegogo InDemand.

Narek V.

Narek V.

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