Lead Your Kids to Gululu And It Will Make them Drink

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Hi-Tech Water Bottle Gululu Makes Drinking Fun for Kids



For parents who’ve run out of inventive ways to make water fun, bargain hunters looking for a great birthday present, or anyone else who just loves a clever gadget, we bring your Gululu! The interactive drinking bottle you didn’t even know you needed.

Aimed at kids (but we won’t let that put us off), this innovative product is a cross between a junior version of YeCup and a Tamagotchi (remember those?). Parents can set and monitor water consumption targets from their smartphones, and the built-in interactive pet encourages kids to drink more and meet those goals. Clever, right?!

“Making children drink water can be challenging because it is tasteless, but dehydration is a big problem. It can affect cognitive function and health, and has been linked to diseases like diabetes and obesity.” The Gululu team fill us in, “Gululu is the only product on the market that aims to address this, there’s nothing else like it. So we were looking for a crowd of early technology adopters to help us turn this product into a reality.”

Gululu Kickstarter Success

And when it comes to early adopters, there’s no better place to find them than Kickstarter. “We considered other ways to raise capital, but startups need more than just investors. Crowdfunding introduced us to our customers and helped us grow our brand.”

It wasn’t all down to the platform, though. Every successful campaigner knows you can’t just launch a campaign and hope for the best. The Gululu team spent three months promoting their campaign, working alongside a specialist PR agency to ensure maximum exposure. And it paid off. To date, Gululu has been featured in tech publications across 19 countries, in no fewer than 14 languages. Not bad for a business that’s still in the early stages of development.

“Our community made our project a success.” The team agrees, “Before we launched, we had 10,000 subscribers on our homepage (www.mygululu.com) and 5,000 Facebook followers. Our fans were actually counting down to the start of our campaign. When you’re just starting out, that level of support is amazing. We were touched and motivated by everyone’s enthusiasm for the project.”

It’s a passion they translated into a roaring success. The team set an ambitious pledge goal of $100,000 and, at the time of writing, had smashed it by over 60% – their early bird rewards sold out within days.

“The success of our campaign and initial promotion has really helped to develop our brand. We have already received requests from distributors around the world; which gives us the opportunity to actively consider the next stage of our business and plan how our brand will grow.”

“We’ve also received a huge amount of feedback and suggestions from the Kickstarter community and our backers. We really appreciate that support. Gululu is a child-centric product, so the more input we can get from kids and parents, the better our product will be. Hearing everyone’s thoughts and getting new inspiration from the children is fantastic, the feedback motivates us to keep going and make Gululu the best.”

They might have achieved all that they set out to, but the Gululu team aren’t about to stop there. With two weeks still left on the crowdfunding clock, they’re already talking about launching a second campaign on InDemand, IndieGoGo’s high visibility channel for successful crowdfunders.

But what about other projects? Are we likely to see more pioneering products from this inventive team in the future? “We haven’t decided yet, but stay tuned!” They tease. We certainly hope to see more from the Gululu team; after all, fun, cutting-edge innovation is what crowdfunding is all about. That, and turning founders’ crazy dreams into successful brands.


Got a little one who needs some encouragement drinking up? You only have a few days left to bag yourself a Gululu Interactive Bottle.

Narek V.

Narek V.

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