Know How: Facebook Group Tools to Generate Revenue

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Know How: Facebook Group Tools to Generate Revenue


Know How: Facebook Group Tools to Generate Revenue

In general, during our Know Hows, we present hacks and tips that were tested and upgraded numerous times by our amazing teams.
This week on top of our regular know-hows we want to gossip a little bit about recent news on Facebook public groups.

Facebook was always prioritizing connections among people with the same interests. And now they have everyone segmented into groups, the company is going further and introducing a few features giving group admins an opportunity to monetize their efforts.

Scroll a little bit and smile with joyful excitement. Your dedication will be paid off — literally paid.

You will also get to explore some new features in Ads Manager and find a great new Chrome extension for Gmail that helps you easily manage multiple accounts without opening your Gmail.

Social Media: Generate Revenue with Branded Tags and Subscription-based Facebook Groups

Facebook Ads: Create Custom Metrics in Facebook Ads Manager

Chrome Extension: Manage Multiple Gmail Accounts with Checker Plus

What do you think, shall we proceed?

Generate Revenue with Branded Tags and Subscription-based Facebook Groups

By Lusine Navasardian

How many Facebook Groups are you subscribed to? I know, somewhere after the first 50, you lost track. 

And maybe you already started doubting whether you need them for your campaign or not. But here is a tip for you — Facebook groups are precious. 

Why? On top of providing valuable and targeted content to your audience, you can engage your audience in discussion, motivate them to ask questions, and ongoingly improve your product. But we will talk about this in another Know How. 

For today, I’d like to talk about ads in Facebook Groups. As the company works toward making Groups more profitable, it is developing new features that support page administrators in their businesses. 

Before this new update, the only way to utilize your group audience was to share a video and retarget them as “people who watched the video”. But now, admins have a great opportunity to use branded tags as a way to earn money.

For transparency purposes, the posts will be branded as “Paid Partnerships”.

Group admins build safe and supportive communities that people come back to every day. 

They provide valuable content to their communities, until now 100% for free!

But what if you could start monetizing your groups and the content you share?

That’s exactly what another recent Facebook Group change is implementing!

A small number of groups have been selected for this trial run. And they’ll be testing out the paid subscription option with their members. 

If it works, this could mean less branded content and influencer marketing, as groups are freed from looking for partnerships and can instead rely on their group looking to them for valuable content.

Or it could just mean an extra source of revenue for the groups!

“We know that admins invest their time and energy to maintain their groups, and some have told us that they would like tools to help them continue to invest in their community and offer more to members,” states Facebook Media Department

No more third-party tools, no additional groups to manage — Facebook subscription groups will do that with built-in tools, ensuring you spend your valuable time generating useful and community-oriented content. 

So far, the tool is being tested for a few groups only, but the company understands how the community interacts with the new feature will be live. Stay tuned to our Know Hows to find out how this develops and when it gets its first massive release.


Create Custom Metrics in Facebook Ads Manager

By Elen Afrikyan

With online advertising’s growth speed, it is estimated that a person encounters between 6,000 to 10,000 ads every single day. To survive this competition, you need to always be in the loop of events and keep your finger on the pulse of advertising metrics.

Today, Facebook has more than 40 metrics in Ads Manager, which allows us to examine our ads accurately. But, boy, was I thrilled with Facebook introducing the new Customize Metrics column of Ads Manager. It helps me to create my own custom metrics. Goodbye manual work!

For quite a while I faced the issue of missing parameters that were vital for our campaigns, such as Conversion Rate or Add to Card Rate. 

The newly introduced feature enables me to create my own column with the metrics I want to track. How cool is that?! 

Let’s take a look at how you can create your own custom metrics. 

  • Click on “Customize Column” in your Ad Account.

  • In the popped up window, click on the “Create Custom Metric,” link-button, as shown below. 

  • Now, name your metric and select the Format (numeric, % or currency), and write down the formula. 

  • We created an “Add to Cart Rate” metric, which soon will be added in the Ads manager columns. 

And here we go, now this metric will never leave our dashboard… as long as we do not delete it. 


Manage Multiple Gmail Accounts With Checker Plus

By Margarita Ghazaryan 

The average TCF-er has over 10 extensions installed on Chrome — making our life way more comfortable and productive. We are always searching for more extensions that help us make things better — from tracking ads to following notes and getting news updates.  

Today, I want to introduce another lifesaving extension that will boost your productivity and save time, as it did for me.  

Are you lost in the multiplicity of Gmail accounts you manage? Is it hard to keep track of them? Tired of opening numerous tabs for each account? Checker Plus is the answer!

Thanks to this extension, I have instant access to all of my Gmail Accounts, now almost 10. And can go from one mail to another without losing time, or overloading my Chrome with various tabs.



This wraps up this week’s Know How. 

Have you already installed Checker Plus to track your emails? I bet you did. 

And what about a Facebook Group? Do you have one? Are you on your way to opening a new group? A few simple steps and you’ll be able to make money turning your hobby into a profound income source. Life can’t be better. 

What Customized Metrics will you be creating in the Facebook Ads Manager? Share them in the comments and we’ll try them out too!

Our comments are always open to your questions, ideas and suggestions. 

Until next week!

Anna Voskanyan


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