How TCF's eCommerce Team Helped The Wooden World Map Hit 3.72 ROAS 

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How TCF’s eCommerce Team Helped The Wooden World Map Hit 3.72 ROAS 


How TCF’s eCommerce Team Helped The Wooden World Map Hit 3.72 ROAS 
Service Provided: Advertising 

Revenue: $174,207.20

ROAS: 3.72

In interior design, the pursuit of creating spaces that function well and inspire and evoke emotion has led to an increased interest in aesthetic products for the home. These items, ranging from art pieces to functional decor, can transform any ordinary space into a reflection of personal style and taste.

The Wooden World Map by Enjoy The Wood brand stands out as a pinnacle of creative home decor, meticulously designed for those with a passion for exploration and a taste for the unique. 

Following a highly successful crowdfunding campaign, Enjoy the Wood ventured into the expansive e-commerce market, faced with the challenges of scaling its online presence and sales. Transitioning from the momentum of crowdfunding to sustaining and growing in the competitive e-commerce landscape required strategic marketing and advertising expertise. 

This shift highlighted the necessity for a partner skilled in navigating the digital marketplace. This is where our eCommerce team teamed up with Enjoy The Wood to drive sales and growth. Using our expertise in digital marketing, we helped the brand achieve a ROAS of 3.72.

And here is how we did it! 

Easy Does It

Our ads department decided to follow one of the seminal marketing rules, “let the product do the talking.” 

Enjoy the Wood is a company that primarily creates wood-carved maps. The individual pieces come together in a 3-D wooden model of the world and essentially make the best decoration for any wall.

Enjoy The Wood

The map can be of different shapes and sizes and even have pins and little wooden airplanes stuck to it to mark where one has traveled. It is the ideal gift or decoration for travelers. 

We realized the product was sound but needed to showcase it to excite the buyer’s imagination. So, we took great pains in designing ads highlighting the intricate craftsmanship and unique design of Enjoy The Wood’s products while showcasing their versatility as decoration pieces for any space.

Targeting the Audience ✈️

After some brainstorming and market research, we realized that travelers generally might not spend their money on things but instead on experiences, so whatever they buy must have some meaning. 

Therefore, we played to the product’s strengths: a sustainable, emotion-inducing, inspirational piece of artwork that would represent some of the most joyous moments a person could have in a way not seen before.

We also realized that people who travel worldwide, particularly those who visit obscure places, are inclined toward sustainability. These people like to walk the roads. Others generally don’t trod, often seek inspiration from art, and want to impress others with their work. 

Considering our target audience, it was clear that we needed something simple, short, enjoyable, and using all the right buzzwords to grab their attention and let them know that they were in for a deal. 

The Right Kind of Ad

After testing different directions and copy options, we had two copies that were our best performers.

Enjoy The Wood Ads

It became clear that people who like to travel would enjoy seeing the word “map,” people who want to go off the beaten path would like to read the word “trendsetter,” and people who love sustainability would enjoy the phrase “eco-friendly.” People who want to save their money for adventure would love to see the “50% OFF” (I mean, who wouldn’t).

We also decided to cut right to the chase and basically let everyone know what they would get out of clicking on the ad – something solely about travel, art, passion, caring, and them personally.

World Wood Map Ads

Using another sound and secure method of life, let alone marketing, we took care of our buyer so that our buyer would take care of us (wink). There was no riff-raff and unnecessary blow-ups. We simply gave them what they deserved to know in the best way possible. 

Picture Says a Thousand Words

Aside from having the copy portray the product’s emotional advantages and practical incentives while simultaneously alluding to the deal they would get, we had to choose the right visuals to complement the copy. 

Much like our approach to the copy, we decided to give people the feel of the wooden map by showing them how it would look in their home or their ideal home. We understood that those who would appreciate a wooden map would also appreciate similar attributes, so we went ahead and, once again, gave the people what they wanted.

World Wood Map Decor

Soft colors, wood, and some candles are all used to inspire a minimalistic feel. 

You’d think this picture is worth a thousand words. Now imagine what a 30-second short unboxing video would do. 

Considering how the map isn’t something one can roll out on a wall and might need the better part of an hour to put up correctly, we decided to make that part of the sales pitch as well. 

Our creative team decided to use a clip that would, in equal parts, show the detail of the map’s individual pieces, show the simple process of how it can be put up, showcase the flag pins and paper airplanes, and lastly, make the application seem like a good time (which it is).

The video was created in a User-Generated Content (UGC) style, and we strategically aimed at maximizing engagement and authenticity. 

UGC videos often have a sense of genuineness and relatability that polished, professional ads might lack. This authenticity fosters a deeper connection with the audience, as they see real people, much like themselves, interacting with the product in a real-world setting. Furthermore, UGC-style content is well-documented for its ability to foster trust and credibility among viewers, leading to higher engagement rates. 

By showcasing the wooden map in this style, we highlighted the product’s features and the joy of installing it and tapped into the community-driven aspect of content consumption. This approach mirrors how experiences and recommendations are shared among friends and family, amplifying the appeal of Enjoy the Wood’s offerings.

Enjoy the Little Things

It is always said, don’t sell a product. Sell the idea behind the product, and to do that, sometimes you have to sell that by capturing your audience and leading to see what they can have by taking your deal. The bottom line is this: if you’re marketing a product to those who like simple things, keep your ad simple, too; in doing that, we were able to garner a 3.72 ROAS and revenue of $174,207.20.

Anna Voskanyan Copywriter

Anna Voskanyan

Anna is the Copy Team Lead at TCF and a content creator and manager with over 10 years of experience in a bunch of spheres.


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