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10 Best Shopify Stores to Inspire You in 2021


There are over 20 million businesses worldwide operating on online, e-commerce platforms and this number grows every day. At least a million are on Shopify stores. Here you can stumble upon some of the most different businesses and shops, from stores selling everyday products that we use daily to stores that sell rare specialties. You can find them all on e-commerce platforms like Shopify. If you have business ideas and do not know how to sell them, you should consider similar platforms.

Let’s see what some of the best Shopify stores that can inspire you to boost your business growth are!


Triangl, a Shopify store selling swimwear, is an excellent example of a business that consistently grows thanks to its right marketing choices. Triangle is also a great example of a company that gets eCommerce email marketing right. It has a great tactic of encouraging visitors to subscribe to the email about discounts, special offers, and exclusive products. It is not pushy or annoying for visitors. Instead, it is a friendly reminder for continuing to shop or, in some cases, shopping more. 

As one of the most popular Shopify stores, Triangl is an excellent example of transactional emails, but there are many more tactics of e-commerce. For example, suppose you have an e-commerce store. In that case, you should also consider sending out lifecycle emails to users who have registered on your website to notify them about sales on products that they have previously viewed or cart abandonment emails. These are great at reminding people about where they stopped last time and encouraging them to complete their purchase. Just think about it, we all have been there, wanted to shop, but were interrupted by something and had to stop in the middle of the purchase. A slight reminder in such cases is also helpful for the users because obviously, they were going to buy the product.  

Nowadays, many marketers question the efficiency of email marketing, considering that it often has low open rates. However, the numbers show that every dollar e-commerce stores spend on email marketing brings them at least $45 in return.


Source: Limitus

Chocolate Alchemy

Chocolate Alchemy is a Shopify store or heaven for chocolate lovers. Even though the first impressions of the Chocolate Alchemy website might not be awe-inspiring, shiny, and savvy, it sure has SEO-friendly content that also attracts lots of people interested in making chocolate on their own. In other words, it is perfect the way it is for its target audience. The website is full of recipes, tips, hints, and tricks for improving the chocolate-making processes. So naturally, this drives lots of traffic to different Shopify stores that can also be interested in what this e-commerce business sells-products and tools people may need to make homemade chocolate from just cocoa beans.

E-commerce SEO strategies are many, and choosing which one to go with depends on your niche, budget, and several other factors. However, a simple keyword search can be the first step to get started with all Shopify stores. As shown in the screenshot below, you need to search keywords on different SEO keyword platforms and understand which ones are searched most and which ones can fit your business the best.  

Chocolate Alchemy

Research has shown that the average return on search engine optimization investment for e-commerce businesses is $2.75 per $1 invested on average. However, the numbers can be higher or lower due to different sets of factors.

Taylor Stitch

Taylor Stitch, an eco-friendly fashion brand for men, is one of those Shopify stores selling affordable clothes made from recycled or 100% natural products. The company also does lots of community service, which has played a significant role in improving their brand name and helped them to stand out from competitors. Nowadays, social responsibility has become a factor that consumers pay a lot of attention to when choosing a brand to shop with. Around 88% of consumers expect businesses to help them make a difference in the world. An interesting statistic concentrated on environmentally friendly products speaks for itself.

Taylor Stitch

Source: Forbes

Taylor Stitch is also great at keeping up the conversion rate optimization for Shopify stores. In other words, making sure that people not only visit the website and wander around but actually take action and convert it into sales. The website has pop-ups and notifications that drive the customer to take action, however, as Shopify stores, they are not pushy or annoying whatsoever. This is a guide, so to speak, which helps both the business and the consumer to close the deal.

While working on conversion rate optimization, do not shoot for very high conversion rates. Make sure to keep your estimates realistic. A recent study has found that the average conversion rate for e-commerce websites is 2.86%. Make sure to implement the right tools to continuously track the rates and improve your strategies based on data.

Kylie Cosmetics

Kylie Cosmetics is a great success story for e-commerce Instagram Marketing. Famous influencer Kylie Jenner owns the cosmetics stores. Being one of the top 10 most-followed Instagram accounts,  Jenner’s cosmetic brand is also one of the biggest e-commerce brands that use Shopify stores today. Her Shopify store and Instagram are very consistent with their vibes, looks, and content showing off the lipsticks and gloss.

Kylie’s website is very well organized so that the visitors can easily navigate and find some of the most popular products and a separate section listing top sellers. The website is not overwhelming and is light and user-friendly even for people who are not a target audience but came across to shop for gifts.

Fashion Nova

Fashion Nova is one of the most popular e-commerce fashion brands. It has generated over $400 million of revenue in the year 2019. The brand positions itself as the ultimate affordable clothes brand for people of all genders, shapes, weights, and sizes. It is fighting against stereotypical sizing, a common issue with other world-known fashion and clothing brands. Fashion Nova has managed to do a brilliant job of getting across its philosophy to its target consumers through its great social media strategy and active use of user-generated content.

Another thing that Fashion Nova has done a great job of handling has been ecommerce analytics. The proof of this is their revenue. Without proper analytics, Shopify stores marketing strategies can never be complete. To succeed, businesses always have to collect, analyze, pivot, and implement new tactics, be it in marketing or product.

If you have a Shopify store, make sure to use the Shopify analytics along with other analytical tools never to miss a piece of data that can be a gamechanger for your business. To give you an idea of what kind of data you should track, you can look into examples such as new visitors vs. returning visitors, acquisition sources, exit pages, and so on. 

E-commerce analytics is very much linked to conversion rates. If you do proper analytics, you will always have the answers for increasing the conversion rates. A recent study by McKinsey has found that businesses anchoring their sales and marketing decisions on data analytics have seen 15% to 20% of return on investment.

Fresh Heritage

Two brothers, Gamal and Jamil Codners went on a trip to Africa and during the travels got attracted by the traditional grooming habits. This ended up becoming an inspiration for the two brothers to start their own business in the US, where they bring back those grooming habits and special oils to American consumers. As a result, the trip to Africa has become a push to start one of the most successful Shopify ecommerce stores.  

The key behind the success was designing and delivering hair products for men of color that nourish and strengthen their hair. Considering that there are very few if any, hair products for men of color specifically, this was a big market opportunity and a gap that the brothers filled with great products. Besides hair products, Fresh Heritage also servicing the underrepresented market with special kits for grooming, oils for beard, combs, and other products.


Considering how big of a deal eco-friendly products have become in this day and age, another successful Shopify businesswoman, Kristen Quigley has noticed a market opportunity. She brought a solution for excluding the use of plastic while preparing lunch bags. This is done by giving replacements for plastic bags, wraps, containers, and whatnot. 

In fact, even the lunch bag that comes with Lunchskins can be washed in a dishwasher. This is a great example of where eco-friendly solutions also make life easier for busy people. As a socially responsible business on Shopify, Lucnhskins also donates a share of its revenue to nature conservation organizations, such as 5 Gyres of the Sea Turtle Conservancy.


GymShark is one of the most successful Shopify stores, which was founded by a 19 years old boy, from his mother’s garage. The company had a great social media strategy and presence, which has been the main driver of success. The gear has been promoted by lots of celebrity trainers and trusted people from the fitness industry. 

However, the products have never been too expensive or hard to get for regular people who want to become fit or just live a healthy lifestyle. It has always been an effective yet flattering, breathable, and affordable fitness gear. Unfortunately, most businesses in the fitness industry keep their prices up and are not accessible for many people. GymShark, like other successful Shopify stores, has filled a gap in the market at the right time, in front of the right buyers’ eyes.


Uppercase is a magazine sold with ecommerce store model through Shopify. In fact, it has been a top  Shopify store for over a decade, since the year 2009. It comes with interesting photos, interviews, and articles touching upon topics such as illustration, design, fashion, and crafts. One of the biggest selling points for this magazine is its unique and aesthetically pleasing printed package. Since its launch, the product has scaled and now has editions for children too which share resources about printmaking, quilting, as well as ceramics. 

The children’s magazine publication is recognized as Little U and there is another publication for those who are “young at heart” called Encyclopedia. All of these products were created by Janine Vangool, who is also an editor for the magazine and is open to featuring fellow creators on her already successful platforms.

Package Free

Yet another eco-friendly and successful Shopify ecommerce store is Package Free. Founded and led by Lauren Singer, this business has a very clear mission — preventing the planet from becoming a trash pile by selling their beauty and home products without any packaging. As one can tell, this is such a big pillar for the business that they even chose to associate their product name with the idea. 

Lauren, the founder of the company, has a zero-waste lifestyle and after starting this business she dedicated her life to helping other consumers become less wasteful too. Interestingly, her business blew up after she gave a TEDx Talk, back in 2015, where she showed and shared her story of a zero-waste lifestyle by putting the spotlight on the tiny jar that contacted the trash she generated for three years. This had millions of views and inspired many people, who also got motivated to shop with her business.


Has doing business become easier or harder with the rise of the Internet? Arguably, there is no correct answer to that. But one thing that is for sure is that you, as a business owner, have way more opportunities of growing and increasing your sales with the help of various Shopify stores. Even the concept of e-commerce businesses is giving so many new opportunities to people. Just think how many costs it can cut for businesses. All you need to do is have a business idea and a plan of how to get it out there. 

Yes, you need to handle many aspects of marketing that are new and typical for Internet businesses. However, there are so many guides and resources online that if you spend the right amount of time and gather the right team, it should be a piece of cake. Simply make sure you keep an eye on trends developments in the markets and, of course, on what your competitors do. Hopefully, the examples of e-commerce businesses inspired you to start your own business with the help of Shopify stores available. Or, if you already have an ecommerce business, hopefully, they gave you ideas for improving your marketing strategy and boosting your sales. 


TCF team

TCF team


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