The Secret to a Successful Kickstarter Project

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The Secret to a Successful Kickstarter Project


If you’re on the lookout for a nifty new gadget (and a fantastic campaign video), you could do worse than to check out Rick Scharnigg, Olivier Momma and Richard Canneman’s Kickstarter project. Called the Ekster Wallet, their product has already turned a modest €15,000 target into €718,000 and looks set to revolutionize our everyday lives. We caught up with Rick, Olivier, and Richard to see what it takes to run a successful crowdfunding campaign.

“It seemed to us that all of the wallets on the market were stuck in the 20th century,” The trio explained when we asked about the inspiration behind their campaign. “They haven’t adapted to modern standards yet. So we began brainstorming. We wanted to create a wallet that was practical, would simplify everyday life and still be beautiful. That’s how the Ekster Wallet was born.”

Based very firmly in the 21st century, this latest Kickstarter project boasts all kinds of innovative, useful features. From a tracker that talks to your phone, alerting you when your wallet goes out of range, to a button that gives you easy access to your cards and an integrated RFID and NIC blocker that prevents card skimming, this thing has it all. It’ll even call your phone for you if you misplace it. Needless to say, we’re sold. And so is the Kickstarter community.

“If you want to be successful at crowdfunding, you need a decent looking campaign,” The team is happy to share their tricks with our readers. “A professionally shot video and product photos are the first steps. We were lucky enough to have awesome friends at a film academy that could help us shoot our video and product photos. This was the foundation of our campaign. We also benchmarked our campaign against other successful projects, seeing how they approached their layout and structure,” They explain, echoing Ran Cory’s top crowdfunding tips.

“The second most important thing was to make sure our friends and family knew about the launch.” Rick continues, “We created an email list of over 6000 emails, extracted from Facebook, work contacts, etc. This helped us lay the foundation for our funding and gave us a fantastic boost when we first launched.”

Any other top tips? “Don’t underestimate the power of good PR,” They add quickly. “The more funding we got, the more the media wanted to write about us. This is why it was so important to share our campaign with everyone we knew. Friends and family helped us reach our funding goal in only 14 hours, which made our story more attractive to the press and meant that the hundreds of emails we sent out asking people to write about us was time well spent. Our PR efforts brought in a lot of pledges for our Kickstarter project.”

We’re sure their crowdfunding panache had a lot to do with it too; their campaign video really is top notch, and their approach to every aspect of this Kickstarter project has been meticulously professional. With a product this commercial, surely these three could have sought financing from a more traditional source?

“There are many reasons why we chose crowdfunding over other options,” Says CMO Olivier. “We have secured funding to start production without giving away equity in the company, we have spread the word about our project, garnered media attention for our product before we’ve even launched it and, thanks to feedback from our backers, we’ve even got free market research from the campaign as well.”

So, are we likely to see this crowdfunding trio launch another Kickstarter project in the future? “It’s definitely an option.” Olivier smiles. “But let’s focus on the current campaign for now.” If your back pocket is missing an Ekster wallet, then head on over to their In-Demand project on Indiegogo to bag one.

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